Are Bintelli Golf Carts Good? [Explained]  

Having doubts about whether to purchase a Bintelli golf cart or not? Well, don’t bother about having any more doubts in this regard. The carts from this brand have made a good impression among the users.

The Bintelli golf carts are genuinely reliable and a good investment. You will experience unmatched quality, affordability, features, and smooth experience in these carts. Along with modern and stylish design, these golf carts are street legal as well.

Tremendous build quality and powerful performance will clear your doubts on are Bintelli golf carts good or not. There is a wide range of customization available too.

Are Bintelli Golf Carts Good

Accessories Included in the Bintelli Golf Carts 

There are numerous models of Bintelli golf carts with different names. But all of those come with some common accessories, which can assist you whenever you are riding one.

Now, the common accessories which are included in the Bintelli golf carts are as follows:  

  • Back Seat Kit (Based on the number of seats) 
  • Roof Enclosure System 
  • The Night Vision Camera with Waterproofing Feature 
  • A Holder for the Golf Bags 
  • A Sound System Mounted to the Roof along with various Mounting Gears 
  • Mirrors and Backup Camera  

These are the standard features that you will get in every Bintelli golf cart. 

Are Bintelli Golf Carts Good – Whether You Should Purchase One or Not

As we have said, there are several factors to consider before purchasing a golf cart, especially an electric golf cart by Bintelli. 

All those factors are crucial under this circumstance, but one, two, or more than that can be the deciding ones. In this section, we are going to take a brief look at some of those crucial factors:  

Are Bintelli Golf Carts Good

Manufacturer of the Bintelli Golf Carts and Where These Are Made

Bintelli Electric Vehicles is the sole manufacturer of these golf carts through their parent company, Bintelli Group. 

They hold a high reputation for producing high-quality, powerful, durable, reliable, and simply smooth comfortable carts. 

Along with being a great golfing partner, you can use it for peaceful neighborhood hopping sessions.  

This company was inaugurated in 2000 by Justin Jackrel. Though he first started it as a retail business, it has now made its place as one of the leading automotive brands. 

All the manufacturing work of these useful carts is done at the company’s factory in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.  

Availability of Customization and Affordability

Many cart owners customize their cart to give it a unique look and make it more comfortable to ride. 

As a customization enthusiast, you would love to see a wide variety of customizations in the Bintelli golf carts. 

You can color your cart with custom paints and finishes, or use desired seat and cushion covers.  

Enhancing the sound system can also be done to freshen up your mood while golfing or just roaming around. 

Try upgrading the tire and wheel to achieve enhanced performance. You can also add club and ball washers, coolers, and other accessories. 

The Bintelli golf carts are affordable considering the features they offer and the price. These carts can be the alternative to the higher-range golf ones but didn’t lack the necessary features.

Availability of Customization and Affordability

Build Quality, Performance, and Durability

The build quality, performance, and durability of a golf cart probably matter the most for a customer. 

When you are purchasing a golf cart, you would definitely want superior build quality. Along with that, top-notch performance and longer lifespan are also desired.    

These eco-friendly carts are American-made on a Club Car refreshed aluminum chassis, which made these pretty reliable to ride.

Such a strong foundation of the cart body ensures that it has a longer lifespan along with dependability.   

Powerful performance is also ensured in all the golf carts produced by Bintelli. These carts get all the power through a solid 5kW (6.7HP) motor. Besides, it has the addition of a US-made controller.

Build Quality, Performance, and Durability

Speed and Safety Features

In terms of speed, golf carts are never the speediest vehicles to ride. These carts are usually used to transport golfers through the golf course and some casual neighborhood roaming. 

The speed of the Bintelli golf carts stays within 20-25 kmph, which is pretty comfortable to ride and less risky.

This speed range is highly suitable for environments like golf courses and neighborhoods for casual and comfortable time passing. 

Though the Bintelli golf carts are way less risky, still, there are still more than enough safety features added to them.  

You will get headlights, taillights, turn signals, and VIN numbers, which are common in all the Bintelli golf carts. 

These carts also have the addition of other safety features like windshields with wipers, seatbelts, mirrors, and roof grab handles.  

Speed and Safety Features

Whether the Bintelli Golf Carts are Street Legal or Not 

If you get to know that the cart is not street legal after purchasing, it is no less than any heartbreak. But thankfully, because of all the basic safety features added to the carts, these are street-legal.  

Whether the Bintelli golf cart is a 2-seater, 4-seater, or even 6-seater, every variant of these carts is legal to ride on streets. This is an ideal vehicle if you are willing to take your family to the beach or somewhere close for a picnic.    

The street-legal Bintelli golf carts also have the addition of a wheelchair-accessible model for further usage. 

There are National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s standards, especially for lower-speed vehicles, which are properly satisfied by the Bintelli golf carts.   

Whether the Bintelli Golf Carts are Street Legal or Not 

Whether You Should Purchase a Bintelli Golf Cart or Not  

The golf carts from Bintelli come with superior build quality, superior performance, and high durability. These affordable carts will allow a vast room for customization in the way you want. 

You will get all the necessary safety features on these golf carts with a speed limit of 20-25 kmph.  

But you will have the option of improving the speed a bit with proper customization. 

Most importantly, the Bintelli golf carts are street-legal, so you can use those for casual neighborhood roaming or weekend family picnics. 

So, these Bintelli golf carts are one of the toughest contenders right now to be your golfing companion.  


Apart from the discussed matters above, you may have some minor doubts and questions in your mind. Those questions also should be answered to provide a better idea altogether. Now, those probable minor doubts are:

Which kind of motors and batteries are used for the operation of Bintelli golf carts? 

Bintelli’s electric golf carts feature a 5kW (6.7HP) motor and 48-volt Trojan batteries across all series, delivering a seamless and potent ride. Some models offer a choice between lead-acid or lithium batteries for added flexibility.

What is the speed range and weight capacity of the Bintelli golf carts?  

Golf carts are typically designed for leisurely rides, with speeds ranging from 20-25 kmph, but they can be customized for speeds up to 35-40 kmph. Bintelli’s 6-seater carts have a higher carrying capacity of 1200 pounds, 50% more than standard models.

Final Thoughts 

As a golf enthusiast, whether professional or amateur, a suitable golf cart can both give you comfort and improve your performance. 

Now, there are various factors that should be fulfilled in the golf cart that you are going to choose. The Bintelli golf carts satisfy all those factors along with an affordable price range.  

Now, if you had doubts about whether Bintelli golf carts are good or not, that is probably well answered in the discussion above. As a golfing or neighborhood hopping companion, Bintelli golf carts will never disappoint you. 

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