What Makes the Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed Special?

Yamaha is a name that doesn’t need any new introduction; they have been producing utility vehicles for quite a long time. One of their most popular golf cart models is the Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed. So what makes this vehicle special?

The Yamaha Umax Rally is not your average golf cart because it has a newly created back-side seat package with roomy bucket seats. You can now navigate any landscape with comfort. This Rally golf cart combines elegance, efficiency, and affordability for hunting and vacation adventures.

Thus, if you are looking to buy this golf cart and looking for a full review, we are here to help you. Today in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about this cart.

What Makes The Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed Special

What is the Specification of the Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed?

Before buying any car, you will need to study the specs properly to see if it matches your requirements or not. Down below, we will summarize all the basic specs.

Release Year2022
Engine Low-emission, 60° inclination, single-cylinder OHV made by Yamaha
Displacement402 CC
Wheelbase 196.3 Cm
Ground Clearance15.1 Cm
Weight599 Kg
FuelGas/ Electric
Dimension134.37 x 53.54 x 77.20 inches

What are the Features of the Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed?

The Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 top speed comes with many different features, making this golf cart unique and standing out among its competitors.

High Ground Clearance

One of this golf cart’s best features is its high ground clearance. The longer wheelbase of the UMAX Rally allows for a six-inch ground clearance with a raised frame. 

It boasts larger tires, which improve the ride quality, and a more excellent contact surface, which improves stability and traction.

Therefore, in addition to golf courses, the Umax is suitable for the majority of types of road surfaces.

Suitable for off-roading

This golf cart also comes with thicker and large tires of around 23 inches, and these thicker tires aid in cushioning any off-roading difficulties.

In order to provide excellent efficiency, luxury, quality shock absorption, and greater stability, the separate front and rear suspension ensure a smooth ride. This enhances the stability of your off-roading excursions.

It can be used as a transport car for things

The extra room on the back of the cart makes the design ideal for usage on a farm, where it may be used to transport hay, crops, and many other items.

They can also be used to carry equipment and give maintenance employees easier access to facilities than a truck can in an industrial setting or on a construction site.

They can also be used in airports to transport materials to parked aircraft and the tarmac.

An electric or gas utility vehicle is great for carrying equipment and even wounded players during major sporting events.

They can also be used in airports to transport materials to parked aircraft and the runway. An electric or gas utility vehicle is great for carrying gear and even wounded players during major sporting events.

Luxurious design

One of the Yamaha Umax rally’s unique selling advantages is its luxurious design, which contains useful characteristics that make your life simpler.

A dashboard in the manner of an automobile will be there, complete with dual-sized cup holders that are ideal for food, beverages, and gadgets. 

Additionally, built into the dash are two USB connections that you can use to charge your phones. The foldable seats and the under-the-hood storage compartment both offer a ton of storage room.

Dual Fuel options

What makes this golf cart unique is that you can choose the fuel type to your preferences. You can either choose a gas-powered one or go for an electric one. 

If you choose the Electric powered engine, it will be more environmentally friendly and will be nearly silent.

The gas-powered engine is more powerful than the electric counterpart but still produces significantly less noise thanks to the EFI technology engine of Yamaha.

Additionally, this engine has enough strength to pull up to 1,500 pounds, can carry over 800 pounds of goods in the back dump area, and has a peak speed of 19.5 mph.


By now, you already know how good the Yamaha Umax is, but it is common to have some questions about this cart in your head. Hence, down below, we will try to answer some of the Faqs.

Is Yamaha drive a good golf cart?

In the golf cart sector, Yamaha is a reputable brand with a reputation for making high-quality goods.
Yamaha golf carts are made to survive many years of usage and can tolerate severe use without suffering any harm. Moreover, these golf carts have an average 20–40 year lifetime.

What is the Umax Rally 2+2?

Yamaha unveiled the UMAX Rally 2+2 top speed, their latest utility vehicle with a rear-facing seat package that has been entirely remodeled with roomy bucket seats. This golf cart is designed to easily navigate any terrain.

Does Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 Top Speed come with a warranty?

Yes, the good thing about the Yamaha Umax Rally 2=2 top speed is that it comes with a two years limited warranty from Yamaha.
This means their service center will take care of any issues your cart faces within 2 years of purchase.


If you are looking for a multipurpose golf cart to use on golf courses and take out for adventures, then the Yamaha Umax Rally 2+2 is a good choice.

This cart comes at a moderate price and offers some of the best features you can expect in a golf cart.

So, whenever you are looking to buy a new golf cart, you must adequately read the review which we did on our guide so far.

If you ask our opinion, we definitely recommend you to buy the Yamaha Umax as we have had the best experience of using it.

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