3 Common Vitacci Rover Problems And Their Solutions

Vitacci Rovers can suffer from issues like hesitation when going forward or reverse which can make it hard to control the cart properly. It can also suffer from throttle disengagement when going downhill which can slow down the cart making it annoying to drive it. 

Even though Vitacci Rover golf carts might not be as famous as other brands like EZGO or Yamaha, they are quite reliable and durable. But as a user you must have an idea about the common problems it can face and how to fix them easily.

3 Common Vitacci Rover Problems And Their Solutions

What Are The Common Vitacci Rover Problems?

The Vitacci golf cart boasts a streamlined appearance, strong performance, and dependable features. But, still it also suffers from some problems like other golf carts which you must know about as a user. 

Hesitation when going forward or reverse

One of the main complaints about the Vitacci Rover is that it hesitates to go forward or reverse which can be quite annoying for any user.

It can be due to  worn-out or incorrectly adjusted clutch that causes a delayed engagement. Additionally, improper chain tension can also cause this.

The chain may not transfer power effectively if it is excessively slack or improperly tensioned, resulting in sluggish movement and hesitation.

To fix this you should check the clutch adjustment and make sure that it’s aligned according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. You might also need to replace the clutch.

If the clutch seems fine, go ahead and check the chain tension .In order to maximize power transfer, make sure the chain is correctly positioned and tensioned.

The throttle gets turned off when going downhill

The throttle gets turned off when going downhill

Many Vitacci Rover users experience throttle disengagement and engine stalling while going downhills and this can be a frustrating issue. 

The throttle disengages and the check engine light often comes on when the vehicle’s speed lowers to about 5 miles per hour. 

This can be the result of programming in the vehicle’s control system or a safety feature. This program restricts speed during downhill descents to improve stability and reduce undue stress on the brakes.

So, trying out different solutions like adjusting the idle wouldn’t help much. This can solve the problem temporarily but the only permanent fix is to swap out the factory-installed computer for one that has been correctly programmed.

Cart feels heavy

Cart feels heavy

Although the front and back axles of the Vitacci Rover 200 EFI have effective hydraulic disc brakes, these brakes add weight to the cart.

It can occasionally feel heavier than it actually is, which makes accelerating and reaching greater speeds a little more difficult.

It’s crucial to remember, too, that the extra weight also improves braking performance for better safety and control.

So this isn’t really a deal breaker, but you can still have your cart’s engine modified by a skilled mechanic to give it more power.

Are Vitacci Rover Golf Carts Any Good? 

Vitacci Rover might not have the same amount of reputation or a similar track record as other well-known companies in the golf cart business.

Despite minor problems, the majority of consumers recommend this golf cart for its performance and durability.

They mostly gained popularity as affordable options in the market with great performance overall.

These carts can handle mild terrains and perform well in terms of acceleration, speed, and handling for casual users.

Numerous models are made by Vitacci along with Rover and are suitable for usage both on and off the golf course. They are made to very high standards and are well-liked by individuals who have bought them. 

However, do keep in mind many users have complained about less availability of spare parts. So, the ultimate choice depends on your preferences, usage and budget.

Tips To Avoid Problems In Vitacci Rover

Tips To Avoid Problems In Vitacci Rover

All golf carts require you to follow some precautions in order to keep it running smoothly for a long time without any issues. So, our expert tips below will help you avoid basic problems in your Vitacci Rover golf cart.

  • Follow the regular maintenance schedule as outlined in the owner’s manual and make sure to follow proper instructions for the maintenance.
  • Avoid overloading the cart with too much weight as this can damage the motor and other parts.
  • Empty all the fuels in your golf cart before storing it for a long time.
  • Change the transmission fluid on required intervals.
  • Clean the battery terminals if you see signs of corrosion and rust.

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From servicing schedules to sudden power loss we have compiled a range of frequently asked questions to help address your concerns and keep your Vitacci Rover running smoothly. 

How Often Should I Service My Vitacci Rover Golf Cart?

It is recommended to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and have routine servicing conducted at specific intervals. In general, your golf cart needs maintenance every 12 months or 500 km. But, it would need more frequent maintenance if you use it through harsh conditions.

What Should I Do If The Battery In My Vitacci Rover Golf Cart Frequently Drains?

This can be caused by a number of things, including defective wiring, parasitic drains, a bad battery, and more. Therefore, you must check the electrical system for any parasitic drains and replace the battery if it’s bad.

Why Does My Vitacci Rover Golf Cart Occasionally Lose Power?

A defective ignition switch, a failed controller, or loose or corroded battery connections can all result in occasional power loss in a Vitacci Rover golf cart. So, you need to tighten battery connections and check the controller and ignition switch for any damage.


Vitacci Rover golf carts are becoming quite popular due to their low pricing and heavy performance. However, just like any other golf carts they also tend to suffer from some problems which can be quite annoying.

Luckily fixing these issues are quite easy, however if you are uncomfortable doing it yourself you should consider visiting any authorized service center and get it fixed.

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