EZGo Express S4 Upgrades | Increase Your Golf Cart’s Performance

Ever imagine that you can use your golf cart like a luxury car? Even a golf cart can run more than 30 Miles per hour. You just need some modifications. Then you will get the maximum speed and maximum comfort.

What ezgo express s4 upgrades can you perform? If you add more torque and upgrade the motor, then the speed of your golf cart will boost up. Changing the voltage of your battery can make your ezgo s4 express smoothie faster . You can also upgrade the overall performance of your golf cart that will give you a luxurious riding.

Here we are discussing how to upgrade your ezgo express s4 for a better experience. Follow our instructions to make your golf cart better performing. And after this article you can decide what to upgrade and how to upgrade.

Ezgo Express S4 Upgrades Increase Your Golf Carts Performance

What Are Some Of The Most Popular Ezgo Express S4 Upgrades?

There are some efficient ways to upgrade your golf cart. These techniques are effective, at the same time economical.

We will explain here everything you need to know. Upgrading your ezgo s4 express will offer you some features like a luxurious car.

1. Add More Torque

If you increase the torque, then the speed will automatically increase. You need to increase the RPM(revolutions per minute) of the motor to increase the speed of your golf cart.

You can do it by yourself. You don’t need any mechanics. It will cost $109 approximately. You can do it in 2 ways-

  1. You need to increase the volume of your motor. Then you will get more RPM.
  2. You can replace the motor. Buy a motor with a higher RPM and replace it with your existing one.

2. Use A Motor With A Larger Field Coil

By using a motor with a larger field coil, you can increase the torque. You can replace your existing motor with a series motor.

This type of motor has a larger field coil inside it. So it can produce a bigger magnetic field. And it will eventually increase your speed.

In this case, it will cost about $500. You don’t usually need a mechanic. But for more safety, you can do it by a mechanic.

3. Increase The Voltage Of Your Battery

You need to change the battery to one that has a higher voltage. It will increase the speed of your golf cart immediately.

Increasing the battery pack voltage will increase the output of the motor(RPM) of your cart. 

Also, you can add more batteries of lower voltage instead of one higher voltage battery. This will also add more voltage. Eventually, you’ll get more speed.

64-volt batteries will cost about $185-215. It is so economical. You don’t even need a mechanic or technician to change the battery. 

4. Use An Onward enclosure

Onward enclosures will protect you from the UV rays. It will also be useful at the time of rain. And also it will add an aristocratic gesture to your golf cart. Enclosure has benefit of-

  • strengthen your golf cart.
  • super durable
  • protect you from UV
  • easy to clean and maintain

You don’t need any technician or mechanic to install it. You yourself can do it easily. It will cost about $623.

5. Adding Rear Seats

Getting a set of rear seats will give you the opportunity to increase the capacity of carts. It will double the capacity of your cart. And it is really enjoyable.

You don’t need any mechanic for this. You can do it by yourself. It will cost about $365 approximately. 

6. Adding A Locking Glove Box

If you add a locking glove box, you can keep your phone, golf balls and other personal accessories safely. This feature is mandatory for your own necessity. 

You don’t need anyone to set it up. You can do it easily by yourself. It will cost about $338.

8. Adding 5-Panel Rear Mirror

A 5 panel rear mirror will give you a huge view of your rear side. It is necessary to avoid any type of accident.

You don’t need anyone to install this. You can do it by yourself. It will cost about $73.

9. Installing Onward President Premium Seat

Installing a premium seat offers relaxation and also it will look your golf cart premium. It will save you from back-side aches.

You may need some help from a technician to install it. But you can also do it by yourself. Then you just need some tutorial video on it. It will cost about $297-352.

10. Adding Golf Bag Holder

If you add a golf bag holder, then you can keep all accessories necessary to golf in there. It is easily attachable. You don’t need help from anyone to install it. It will cost about $131.

Is It Worth The Investment To Upgrade Ezgo Express S4?

If you are planning to upgrade your ezgo s4 express golf cart, then you need to decide first – is it worthy?

It is essential to improve your golf cart if you want a better ezgo s4 express experience.

You will receive a cart with a high level of quality. Here we are helping you to make a decision about whether it is worth upgrading or not!

Upgrading external appearance

Yes, it is worthy to upgrade the external appearance of your ezgo s4 express.

External appearance will give your golf cart a premium look and also a comfortable feeling. External appearance like- an onward enclosure, rear seats and other accessories will give you safety from rain, storm and also increase the capacity of your golf cart. 

At the same time, these are economical. You don’t need too much money to upgrade these features. But against these upgrades, you will get the facility of a premium luxury car.

Boosting Up The Speed of Your Ezgo S4 Express

Increasing the speed of your golf cart ezgo s4 express is worth enough to invest in upgrading.

If you want more speed from your golf cart, then you must upgrade the accessories related to speed. You need to upgrade more torque, motor with larger field coil and battery of more voltage.

These accessories will enhance the speed of your golf cart dramatically. These accessories are not so costly. As these are very economical, you don’t need to hesitate to upgrade that.

Upgrading overall performance

It is worth investing in upgrading the overall performance of your ezgo s4 express golf cart. 

If you want comfort, speed, safety and an aristocrat look from your golf cart, then it is necessary to upgrade.

Upgrading the engine, motor, batteries and other accessories won’t cost too much. 

But if you upgrade these, you will get more speed, more smoothness and more comfort with safe riding.

It will eventually decrease the maintenance cost of your ezgo s4 express golf cart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People used to ask some common questions about the ezgo s4 express golf cart. So, here we are covering most of these questions about golf carts. We hope that it will help you to satisfy your confusions. 

How long will it take to upgrade my ezgo s4 express?

You can upgrade your ezgo s4 express within 7 days by yourself. But if you do it by a professional and if they work dedicatedly, then it will take 3 days maximum. It is not a big deal to upgrade your cart.

Do I need modifications when upgrading my ezgo s4 express engine?

Yes, you may need some modifications when upgrading your golf cart. And it depends on the situation. But the modification I have discussed before, you can consider that to apply in your ezgo s4 express golf cart.

How much horsepower does an ezgo s4 express engine have?

Ezgo s4 express has a 13.5 horsepower engine. It is pretty much powerful to run your golf cart. But when your golf cart gets older, you can upgrade the engine.

What kind of engine is in an ezgo s4 express golf cart?

For all kinds of ezgo s4 express, air cooled 2 cylinder unit 13.5 horsepower engine is used. It deplaces 18 cubic inches.
The engine has an overhead cam, with overhead valves. The ignition of this engine is solid state with an RPM limiter. Sometimes it has a governor that prevents over-revving.


Ezgo s4 express is a classy model of golf cart. But it doesn’t look that luxurious. And at first it can’t boost up the speed of your expectation level. Golf cart is mainly for moving over the grass. 

But if you upgrade, then you can ride your cart on the ordinary road. If you modify your golf cart,then you will get more speed from it. 

And also you will get more comfort and safety from it. Experts also suggest modifying the ezgo s4 express golf cart. So, don’t wait. Upgrade your ezgo s4 express golf cart to get better experience.

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