Who Makes Knight Golf Clubs [The Manufacturer Unveiled]

If you are in search of the most affordable golf equipment, you’ll perhaps come across Knight Golf Clubs. But while browsing for who makes Knight Golf Clubs and additional information, you’ll hardly get anything on the internet! Getting worried? 

King Par manufactures Knight Clubs. And Bill Baird was the former owner of the company. He sold it to Wesley Hull in 1999. Ever since they have produced Knight golfing equipment for almost 16 years. 

But do they make anything these days? If yes, then where can you have a look at these? Today, we’re here to answer all these queries in detail. For this, stick here till the end!

Who Makes Knight Golf Clubs

Brief Overview of Knight Golf Clubs

Hands down, Knight Golf Clubs are beginner-friendly set for mid to high-handicap players. 

And the Knight is one of the names among the oldest brands of affordable clubs that don’t compromise on performance! 

As they come in both lighter and heavier sets, golfers with different swing speeds can opt for them. Here is a chart of how weight impacts performance: 

The finishing is precise, as a result, provides more trajectory control on the shots. It’s ideal for playing on both rough and fairway courses.

Additionally, the feel their set provides almost matches the high-end brands, including TaylorMade and Callaway. 

Though it might not be a good choice for pro players, we’d say they can rely on it if they ever suffer from weak muscles.

Because Knight Golf Clubs are specialized in not-so-strong golfers. Or to build muscle grip and strength, practicing with these clubs is by far a good choice. 

Good Sides of Knight Golf Clubs

  • Pretty much durable
  • Corrosion-resistant 
  • Precise irons
  • Provides a better swing speed
  • Cheaper than the counterparts


  • Difficult to find the spare parts
  • Not versatile enough for experienced golfers

History Of Knight Golf Clubs Manufacturer

According to the Better Business Bureau, King Par is the manufacturer of the Knight Golf Clubs. They have started producing these clubs since 1998. Ever since they hold the rights to the Knight brands set for golf. 

As per the website of King Par, they also produce different brands of clubs. These include ludes Affinity, Fortune, Strategy, etc brands’ golf accessories. 

Due to bankruptcy, King Par closed its store and production in 2016.. Since then, they haven’t produced any new set of Knight Clubs yet.

However, they have re-opened their store, and they manufacture other lines of golf accessories.

King Par now provides golf lessons from professional and experienced players. They also offer custom fitting of the clubs.

So, if you have their Knight sets and can’t find any spare parts or fitter to customize them, feel free to visit the King Par store. 

Even if they don’t supply Knight Accessories any longer, we hope their trained sales personnel can give better insights into the issue.

Where are Knight Golf Clubs Made?

Knight golf clubs are made in the USA. As the manufacturers are in Michigan, they tend to produce these clubs right there. 

Furthermore, they have chosen Michigan for their production as it is the business hub for international trade.

It increases their opportunity to export their golf lines. Also, 2 golf courses among the top ten USA courses are in Michigan. 

So, to provide something in clubs for every player that plays there, they might produce their accessories in Michigan. You may have a look at the following courses right here:

Materials and Technology Used to Make Knight Golf Clubs 

Knight brand or King Par manufacturers use high-end technology and materials to provide the finest performance. Let’s get into the details –

Heavy-duty with Lightweight Structure

Basically, they use alloy steel to make the shafts durable and heavier. A heavy shaft provides more feel to the club. And this material increases the swing speed while hitting the ball. 

On the contrary, graphite makes the club lighter, which allows players to adjust the weights on the club head. The weight distribution can help in yardage gain.

The Unique Forging Technology

The manufacturers use forging technology to shape the hittable midi irons into finely–tuned clubs. In this process, they heat the solid metal pieces and hammer them to craft into a fine shape. 

Effective Precision Technology 

Precision technology creates specific finishing on the products so that they can meet specific requirements. 

Knight golf club heads contain titanium or steel billets. King Par sources the materials within the United States.

And to precisely form these metals or steels into golf clubs and heads, they use precision machining techniques. 

Withstand Rust and Corrosion 

In order to make the golf clubs rust–resistant, they use single–covered surface treatment on the parts. It brings out the beauty of the materials assembled and provides corrosion resistance. 

Top-class Assembly with In-house Experiment 

After finishing the parts, they go through the assembly process. This stage confirms all the units of the clubs assemble finely together with balanced weight distribution.

Before they release the newly manufactured clubs, they conduct in-house testing. This quality–control process or testing ensures that no club has any defect. 

Is Knight A Reputable Brand for Golf Clubs?

To be honest, it’s a bit hard to say whether The Knight is a reputable brand for golf clubs or not as it is the oldest brand.

However, its manufacturer King Par is certainly famous because they still make different brands of clubs. 

As they have stopped making Knight Golf tools, it is fair to say Knights didn’t gain enough brand recognition, which caused them to stop production. 

Unfortunately, you can’t find its spare parts easily. Because store owners don’t stock the parts for Knight Clubs, as golfers hardly buy them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As there is no detailed information on the Knight golf clubs on forums, you may still remain confused regarding the brand. Worry not, as we’ve added some more insights into this FAQ segment –

Where to buy Knight Golf Clubs?

It’s difficult to find Knight golf clubs and their additional parts in golf stores. But some online sales networks like eBay list some of the used ones. Also, you can post on golf forums in case you want to find a seller. 

Is it worth it to buy Knight Clubs?

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks for a beginner’s golf set, go for Knight golf clubs. Because of the technology and material used to produce it, make sure you get high-end performance with versatile swings! 

What is the lifespan of Knight Golf Clubs? 

Generally, beginner-specific golf equipment lasts for up to two to three years. Considering that, a Knight golf club can sustain for three years if you don’t use it too frequently. But using it for rough practice can damage it within a year. 


As the owner of the Knight golf club manufacturing company has changed, many people these days wonder who makes Knight golf clubs.

To let you know, Wesley and his son have carried the legacy forward of this brand. And King Par used to make this equipment up until 2016. 

If you want to buy anything related to the Knight brand, we’d recommend visiting the King Par store in Michigan. They will be able to suggest to you whether you should buy these or not. 

Moreover, they provide test driving for any golf club before purchasing. So, if you get Knight Cubs from there, ensure to test them and experience the feel. Have a good day ahead!

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