Pinemeadow PGX vs. PRE: Which Golf Clubs Reigns Supreme?

Are you interested in Pinemeadow clubs, especially in their PGX and PRE series? However, you don’t know what the core differences between Pinemeadow PGX and PRE clubs are.

The major differences between them lie in their prices and designs. In terms of price, Pinemeadow PRE is $20-$30 cheaper than Pinemeadow PGX clubs. On the other hand, Pinemeadow PGX clubs have a different color scheme than PRE clubs.

Honestly, there are a handful of differences other than these. We advise you to read this article if you are keen on learning more about the differences between “Pinemeadow PGX vs. PRE clubs.”

An Overview Of Pinemeadow PXG Irons

Beautifully decorated with a black and light green color palette, these irons are ones to look out for. Our iron testers are impressed by the performance of these irons.

The irons are pretty forgiving and give off a good sound during impact. The quality is decent, given the price range, and it is a good steal if you have a tight budget. Here, we have noted what we liked and disliked about the Pinemeadow PGX irons.

An Overview Of Pinemeadow PRE Irons

Starting with an aggressive design, the red and black colors blend perfectly with the design. Pinemeadow PRE irons are fairly forgiving and do the job for you. Their performance is quite good when compared to their prices.

Alongside their forgiveness, their irons have a high MOI, enabling less resistance to twisting irons while swinging. Here, we have listed what we liked and disliked about the Pinemeadow PRE Irons.

Pinemeadow PGX Vs PRE: Comparison Table

We have talked about their overview briefly in the above paragraphs. Here is a comparison table to quickly glance through the differences between these irons.

FactorsPinemeadow PGX Pinemeadow PRE
Loft (degrees)22-4910.5-45
Lie (degrees)60.5-6458-65
Offset (mm)6-3.56.5-5
Weight (grams)249-296263-291
Material431 Stainless SteelTi-Alloy, Stainless Steel 
ShaftGraphite, SteelGraphite, Steel

What Are The Differences Between Pinemeadow PGX And PRE Irons?

Here comes the part where we discuss the differences in detail. We have noticed that there are five criteria for us to debate. Hoping that our details will give you more insight into these irons.


We believe unanimously that the Pinemeadow PGX series is much superior to the PRE series in terms of performance. This is because the PGX series is much more forgiving than the PRE series.

The Pinemeadow PGX series can channel the golfer’s energy into the ball, thus reaching 10-15 yards more than the Pinemeadow PRE series. This increase in speed is due to their forgiveness, high MOI, and swing speed. 


In terms of appearance, we believe this is a subjective opinion, and you should choose based on what you like. However, we liked the Pinemeadow PRE irons more than the Pinemeadow PGX irons.

This is solely because of the color scheme used to decorate the irons. The red and black combo blends well and gives off a pretty sporty, aggressive look, which boosts confidence.

Their shafts are also made of graphite and steel, giving them more swing speed and distance.


If we were to decide based on price-to-performance, Pinemeadow PGX irons are more affordable than PRE irons. According to the official sites, the whole set is sold at $230, while the PRE set is $300.

If you are a beginner and are on a tight budget, we prefer the Pinemeadow PGX series.

However, if you can be flexible, you could also look into the PRE irons. Still, we advise you to feel the irons before splurging on your precious money on these irons.


This is a much harder topic to compare. Both clubs have a fixed loft curated more towards the general public’s preference.

This shows how much these clubs are made for beginners who wouldn’t notice the subtle difference.

Our testers found the Pinemeadow PGX irons much more comfortable to use. Their lofts were well suited and helped us attain great distances.

For PRE irons, certain drivers’ lofts felt a bit off, making us feel awkward.

The following table shows the loft degree comparison between Pinemeadow PGX and Pinemeadow PRE irons.

ClubsPinemeadow PGXPinemeadow PRE

Usability Duration

We found this to be a crucial difference while comparing these two irons. Generally, normal golf clubs last for more than a year. However, these clubs have a shorter life span.

We could not exactly find the time period, but we could deduce one thing. Certain Pinemeadow PRE irons had a lifespan of fewer than 3 weeks. In regards to that, Pinemeadow PGX irons are much better.


Pinemeadow PGX is more forgiving than Pinemeadow PRE. The club heads have a wider surface area on average, allowing them to increase the probability of hitting the ball.

Moreover, its offset nature, clubhead, and shaft allow the irons to be very forgiving. Thus, reaching high MOI ratings and higher swing speeds and distances. Also, an increase in MOI leads to more resistance from irons during swinging. Therefore, more consistent shots can be made.

Pinemeadow PGX Or PRE: Which Golf Iron To Choose?

If we were to choose between these two, we would certainly choose the Pinemeadow PGX iron set.

The overall performance and the anti-slice technology in the drivers surprised us and exceeded our expectations. Moreover, they are much cheaper than Pinemeadow PRE irons.

That does not mean the Pinemeadow PRE irons are bad. Their aggressive looks, alongside their decent performance, make them a good addition to your collection.

Therefore, we would certainly advise you to feel the irons before going for a purchase.

We suggest that you buy from the official site rather than from Amazon. Even though you may land some good deals, some reviews have suggested it is best to order from the official site.

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Even after reading this whole article, you might still have some questions lingering in your mind. Here are some FAQs that we have presented to clear up all your further doubts.

Which one is the best golf set: Pinemeadow PGX or Pinemeadow PRE?

According to Amazon reviews, we can safely say that Pinemeadow PRE irons are the best. They have garnered 65% of 5-star reviews compared to 62% of 5-star reviews of Pinemeadow PGX. Other comments also suggest that the set is a wonderful piece.

Which one is more beginner-friendly: Pinemeadow PGX or Pinemeadow PRE?

To begin with, Pinemeadow irons are very forgiving and very beginner friendly. Therefore, based on our results, we have seen that Pinemeadow PGX irons are the most beginner friendly. Their irons and anti-slice technology make it easier to get a good grip.

Where can I find discounts on Pinemeadow PGX and Pinemeadow PRE while buying?

Pinemeadow’s website currently shows that Pinemeadow PGX is $70 cheaper than Pinemeadow PRE irons.
However, you can land good deals if you order from Amazon or eBay. Just be sure that you get the real deal in the end if you order from these sites.

Which one is more beginner-friendly: Pinemeadow PGX or Pinemeadow PRE?

Pinemeadow PGX is easier to use. It has extremely high irons and anti-slice technology. This creates a small offset, which helps increase swing speed and cover more distance.

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