Taylormade M4 Vs M6 Golf Driver: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Taylormade drivers are known as some of the best drivers in the market with affordable prices and enhanced playability. Even today, the M4 is regarded as one of the best drivers in the market. But what about the M6? Is it any better than the M4? 

Aside from a few minor changes to the specs and appearance, M6 hasn’t really changed much from the M4! But one of the core differences is the speed injected technology the M6 introduced. This feature gives the M6 a very noticeable speed boost! 

To understand which driver you should choose between the Taylormade M4 and M6, we will go through all the differences, pros, and cons in today’s article!

Taylormade M4 Vs M6 Golf Driver

Overview Of Taylormade M4 Golf Driver 

Released in 2018, the M4 came with many expectations after an underwhelming showing of the M3.

It’s a fan favorite in terms of mid-high-end golf drivers. And the M4 met every expectation!

Taylormade re-released the M4 in 2021, it’s practically the exact same driver with a couple of tiny changes in its looks. 

With the  twist face technology , you can curve the driver head to optimize mishits and help you find fairways.

Also, a hammerhead technology to help you optimize ball speed. It also comes with a handy Atmos shaft and versatile loft adjustments. 

The M4 offers tremendous forgiveness and a beautiful thudding sound upon impact. Currently, a brand new M4 2021 will cost you about 299$ on the official Taylormade website. 

Overview Of Taylormade M6 Golf Driver (Source) (Source)

Taylormade released the M6 golf driver just a year after the M4. The M6 promised more speed and more distance. 

And after using it, many players discovered that the results in terms of playability were very similar to the M4.

The M6 came with the same Twistface and Hammerhead technology but the Hammerhead tech was renamed to Hammerhead 2.0. 

However, it’s pretty much the same as the M4. Perhaps the coolest feature of the M6 is the brand-new tech to increase MOI. 

Taylormade has integrated an aerodynamic carbon sole to store 46% of the weight of the driver low and back to increase speed and distance. 

And lastly, the drivers are all created above the legal speed limit and then turned back using a speed injector to enhance performance. 

The M6 can be bought brand new on the official Taylormade website for 349$!

Taylormade M6 Golf Driver

Taylormade M4 vs Taylormade M6 Golf Driver: Quick Comparison Table

Now that you know some of the specs of both the M4 and M6 golf drivers, let’s put them head to head on a comparison table. Using this table we’ll compare and help you choose the right driver for you! 

Criteria Taylormade M4Taylormade M6
Material Titanium and CarbonTitanium and Carbon
Loft 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° 9.5°, 10.5°, 12° 
Lie56°-60° (All loft settings)56°-60° (All loft settings)
Volume 460CC460CC
Swing WeightD3D3
ShaftAtmos Black 6, Atmos Orange 5Atmos Black 6, Atmos Orange 5
Twist FaceYesYes (Speed injected)
Hammerhead Yes Yes (Hammerhead 2.0)
Speed Injected™NoYes 
Inertia Generator NoYes
SoundExplosive thudding soundNot as explosive as the M4 but still good 
Forgiveness rating8/108.5/10
Distance rating8/108/10
Versatility rating8/107/10

What Are the Differences Between Taylormade M4 and M6 Golf Drivers?

Now that we’ve compared both drivers, let’s talk about the differences. While both the M4 and M6 perform quite similarly in terms of playability, these differences can be crucial when choosing the right driver: 


The appearance of the M6 is much better! You can surely tell them apart but the increased carbon coating makes the M6 look and feel much better than the M4. 

Speed injected™

The speed-injected technology of the M6 is amongst the couple of new features Taylormade added. Unlike the M4, the M6 has two noticeable red screws.

These screws were put there to inject raisin to tune the speed of the M6 driver down to the limits of legality. 

Taylormade did this to ensure the M6 performed at its highest ability. The drivers are constructed, pass the legal limits and then brought back down using this technology. 

Inertia generator 

Another big difference the M6 has is the inertia generator. To enhance and increase MOI (Moment of inertia) Taylormade incorporated 54% more carbon in the head of the driver. 

And the remaining 46% of weight has been put at the back of the head which creates more MOI than the M4. The use of carbon material also makes the driver much lighter than the M4.


While this may not be a performance spec, the sound of a golf driver is crucial for most players as it can enhance the experience!

And the M4 wins in this category producing a very satisfying thudding sound with each shot. 

This explosive thud is missed in the M6 which makes a rather tame sound upon impact. 

Player suitability 

Lastly, while both drivers produce great forgiveness, both may not be suited for a wider range of players.

The M4 and M6 are neither great for seasoned players but for lower mid-higher mid players, they are good. 

And even though the M6 brings many technologically advanced features, those features bring some negatives along.

Mainly the comedown. The shots are also much easier to hit but the driver comes down a lot faster as well. 

This can be annoying for some players as the fast come-down is not adjustable in the M6. 

Taylormade M4 or M6: Which Golf Driver to Choose? 

Both the Taylormade M4 and M6 golf drivers are great and come with many great features. But as we’ve discussed all the differences, it’s now time to choose a driver for yourself. 

Our advice would be to choose a driver according to your playing style. Particularly, if you’re brand new to the world of golf and are looking for a good mid-high-end driver, the M4 is a great option.

But if you’re ready to spend, you can try out the M6 too! However, the M4 and M6 are almost identical in every way.

Though the M6 has some technological advances, they make very little difference. The M4 on the other hand is a Taylormade classic! 

Frequently Asked Questions

To round up today’s topic, here are some frequently asked questions. These questions will help clear any remaining questions you may have about the Taylormade M4 and M6! 

Has Taylormade Stopped Production Of The M4 And M6? 

Both the Taylormade M4 and M6 are still in production and available on Taylormade’s official website. The prices have also come down quite a bit from its release. 

Is The Taylormade M4 2021 Better Than The Taylormade M4 2018?

No! The Taylormade M4 2021 is not better than the M4 2018 as they are the same exact model of gold drivers.
Taylormade has confirmed the re-release has nothing to do with performance upgrades and was just a marketing stunt. But the 2021 M4 does come with a few minor appearance changes. 

Is The TaylorMade M4 Taller Than The M6 Golf Driver? 

No, the Taylormade M4 and M6 are the same height. Not only the height but many other outlook features of both golf drivers are also pretty much the same. 

Is The TaylorMade M4 Better For Beginners Than The M6 Golf Drivers?

Yes! In many ways, the M4 may be the better driver for a beginner. Because it’s cheaper, makes a killer sound, and, most importantly, the performance is almost identical to the M6.
The technology used in the M6 may be flashy but doesn’t make much difference. And the M4 is much more balanced from all sides. 

Is The Taylormade M4 Faster Than The M6? 

The Taylormade M4 is slightly slower than the M6! Taylormade’s main motto with the M6 was “enhanced speed and distance,” so expect the M6 to perform somewhat better in those areas.
However, upon testing, it’s found that the M6 is only faster by a few points, which is not much impressive considering the price and tech. 

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