Mizuno MP20 Vs JPX 919 Tour | Which Golf Iron to Choose?

Finding the best golf club can sometimes be a tough nut to crack. Hence, this leaves us with two options, the MP20 and the JPX 919, which fall fairly under the same budget and deliver similar performance. So, MP20 vs JPX 919 tour, how do they compare to each other?

To begin with, both the Mizuno MP20 and the JPX 919 are excellent iron choices. Regardless of their similarities in performance, the MP20 lineup has a more elegant and classic design, whereas the JPX 919 tours are more towards the aggressively high-end and stylish ones.

This, however, was only a short comparison between their physical appearances; there’s more to it. So stick with this article if you want a clearer insight into these irons’ performance and other features.

MP20 Vs JPX 919 Tour
MP20 Vs JPX 919 Tour

Overview Of MP 20 Irons

The MP20 irons are classic-looking true blade irons that could easily leave your ball two to three clubs short with one mediocre swing towards the target. 

Hence, for a high swing, it would be quite high and considerably lower for a low swing. However, you’ll notice a high degree of accuracy in your swings when using the MP20. 

As a beginner, the length of the iron that comes with the MP20 is quite friendly to newcomers.

Additionally, the classy look of the mp 20 with light carbon steel and the ability to mix and match the clubs for the best set is ideal.

Overview Of JPX 919 tour irons

The JPX 919 tour irons are what we call the exceptional ones for this price.  It has a higher caliber of precision and has a premium feeling build quality that is well known amongst tour players.

It’s also pretty light, making it easy to pull out high swings. The tour blades even offer a higher range and great distance quality. It even provides lots of improvements over the previous models.

Along with delivering a high-quality and competitive feel, the clubs are quite durable, and the use of boron in the build makes them stronger. However, it’s on the expensive side of golf clubs compared to the MP20.

MP20 vs JPX 919 tour irons

Without a comparison chart, this comparative piece of writing remains mostly incomplete. Hence, let’s look into a quick table stating the evident and real-world usage differences between the two clubs.

CriteriaMP20JPX 919 tour
MaterialCarbon SteelSatin Nickel
Hitting Distancelowerhigher
Length35.5-37 inches37.5-39 inches
Ball Speedlowerhigher
Right/Left HandBoth suitableBoth suitable
SoundMore on the quieter sideLoud and crisp
Turf InteractionMore comfortable to holdLess comfortable due to the added length

What Are The Differences Between MP20 vs. JPX 919 tour irons?

Several differences mostly settle the score between both irons. However, it all comes down to the price in the end.

Even though the JPX 919 has a pricier side, the MP20, for its price, shows some respectable features. Hence, let’s look at some key differences.

Looks And Handling

In terms of physical appearance, the more expensive JPX 919 tour looks more refined and stylish than its affordable counterpart.

The JPX 919 tour iron is made of premium satin nickel material and blends into a smooth chrome finish.

The Mizuno MP20, on the other hand, gives a more classic golf look, which may look pretty neat and minimalist in the hands of someone thinking of playing golf for the first time.

Along with the classic aesthetic of true blade iron, it comes with a smooth satin chrome finish, giving the blades a unique shine. The use of carbon steel further adds to its lightweight and easy-to-handle characteristics.

CriteriaMP20JPX 919 tour
Build MaterialCarbon Steel Satin nickel
StyleClassic and premiumAggressively stylish and classy
LengthIt’s short and easy to handle.long and mostly meant for professionals.


Although both the MP20 and JPX 919 tour lineups offer a decent amount of forgiveness, that is more likely to serve most of the players with greater accuracy than usual.

However, the pricier JPX 919 tour promises 10% more forgiveness compared to the MP20 golf clubs.

This makes it a welcome addition for competitive players and mostly won’t affect beginners when picking a club for the first time.


When it comes to performance, both the MP20 and the JPX 919 tours offer excellent ball speed and range.

However, the MP20 lineup offers you the freedom to mix and match their clubs for the best set due to their being lofted similarly.

However, with the JPX 919, our irons have a higher range of output with more distance control overall.

Thus, increasing the accuracy of your shots, and when paired with the extra forgiveness, your shots are guaranteed to be much more consistent with each swing.

Lie And Loft Comparison 

The JPX 919 tours arguably have more loft than the MP20 lineups. However, without a decent overview of the lie and loft of each club lineup, it’s hard to jump to conclusions. 

MP20 Iron Lie And Loft Comparison Chart

Club LoftLie

The JPX 919 tours have a stronger loft, allowing greater distance control, which is suitable for players with mid-high handicap ranges.

JPX 919 Tour Lie And Loft Comparison Chart


MP20 vs JPX 919 Tour irons: Which One Should You Choose?

There has been a lot of debate regarding MP20 vs JPX 919 tour irons and their general use cases. Hopefully, this article has clarified the differences between the two lineups of golf clubs.

However, which one of the two should you get? That might be a difficult question to answer, as players have different choices. Clearly, the JPX 919 tour irons have their advantages, but that comes with a price.

Hence, the best answer would be to get the MP20 if you’re a casual beginner, as it is more beginner-friendly, easy to handle, and looks quite professional with its classy design approach.

But if you’re a golf enthusiast who frequently participates in professional games, then definitely go for the JPX 919 tour for the higher accuracy and consistency, along with better distance control.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A proper piece of writing is one in which most of your obvious queries are answered correctly. Hence, this write-up would be incomplete without the proper FAQs. Let’s answer a few of them, shall we?

MP20 Vs JPX 919 Tour- Which Is Better In The Hands Of Newcomers?

The MP20 has a smooth and light carbon steel build, giving it a lighter weight than the JPX 919. The MP20 clubs are also shorter than the JPX 919 lineups, making the MP20 the ideal choice for beginners.

Is The JPX 919 Tour More Forgiving Than The MP20?

On paper, the JPX 919 tour is ever so slightly more forgiving than the MP20 series. It’s said that the JPX lineups offer 10% more forgiveness than the previous models. This slight increase does help you in professional play.

Which One Is The More Expensive One Between The MP20 And The Jpx919 Tour?

The JPX models are amongst the newest set of golf clubs offered by Mizuno. Hence, the JPX 919 tour irons feel more premium and cost more than the beginner-friendly and more affordable MP20 lineups.
 A price increase was expected as the JPX lineups are the newer ones with more features.

Among The JPX 919 Tours And The MP20, Which Has A More Substantial Loft?

According to the official charts from the manufacturer’s specifications, the JPX 919 Tour irons have a slightly stronger loft compared to the MP20 golf clubs, which means the swings of JPX 919 Tour irons are more consistent with better travel distance overall.

The MP20 Lineups Or The JPX 919 Tours, Which One Has A Better Allowance For Mixing For A Better Set?

The MP20 irons have similar loft angles, allowing users to mix and match the golf clubs for the best set possible. This freedom is missing for the JPX 919 tours; however, you get better loft angles on the JPX lineups.

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