EZGO Forward Reverse Switch Bypass: What You Need to Know!

Whether your EZGO golf cart’s forward-reverse switch has gone bad or you want to speed it up, one thing that can help is skipping the switch altogether. 

This procedure, known as EZGO forward-reverse switch bypass, is done simply by taking apart the wire leading to the switch before joining the two external wires. 

Now, there are both benefits and drawbacks to this bypassing thing. Hence, understanding the whole picture before deciding is your best bet.

EZGO Forward Reverse Switch Bypass

What Does the Forward Reverse Switch in EZGO Golf Cart Do?

Like every other golf cart, EZGO’s forward-reverse switch is one of its most integral components. Essentially, it changes the cart’s direction by toggling between the forward and reverse motion. 

Technically, when you activate the switch, all it does is arrange or rearrange the motor’s wiring circuit and alter the direction of the electric current. And as you can guess, doing so ultimately changes your cart’s direction when driving. 

So, when you press it for the first time, the cart moves forward; then you press it again, and it moves backward. 

What Happens When You Bypass the EZGO Golf Cart’s Forward Reverse Switch?

What Happens When You Bypass the EZGO Golf Cart’s Forward Reverse Switch

Let’s first recall what the word ‘Bypass’ means. Doesn’t it mean avoiding something by taking a shortcut?

The same goes for bypassing the forward-reverse switch. Essentially, it means you’re skipping its function and choosing another way to operate the cart. 

When you bypass the forward-reverse switch, you re-orient the cart’s operational direction.

This allows the cart to be in a continuous forward motion before you maneuver it differently through some manual action. 

Put simply, you’re turning your cart into a mono-direction vehicle by exploiting the circuit shortcuts to operate it a bit faster. 

Why Bypass Your EZGO’s Forward-Reverse Switch: The Benefits

Why Bypass Your EZGO’s Forward-Reverse Switch: The Benefits

Primarily, bypassing the forward reverse switch on your EZGO golf cart gives you the advantage of driving more efficiently. Meaning you get to drive it faster than usual. 

This benefits people using golf carts for purposes other than golf, like gardening or ranch work, might benefit significantly.

After all, bypassing the switch speeds up the direct routes around their place, resulting in fewer trips.

More so, with added control, you get to decide when it halts or goes and adapt accordingly during your cart’s constant motion. This is particularly useful if the switch trips unusually often.

Besides, bypassing may also help as a temporary solution when you have a problematic switch that no longer functions at all. It can serve by getting you moving again when in a mix.

The Risks of Bypassing Your EZGO’s Forward-Reverse Switch

The Risks of Bypassing Your EZGO’s Forward-Reverse Switch

Bypassing the forward-reverse switch in your EZGO golf cart possibly has more downsides than benefits. 

To start with, your safety becomes a huge concern. After all, you never know what challenge you’ll face when moving fast with a mono-direction vehicle.

Losing control in tricky terrains can even have dire consequences. The continuous flow of direct current is another source of worry.

It can cause long-term issues in the cart’s mechanism, such as sapping the motor’s durability or the battery’s lifespan, leading to higher maintenance costs and even void warranties. 

And let’s not forget the fact that this kind of switch bypassing is never a permanent fix. It should only be used when you haven’t got other options.

How to Bypass the Forward Reverse Switch in Your EZGO Golf Cart

Okay, if you’ve now understood the potential risks involving the forward-reverse switch in your EZGO golf cart, but you still want to go ahead with it, let’s show you how to carry out this process efficiently and safely. 

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Gather Your Supplies

Here’s what you’ll need for the switch bypassing job:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Wire strippers
  3. Tape
  4. Wire connectors

Step 2: Turn the Golf Cart Off

Turn the Golf Cart Off
Source: Youtube

To start, first, make sure your golf cart is turned off completely. Also, be sure to remove the key.

Step 3: Remove the Switch Cover

Source: YouTube

The location of the forward reverse switch cover differs from one EZGO model to the other. Hence, you’ll have to refer to the user manual if necessary. 

Once you locate the switch cover, use a screwdriver to remove it carefully. You should see the forward and reverse wires in white and black.

And as you can see from the picture below, there are also two external wires from the forward wire in red and white.

Step 4: Bypass the Switch

Bypass the Switch

Now comes the main part. You’re going to disconnect the two control wires and securely join the external wires together with wire connectors.

Don’t forget to tape over the exposed parts of the wire to prevent short circuits. After that, simply reconnect the control wires and put the cover back.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more queries regarding EZGO forward reverse switch bypass? Below, we have answered a few commonly asked questions which might help.

How can I tell if my EZGO’s forward reverse switch is faulty?

The most telltale sign of a faulty forward reverse switch in your EZGO golf cart is when it won’t budge, no matter how many times you press the switch. Besides that, you may encounter inconsistent speed or intermittent starting and stopping.

When bypassing, how can I identify which wires to disconnect and connect?

Each EZGO cart’s wiring setup might slightly differ from the others. Yet, the main forward and reverse control wires are usually in black and white. To confirm, you can check your golf cart’s user manual or consult with a professional.

Can I return my EZGO cart to regular operation after doing a forward-reverse switch bypass?

Why not? To return your EZGO to operating as it normally would, you only need to reverse the steps you followed during the bypassing process. Meaning you’ll need to detach the two external wires and connect the main control wires as they were initially.

Why my EZGO golf cart won’t move in reverse?

Most often, golf carts refusing to go in reverse results from a faulty solenoid or a reverse micro switch. Besides, an incorrect cable connection can also prevent it from operating in reverse. If your cart doesn’t move in reverse, you might want to diagnose these first.

Final Notes

When your EZGO golf cart starts acting up or becomes hard to tinker with, bypassing the forward-reverse switch might be a short-term fix.

Meanwhile, it brings in some much-needed efficiency and speed, too. Whatever your reason for the bypassing may be, you now know how to do it and the risks involved.

Yet, never forget that your safety comes above all, so never use this technique unless absolutely necessary.

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