Best Time Of Year To Buy Golf Clubs? Shop Smart, Swing Better!

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, it is always better to know the correct time to buy golf clubs. Why? It not only saves you a lot of money but also ensures you get the best-suited club for your golfing career.

Usually, the best time to buy golf clubs includes different types of sales throughout the calendar. However, it is crucial that your preference and demands sync with the timing of purchasing golf clubs.

In this article, we’ll give you a walkthrough of the best times you should consider buying your golf clubs. This way you will get the best product at the perfect price.

Best Time Of Year To Buy Golf Clubs?

Golf Club Market Analysis  

Golf clubs are pretty expensive equipment. Hence, you cannot just go to a pro shop and get one unless you have enough money.

That is why, golfers consider a lot of factors such as financial condition, demand for a new club, or upgrading the older clubs before purchasing one. 

That is why, doing a market analysis of golf club manufacturers is crucial. According to the manufacturers, the demand for golf clubs increases at the time a season starts.

Thus, naturally, the price of new clubs would be higher at the start of a season. Keeping track of the available products and release schedule for new clubs the manufacturers also helps to plan when to buy a golf club.

Best Time of Year to Buy Golf Clubs 

At some specific time of the year you would get a profitable deal buying new golf clubs. These are stated below:

Season Ending

Season Ending

Towards the end of the golf season, retailers and manufacturers start looking to clear out their inventory to make room for next year’s models. 

This is an excellent time to purchase high-end golf clubs at discounted prices. It is because some retailers offer massive discounts to clear out their current stock with older unsold clubs.

Keep track of the official website of the manufacturer, retailer pro-shops, and other online marketplaces. Generally, October and November are ideal times for purchasing new golf clubs.

Holidays Sales

Holidays Sales

Holiday sales, such as Black Friday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Cyber Monday, are a great time to purchase golf clubs.

Retailers offer special discounts during these sales. Thus it makes an excellent opportunity to buy golf clubs at lower prices.

Moreover, the holiday season in December and the first half of January can be an ideal time to purchase golf clubs, as official dealers of the manufacturers offer promotions and discounts to attract golfers.

Stock Clearance Sales

Stock Clearance Sales

Golf club retailers often hold clearance sales throughout the year to move outdated or overstocked inventory.

These sales can be an ideal opportunity to buy golf clubs at lower prices. However, it is essential to note that the selection may be limited, and the latest models may not be available.

But, the older model of clubs gives an almost similar performance as a newer model. If you are a beginner planning to buy your first set of premium clubs, keep an eye on these sales to get a good deal.

Early Spring Sale

Early Spring Sale

Spring can be a good time for golfers of all levels to consider purchasing new clubs. This is a pre-season time when manufacturers start introducing their upgraded versions of the existing models of clubs.

As a result, dealers drop the prices of the older clubs in their stock. Moreover, as a pre-season sale, manufacturers throw flat discounts to promote their clubs in competitive platforms.

Trade-In & Exchange Offers

Trade-In & Exchange Offers

Some retailers hold trade-in or exchange events, where you can trade in your old clubs for new ones at discounted prices.

If you are looking to upgrade your clubs without spending a significant amount of money this could be an ideal time. 

Besides, many golfers want to sell out their club sets at a cheap price. You can get a premium set of clubs from them as well since the effectiveness of high-end golf clubs remains for decades.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Golf Clubs

Before buying golf clubs, there are several factors you must consider to ensure that purchased clubs are fit and compatible with your game. 

Brand Values

Different golf brands have different technologies and planning to club design and manufacturing.

It is crucial to research the brands and their values to ensure that they align with the golfer’s demands and preferences.

A premium set of clubs definitely improves the gameplay, but more forgiving clubs boost your confidence and skill level. Hence, it is better to wait it out and invest in the most compatible clubs for you.

Resale Value  

Premium quality golf clubs have higher resale demand than average clubs. It is better to get high-end golf clubs from manufacturers such as Titleist, Ping, Willson, Taylor Made, and Callaway.

You will get a smooth performance along with high resale value when needed. At the time of upgrading your set, you will get a good deal while trading or selling out your clubs.

Release Schedules

Golf manufacturers launch their new clubs at a pre-planned time of the year. This affects the availability and pricing of newer and previous models.

It is essential to research the release schedules by tracking the promotional events organized by the official dealers and manufacturers. 

Check out the websites regularly to know when and which clubs are being launched. Thus, you can schedule your purchase time and plan accordingly.


Your budget and capability to invest is a must thing to consider. Depending on your budget you need to decide which club and brand to choose.

Moreover, it helps to consider buying used yet premium quality clubs from golfers rather than getting a new but low-end club.

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To know about the most suitable time to buy golf clubs, the following opinions from professional golfers could be helpful.

When Should you buy your own clubs?  

You should buy your own clubs when you play regularly and want to improve your swings. Owning your own clubs allows you to customize them to your demand and build familiarity and confidence with them, leading to better performance.

Do golf clubs go on sale in the off-season?

Golf clubs often go on sale in the off-season as dealers try to remove stock from the previous season to make room for new clubs. It is a good time to look for profitable deals on clubs and other golf equipment.

How do I know when to buy new golf clubs? 

If your existing clubs are damaged, worn, or outdated you can consider buying new clubs. Besides, when your swing has deteriorated and your current clubs no longer feel comfortable or effective, it is recommended to switch to new clubs.

How can I save money on golf clubs?

You can consider buying used or older models, waiting for seasonal or holiday sales or trade-in deals to save money on clubs. It’s also a good idea to prioritize preferable clubs only that you need.


Above all, doing thorough research is a must if your budget is limited and you want to buy a good quality club for your arsenal.

Subscribe to the manufacturer’s newsletter and regularly check for the promotions of the upcoming cubs.

Besides, you can go for the performance test of each company and know more about their promotional offers and discounts at the beginning of the season. Try to catch the Winter and Spring sales for a quality and profitable deal.

Always look into shops such as Dick’s sporting goods and friends or colleagues for nice and maintained pre-owned clubs.

We hope you find this article informative and helps you to decide the best time to pick your own golf club.


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