Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good? Exploring the Quality & Performance

Tour Edge is famous in the market for providing high-quality golf clubs according to the player’s interests. This company has undoubtedly created its own name among the players due to their consistency and quality.

Tour Edge golf clubs have great quality within an affordable price range for players of every skill set. With fairway wood material and various high end technology incorporated to these golf clubs, they are extremely good. 

We will delve deeper into the world of Tour Edge golf clubs in this guide. You will get answers to your question “Are Tour Edge golf clubs good?” here in detail. 

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good?

An Overview Tour Edge Golf Clubs

Tour Edge clubs are typically mid-sized and forgiving. These golf clubs are just ideal for everyone- from a novice to a PGA Tour professional.

Depending on your golfing abilities, Tour Edge offers a variety of models and golf club options for you to choose from.

No matter how inexperienced you are at golf, Tour Edge golf clubs ensure appropriate distance travel and precision.

The golf clubs suppress vibrations upon contact and minimize turf interaction. With these golf clubs, you can be guaranteed to have a high ball launch and fast ball speed.

Golf clubs made by Tour Edge are reasonably priced and include cutting-edge technology. These golf clubs, like anything else, have some advantages and disadvantages both. 


  • High-launching balls with straight accelerated shots
  • Forgiving
  • Maintains the golf ball on off-center strikes
  • Versatile designs and models are available.
  • Dampens vibrations 


  • Some models might generate increased sidespin. 
  • Limited workability and large distance gap.

Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Good?

Tour Edge has definitely established its name in the industry as one of the most reputable brands for golf clubs. According to the users, these golf clubs are really good due to some exceptional qualities. 

Affordable but High Quality

Affordable but High Quality

Tour Edge golf clubs have such an excellent quality that you will surely receive your money’s worth.

Golf clubs from Tour Edge are significantly less expensive than those from other brands.

Despite the reasonable price, the quality and functional ability of these golf clubs is still quite amazing.

Suitable For Everyone

Suitable For Everyone

No matter what level of skill or experience you possess, Tour Edge can be the ideal golf club for you. Their Get in the Game golf club line has clubs for players of every skill level and gender.

Tour Edge golf clubs are a popular option for PGA players since they frequently seek them out to use on the tournaments.

No players are paid by Tour Edge for this usage or promotion. Rather, these golf clubs attained this level of popularity by offering top-notch customer support for years.

Lifetime Guaranteed Golf Clubs

Lifetime Guaranteed Golf Clubs

Due to the lifetime warranty on each of its golf clubs, Tour Edge has become even more reliable for its clients.

A specific golf club will be replaced by the company if the clubhead or shaft is broken or damaged in any other way. The bar is set far too high for competing companies by this advantage.

What Makes Tour Edge Golf Clubs Different From Others?

The main reason for the incredible performance of the Tour Edge golf clubs is the high-quality materials used in production.

In addition, the innovative technologies weaved into these golf clubs make way for excellent performance. These features set Tour Edge apart from others.

Fairway Wood

Fairway Wood

Tour Edge fairway wood golf clubs perform extremely well. They offer a steep angle of launch when swinging.

You can choose from a variety of shaft flexes to get the one most suitable for you. This assistance ensures an amazing feel of the golf clubs and covers a long distance. 

Variable Face Thickness Technology

By increasing the number of points of contact on the face, this technique increases the shooting area. It delivers pretty straight shots that are more forgiving and powerful. 

Even on mishits, the shots can cover maximum distance due to variable face thickness technology.

It allows more spring-like effect and flex upon impact with the golf ball. So, the resultant delivery contains increased distance and ball speed. 

Diamond Face Technology

Variable Face Thickness Technology

All Tour Edge golf clubs feature diamond face VFT technology. As you swing the ball, this technology gives the ball an unbelievable speed.

Moreover, it facilitates full-face forgiveness. It improves off-center hits’ performance while reducing spins.

39 various thick and thin diamond shapes, or “mini-trampolines,” are used in the Diamond Face VFT technology which is a breakthrough in face technology.

With quicker ball speeds, improved performance on off-center shots and less spin, Diamond Face VFT creates a hotter face.

Titanium Face

Titanium Face

Tour Edge features Ultra-Premium 8-1-1 Titanium Face. It allows you to reposition the weight of the golf club easily. It provides a lower density and ultra-premium distance as a result.



The Tour Edge uses brazing to put the golf club parts together rather than welding then. The components are chemically fused during the brazing process using a laser.

As a result, the elasticity increases and makes the face flex more at contact. It makes the clubs feel lighter and the balls travel faster.

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Do any PGA players use Tour Edge clubs?

Professional players like Bernhard Langer, Scott McCarron, and Alex Cejka love using Tour Edge clubs. Tour Edge clubs have been used in 10 PGA tours and 15 PGA Champions Tours so far as the winning golf club by champions. 

Are Tour Edge clubs good for beginners?

Yes, Tour Edge Get in the Game product line is just perfect for beginners. The forgiving hybrid components along with their advanced, user-friendly technology, makes these golf clubs perfect for beginners. 

Where Are Tour Edge Golf Clubs Made?

Since 1985, Tour Edge golf clubs have been made in Chicago, Illinois. They only have this one headquarter in the USA for making their golf clubs. There are no other manufacturing sites. 

Where Can I Buy Tour Edge Golf Clubs? 

You can directly buy Tour Edge golf clubs from their online store. Apart from that, you can also buy these golf clubs from several online and retail stores around America, Amazon and PGA superstores. 


Tour Edge golf clubs have three sub brands under their name to cater to players of all categories as needed.

Exotics, Hot Launch and Bazooka: Get in the Game series are all equally good and filled with amazing features. 

The reliability and performance provided by these golf clubs has made them one of the top 10 golf club manufacturers in the world. No wonder Tour Edge golf clubs are loved and preferred by the users around the world.


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