Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Not Working? Here’s What to Check!

Has your golf cart been acting suspiciously? You are inserting the golf cart charger into your Yamaha cart and it is not charging? Have you been facing this issue lately?

The main reason for your Yamaha Golf cart not charging could lie within the charger itself. It could become defective or have some faults which are causing the issue. This problem may also be caused by other factors, such as a blown fuse or a loose wire connection.

If you have found that is the issue, we advise you to read this article. This article will cover the symptoms, causes, and fixes for your Yamaha Golf Cart not charging.

Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Not Working

How Do You Know If A Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Is Bad?

You’ll start to experience some symptoms once your Yamaha Golf Cart Charger isn’t functioning properly or is starting to malfunction. Here are some common symptoms.

Yamaha Golf Cart taking more than usual time to charge

This is often ignored but a long charging time can also be a sign for the charger not working properly. The fault can lie with both the charger and the Yamaha Golf cart itself.

A clicking sound was heard but still not charging

When you insert the charger into the Yamaha cart, you might hear a sound that indicates the charger is properly inserted. However, the battery might not be charging.

This problem can arise from the charger or the Yamaha cart as something might be stopping the battery from refilling. It could also be due to a blown-out fuse.

Software issues in the Yamaha Golf Cart

Software issues in the Yamaha Golf Cart

Oftentimes, your Yamaha Golf cart might be signaling you that the battery is completely charged even though you plugged the battery a while ago.

A defective software might be signaling the machine that the golf cart is ready to hit the road.

That might be the reason why you keep on hearing the sound of the completed charged battery earlier than expected.

What Causes Yamaha Golf Cart Chargers to Stop Working? 

Multiple reasons can be the cause for your Yamaha Golf cart charger to stop working.

In this section, we will list out the causes so that you are educated about them. We will not indulge in the details to save you from the hassles.

  • Defective Yamaha Golf cart battery
  • Problem with the golf cart socket
  • Blown out fuse
  • Loose wired connections
  • An issue with the battery/ battery terminals

How Do You Fix A Yamaha Golf Cart Battery Charger Problem?

Yamaha Golf Cart Charger Not Working

We’ll move on to the fixes now that you are familiar with the signs and reasons for the problem with your Yamaha golf cart.

There are multiple ways you can fix the problem and we will cover each one of them thoroughly.

Changing your Yamaha golf cart battery

Most of the time, changing your Yamaha golf cart charger will instantly fix the issue for you.

It might be that you have been using the charger for way too long and it has passed its usage period.

You should head over to the nearest local automotive store and purchase a new Yamaha golf cart charger.

Before you buy the charger, make sure to look into the specifications of the previous charger, so that you buy the perfect one.

Cleaning/ Fixing the Yamaha Golf cart socket

If you have been using your Yamaha cart for riding through the course, the socket might get clogged.

Dirt, wax, and small pebbles might get stuck in the socket and that might be why the charger is not completely connected.

You could take a piece of cloth and a thin stick and use it to clean the socket carefully. Be extra cautious while you are cleaning as you do not want to harm the other components. 

Even after that you still face some issues, you might want to get a Yamaha golf cart checked by a professional.

Reinstalling a new fuse

Reinstalling a new fuse

A fuse protects the cart from receiving high voltage spikes to safely keep the interior components. We would highly recommend visiting a professional and getting the fuse changed by him/her.

Fixing the loose wired connections

From constant usage, the wires inside the cart leading to the battery might get corroded or loose.

At that time, your Yamaha golf cart might not be able to bring out enough power from the charging power source.

You will require to open up the outer plastic and check the wires thoroughly, If you notice any signs of wear and tear in the wires, make sure to get them changed asap.

Changing the battery of your Yamaha Golf Cart

This happens rarely, but sometimes, the charging issue might be directly connected to the battery itself. The terminals could get corroded or the battery is dead.

To fix this, we would suggest looking into the specifications of the previous battery and buying a new one.

After that, carefully install it into the system and try recharging the cart again. If you find this process difficult, you could ask for help from a professional.

Expert Tips & Suggestion To Maintain Yamaha Golf Cart Charger

By now, you should be able to fix the charging issue with your Yamaha Golf cart. After fixing, we would like to share some expert tips to maintain your cart and the charger.

  • Do not charge your Yamaha Golf Cart inside your garage.
  • Take your Yamaha Golf cart to your yard and charge it there.
  • If you charge your golf cart inside a garage, make sure it is heavily ventilated to allow hot air to pass through.
  • Regularly check the batteries and see if it is well maintained.
  • Install a Carbon monoxide alarm to alert yourself for any leakage from the Yamaha Golf Cart.


Hopefully you get all the necessary information you need. However, there might be some questions lingering in your mind. So, we have presented some FAQs for you to further clear your doubts.

What is the price of the Yamaha Golf Cart Charger?

The price of a Yamaha Golf cart charger is around $140 to $350. Prices vary with the specifications of your golf cart model and the type of charger. Before you purchase a charger, remember to look into the data.

Where can you buy the Yamaha Golf cart charger?

You can buy the Yamaha golf cart charger from the nearest local automotive store. It is also possible to buy the golf cart charger online from online websites like Amazon, Target, eBay, etc.

Why should you not charge your Yamaha golf cart with the charger inside the garage?

This is because it brings potential risk hazards. If you charge your Yamaha Golf cart with the charger inside, hydrogen gas might build up inside the garage making it susceptible to fire hazards. Previously, there have been cases of carts catching fire.

How should you maintain the Yamaha Golf Cart Charger?

Always keep the Yamaha Golf cart charger covered after charging the golf cart. Make sure to keep it in a cool place to prevent the internal components of the charger from getting hot.


We believe that this article has made you more knowledgeable and that you will be able to handle matters on your own. You should be able to navigate through the process yourself.

If you hesitate to fix it yourself, contacting a professional would suffice too. Before we end the article, we would like to share some last-minute tips.

Always clean your cart before and after a Yamaha Golf Cart ride. Check the water level of your golf cart charger and take the cart out for maintenance every month. 

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