How to Put Straps on Titleist Bag? (Single and Double Both)

Carrying a golf bag on the shoulder has been a new trend. Many golfers believe it helps build upper body strength and burn a decent amount of calories. Unfortunately, the strap of a golf bag is one of the fragile pieces among all accessories.

If you own a Titleist bag, chances are its strap has been ripped up somehow. Should you purchase a new bag now? No way. You can rather replace the damaged strap with a new one.

A strap is also an excellent edition for your brand-new Titleist bag. In this post, we will cover the way of putting a strap on your bag.

How to Put Straps on Titleist Bag

How to Install a Single Strap On a Titleist Bag?

The single strap is the best option for the enthusiast of lightweight golf bags like Sunday bags. Check out the steps you need to follow while installing a single strap. 

Step1: Unbox the strap and remove all plastic wraps and tags from the bag.

Step 2: Find the installation D-rings or connected straps of your bag. Besides, hold the padded side upward.

Step 3: If your bag has D-rings, insert the strap edge through it and pass the edge into the ladder lock. In the case of a swivel hook, simply connect the lock with the ring.

Step 4: If your bag has a built-in female buckle socket, insert the buckle lock into it.

How to Install a Double Strap On a Titleist Bag?

Larger golf bags like stand bags are very popular because you can carry the whole set together. If you install a double strap, it will provide great balance and freedom of walking. Golfers who like to carry such bags pick double straps for this reason. Follow these steps while installing double straps. 

Step 1: After unboxing and removing all wraps and tags, spread the strap in the shape of X. 

Step 2: Find the installation option of your bag and hold the strap accordingly. The padded side will always remain upward so that you can wear them on your shoulder.

Step 3: Connect the strap edges with the bag similarly to installing the single strap. 

Step 4: Keep the bottom of the bag on the opposite side of your dominant arm. Wear the bag finally and adjust the strap length until you feel comfortable. 

After the bag is perfectly installed and adjusted, you should be able to stand and walk comfortably with a solid posture. Make sure you have bought the right strap and put it properly on your Titleist bag.

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