True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 vs. X100 : Shaft Comparison

For any golf player, Temper Dynamic Gold is a reliable source of golf shafts. These golf shafts are extremely popular amongst the players due to their perfect accuracy and functionality.

Both the Dynamic Gold s400 and x100 are incredible golf shafts that serve their purpose perfectly. However, they do have their subtle differences too.

The core difference between the true temper dynamic gold s400 vs. x100 is that the s400 is 9g heavier than the x100. This allows the s400 to have better control and swing. S400 raises the ball higher in the air with a speed of 84 mph-104 mph whereas x100 has a swing speed of 92 mph-105 mph. 

For your convenience to choose one from the two of these great golf shafts, we have compiled the differences between these two. In this article, you will have a clear idea about the s400 vs x100 concept.

True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 vs. X100

Overview Of True Temper Dynamic s400 Shaft

The True Temper Dynamic s400 Shaft is one of the most popular choices by golf clubs such as Callaway, Ping, Titleist and PGA tours. It is designed in order to achieve a higher launch and ball spin. 

This s400 golf shaft weighs around 130 grams but it might also differ a little. It is about 41 inches in length.

Overview Of True Temper Dynamic s400 Shaft

This shaft provides more stability and control while swinging. The center of mass is more in this shaft so the target doesn’t slip while handling this shaft. It covers significantly less distance with a lower swing speed. 

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Overview Of True Temper Dynamic x100 shaft

The True Temper Dynamic Gold x100 shaft is more popular amongst seasoned and professional players. It is remarkable because of its extra stiffness that allows the swings to retain a perfect form.

Overview Of True Temper Dynamic x100 shaft

The x100 is 45 inches in length which is more than any average shaft length. It is a lightweight shaft with a 121 grams of weight.

X100 has undoubtedly a great swing speed and tends to cover a longer amount of distance with it. It has a lower launch trajectory with amazing control over the swings.

s400 vs x100: Comparison Table

Needless to say, both of the s400 and x100 are amazing shafts for players. But you need to choose one of them according to your own needs.

So, for your better understanding, we have created a comparison table that clearly states the stark differences between the s400 and x100.


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What Are The Differences Between s400 and x100 golf shafts?

The key differences between the two Temper Dynamic golf shafts lie in terms of weight, length, launch, flex and performance.

We have accumulated the properties that sport different qualities between these two for better understanding. 


In terms of build of the golf shafts, they have differing lengths which brings separate end results onto the table.

The s400 golf shaft has a shorter length than the x100. While the x100 is 114.3 cm or 45 inches long, the s400 is 104.14cm or 41 inches long. There is a 4 inch difference between the two.

The x100 has more advantages if you want better swing speed and cover more distance due to the longer shaft.

So, if you want to swing the ball to an increased distance with more acceleration, x100 is good for it.

On the other hand, shorter golf shaft length can provide more control and stability over the swing.

Therefore, s400 is a perfect choice for hitting more accurately under any circumstances.

Most players prefer the s400 because of its shorter height and accuracy of hitting the middle of the club.


Temper Dynamic x100 weighs 121 grams whereas the s400 weighs 130 grams in most cases.

They are both considered to be heavyweight shafts. The difference in their weights is only 9 grams but it still affects their performance while playing.

Since the s400 is the heavier one, it has more mass that you need to move while swinging.

Therefore, the speed is decreased and the distance covered is reduced. However, this heavier shaft allows you to have better stability so the shots thrown by this shaft are more accurate.

The x100 is the lighter shaft which lets you swing to a great distance. You will have more swing speed and rate due to this shaft being lightweight.

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Flex refers to the stiffness of both shafts. The difference between these two in case of shafts are- s400 has a stiff flex whereas x100 has x flex.

The x flex of the x100 is perfect for higher swing speed and provides extra stiffness. Due to less flexibility, it will retain the perfect form and gain more control.

It is good for 92 mph to 105 mph swing speeds. So, evaluate your swing speed to know if you can put this flex to good use. 

The S400 is less stiff than the x100. It is perfect for people who have a swing speed of 84 mph to 104 mph in general.

Any regular player can use s400 without much difficulty as it doesn’t require faster swing speed as x100.

Attributes s400x100
Launch angle11.6°
Swing Speed84mph-104mph92 mph-105 mph



There is little difference in the launch angle of both shafts as these are mainly low launchable shafts.

S400 will launch the ball higher in the air so it has a high launch. The launch angle will be 11.6° for s400 which results in enhanced and higher launch trajectory.

On the other hand, the x100 possesses a lower launch trajectory of 9°. This launch will keep the ball lower in the air and go a long way.

s400 or x100: Which Golf  shaft To choose?

There are more similarities between the two shafts than the differences. Choosing one of the shafts depends solely on what kind of player you are.

Needless to say, you need to consider your strong and weak points while choosing the shaft to improve your gameplay.

It is recommended to choose the s400 shaft if you are a regular player without much experience. In case you prefer more control over the shaft rather than the weight, this is a good choice for you.

Additionally, if you are someone with a lower swing speed, s400 would be your help in the field.

For choosing the x100, make sure you have enough experience to handle and utilize the attributes this shaft has to offer.

Your swing speed needs to be high in order to use this shaft. So, if you fulfill this requirement, go for the x100 without any doubt.

X100 is also a good choice when you want to keep the ball flight low and cover more distance with your shot.

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In this section, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the s400 and x100 shafts. We hope that this part helps satisfy your curiosities about these two shafts.

Is X100 stiffer than S300?

Yes, the x100 is stiffer than the s300. Temper Dynamic x100 features x flex on it which makes it extra stiff.
Thus, x100 has the perfect form that does not bend under pressure. On the other hand, the s300 is way less stiff due to only the stiff flex. So, it lacks accuracy during the shots.

Is s400 and x100 beginner friendly?

The s400 is pretty beginner friendly as any average player can make good use of this shaft.
X100 needs someone who has a very fast swing speed to make the most of this incredible shaft.
Usually, professional players possess this high swing speed. So, x100 is not very suitable for beginners.

Is s400 Faster Than x100?

No, x100 is the faster shaft between the two of them. X100 does a swing at 92 mph to 105 mph speed which is very fast for a shaft.
On the contrary, the s400 swings at 84 mph to 104 mph. So, clearly the x100 is faster than the s400.

Which Is Better, a heavier shaft or a lighter shaft?

The weight of the shaft and its performance mostly differs from individual to individual.
If you want more center of mass and better control over your shaft operation, you might prefer a heavier shaft.
S400 would be the perfect one for you. If you prefer more of a faster and higher swing, then lightweight shafts will be the way to go.

Which Has A Higher Launch, s400 or x100?

S400 has a higher launch than the x100. The s400 launches the ball with a greater trajectory to a high point in the air but covers less distance.
On the contrary, the x100 launches lower in the air with a smaller trajectory but covers more distance.

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