KBS Tour 90 vs 105: Which Golf Shaft Will Improve Your Game?

KBS is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers of premium quality golf shafts. Two of their most popular releases are the KBS Tour 90 and KBS Tour 105. While they are similar in many aspects, they also have some differences.

Some of the core differences between the two shafts is their weight, length, and feel. The KBS Tour 90 has a sturdy shaft with a soft tip. It helps keep the ball longer in the air. On the other hand, Tour 105 is best fitted for an aggressive playing style. 

Regarding KBS Tour 90 Vs 105, both of these shafts are well recognized in the profession, while the 105 is the successor to the most popular KBS shaft ever produced. Keep reading to find out more.

KBS Tour 90 Overview

KBS has a lot of lightweight releases for golf shafts. Among them, the lightest golf shaft to date is the KBS Tour 90.

This is engineered for players with low swing speed to have a higher trajectory, more speed, and better spin when the ball cuts through the air. 

The best performance of the KBS Tour 90 can be attained on short irons. The shaft is the best for launching the ball high into the air. 

KBS Tour 90 Pros And Cons

KBS Tour 90 is a standalone release from KBS as its lightest shaft. Because of its weight, it can hit perfect high-trajectory shots while maintaining a balance between the kick from the shot. It can also add sufficient spin to the ball for more precision. 

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KBS Tour 105 Overview

All of us have different swings when we play golf. This is why many great shafts from different companies will feel different among many people. 

Because of our playstyle, we feel more comfortable with one shaft and not with others. The Tour is the uncontested most popular shaft among general and professional golf players regarding KBS releases. 

Now, if you are a fan of the KBS Tour but want a shaft that weighs less than the Tour, the 105 is just for you!

KBS Tour 105 Pros And Cons

The best part regarding the Tour 105 is how it retains the feel of KBS’s most popular release – the Tour. But the Tour is not a lightweight shaft.

And to match the shaft with the play style of the tempo-based players, KBS released the 105. 

KBS Tour 90 Vs 105: Comparison Chart

Both of these shafts are exemplary releases from KBS. But as for most other shafts in golf, they have fundamental differences in build, feel, and weight. 

However, both golf shafts are verified and allowed by the International Golf Federation. They follow the measurements and restriction limits of the federation. 

For convenience, we will depict a comparison table below and focus on the core differences between these two shafts. 

KBS Tour 90KBS Tour 105
Weight101 grams105 grams
Length41.25 inches37.5-41.5 inches
Tip Dia..370 inches.355 inches
Butt OD..600 inches.600 inches

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What Are The Differences Between KBS Tour 90 And 105?

Both KBS Tour 90 and 105 are lightweight shafts. The most fundamental differences between them are their weight class, their trajectory, and how they feel. 

The 105 has the wedged feel of the original Tour while being a lighter shaft, but the 90 truly feels like a lightweight shaft meant for gaining altitude. Here are the core differences between the two shafts:


The Tour 105 is versatile when it comes to length. The extra 1 inch or extension or reduction gives you more freedom while hitting those low trajectory shots to cover more ground. 

This is not feasible with the 90. The leading advocate behind this reasoning is that the RBS Tour 90 has about twenty percent less weight than any standard shaft available.

The shaft has a stiff and firm design, but because of the built-in “Two flex system,” the shaft feels more flexible than an average shaft. 


The shaft has a firm build and a stiffer profile on the tip to retain the KBS Tour feeling you are used to, thanks to the gradual flex. The 105 is also crisper when taking shots, and the kickback is manageable. 

The original Tour was the most popular shaft in golf from KBS because of how great it felt on the hand. It reduces the kick you get from taking shots and keeps your arms strain-free. 

Players who prefer a light club, and precision on the shot, might find the Tour 90 just to their liking. The shaft itself is designed for such players to fit their playstyle. 

Also, for the 90, you must treat it like a lightweight shaft to circumvent the kick. You also need to maintain a perfect tempo not to lose balance. 


The 90 is marginally lighter than the 105, even though the 105 is a lighter version of the Tour. This marks KBS Tour 90 as the most lightweight release of the company. 

Being so light enables the Tour 90 to achieve a great trajectory and spin on the ball. This is tough to accomplish with the 105.


The 90 being the lightest release of the tour, has some drawbacks regarding its durability issues.

The shaft is top-tier in performance, but it’s not fit to handle stronger players. Thus players who like to play aggressive shots might face problems while trying this shaft out. 

It is a sturdy shaft yet has a smooth and soft tip to help with attaining better altitude. This shaft also has a higher center of gravity, allowing the players to cover more distance on air overall. 

The 105 is better suited for such aggressive playstyles, though. This shaft is an all-rounder in handling more assertive and more passive players.

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When using the Tour 90, the kickback from the shot will feel smooth if you can maintain a perfect tempo. If you fail to perform a clean tempo, you will struggle to maintain the balance. 

The responses and reactions are decent in your hands, but you still need a soft swing tempo. Your control will be sloppy and misplaced if you get aggressive and swing out of your tempo. 

If you are a player who wants to hit shots with a higher trajectory, tour 90 is your go-to option.

But if you want to switch between low and high shots comfortably while adding more spin to your shots, tour 105 is the preferable option. 


One issue that comes with such benefits of the 90 is that the shaft is prone to ballooning the ball. Because of its lightweight, it can give the ball an insane amount of altitude. 

This can be a good or a bad thing, depending on the shot you are trying to make. It also requires the player not to be aggressive and keep a perfect tempo. 

The 105 is ideal for mid-high swing players, but unlike the 90, it can deal well with a lower trajectory.

This allows the 105 to cover more distance with each shot. This shaft also requires some perfect tempo plays. This is why it’s unsuitable for aggressive players who prefer rigid shafts. 

Safety Issues

The main issue remains the same as with all lightweight shafts. The 105 shares some similarities with the 90 in this regard.

The foul shots you can make when using light shafts can all be reasoned with having a lousy tempo. 

You must maintain a perfect rhythm while taking shots to perform well using a light shaft. If your shot gets out of tempo, you will lose balance and fail to execute the shot. 

The kickback will be much worse, and your trajectory and spin will not be as intended. The 105 will be perfect for you if you have a smooth tempo. 

The response from the shot to your hand is sharper, but the sting profile is not present. This means your wrist and arm will be safe.

KBS Tour 90 or 105: Which One Should You Choose?

Golf clubs are an essential tool for golf. You must recognize the necessity of an excellent shaft for your golf club if you want to perform well.

90 vs 105 shafts are phenomenal, and you need to use them best by figuring out which fits your playstyle best.

Both of these shafts were intended to be adapted for players with different playstyles.

And if you know what type of plays you like to make, you can easily choose between these two great shafts. This will enable you to make better, more accurate shots without losing tempo. 

If you want more trajectory and spin while keeping the ball in the air longer, the 90 is the best option.

But if you fancy the feel of the original Tour while being able to make those low-trajectory shots to cover more distance, you should go for the 105!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, by now, many of your doubt has cleared. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding these two shafts that you might want to know.

How much do KBS Tour 90 shafts weigh?

A KBS Tour 90 weighs about 95 grams for the regular and 102 grams for the stiff.

What are the different KBS Tour shafts?

There are primarily five Tour shafts from KBS. These include Tour steel, Tour V, Tour 80, Tour 90, and Tour 105.

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