Worst Golf Course in America | Uncovering the Terrible Truth

There’s a big difference between a hard golf course and the worst golf course. Factors such as bad course design, lack of maintenance, and facilities available to golfers of all levels make the worst golf courses.

In the US, most states have the worst golf courses you should be avoiding visiting. These courses may ruin your day and money as well. But how to know which golf courses are the worst in America?

Worry not! We have designed this article to highlight the worst golf courses in America. Hence it’ll save you time from having to spend it researching where to go and where not to.

Worst Golf Course in America

What Makes A Bad Golf Course?

Not golf courses are the same. As a regular practicing golfer, you might have noticed some golf courses feel better than others. Here are some factors that effectively make a golf course the worst.

Unplanned Course Design

A poorly designed golf course can negatively impact your playing experience in several ways.

A bad layout of the holes can make it difficult for you to navigate the course and plan the shots effectively. This can lead to an annoying situation and a lack of enjoyment during the round.

Moreover, if the course is excessively long or difficult, it can make it challenging for golfers of all skill levels to play. This can result in slower gameplay, as golfers take more shots to complete each hole. 

As a result, this can detract you from the smooth and fresh-minded playing experience. Besides, a poorly designed course lacks variety in terrain or hole types. 

A bad course contains holes with fewer bunkers, rough fairways, and greens which can make it less interesting and enjoyable to play.

Golfers demand a range of challenges and shot types throughout the course. Therefore, a lack of variation makes each hole feel monotonous and repetitive.

Lack of Maintenance

The most important issue tagging a golf course in America to be the worst is the lack of scheduled and proper maintenance.

When the fairways are not regularly mowed, trimmed, and sprinkled with water, they can become rough, patchy, or dry. 

This can make it more difficult for golfers to play their shots accurately and consistently.

The golf course becomes visually unappealing as well. Besides, you don’t want to swing your favorite club on a rough sandy surface and damage it.

Moreover, if the greens are not properly cared for, they can become bumpy, or even diseased. You cannot do a simple putt on such greens making which can negatively impact your gameplay. 

Poorly maintained bunkers filled with weeds or stones cause difficulty for you to play from.

Fairways, greens, and bunkers are combined as the soul of a golf course. Improper management of these in a golf course is enough to tag it as the worst course.

Bad Customer Service

Poor customer service leads to a negative experience for golfers of all levels. This includes staff who are unfriendly, unhelpful, or unresponsive to customer needs.

It becomes frustrating for golfers who may have questions or concerns regarding the booking in advance, payments, etc.

Additionally, poor customer service impacts a golfer’s perception of the course as a whole.

If a golfer has a negative experience with staff, they may be less likely to return to the course or recommend it to others. 

Moreover, golfers can put a negative review on renowned websites with golf course reviewing systems which can impact the course’s revenue and reputation.

8 Worst Golf Course In The USA

The majority of American cities have many golf courses. While some are privately owned, others are accessible to the public. However, you won’t get the most premium features on all golf courses.

For obvious reasons, a golf course of $200 tee booking serves better than a golf course of $20.

But, the basic facilities should be the same on all golf courses. Here is a list of the worst golf courses in the USA that you should avoid.

#1- The Links at Victoria, Carson, CA

The Links at Victoria

This golf course has one of the lowest ratings on Golfone of 1.5/5. Besides, only 14% of the users like the golf course.

According to the reviews, The Links golf course in Victoria has a very bad course design. Besides, the fairways, bunkers, and greens are not well maintained.

You will find patches of weeds, and bushes lying around everywhere. Some golfers have named it the deserted golf course.

Due to lack of maintenance, the greens are mostly faded and most of your putting shots go off the course. You should be careful while playing shots at the fairways, as sand and rocks can damage your club.

#2- Eagle Lake Golf Club, Florida 

Eagle Lake Golf Club

The next on the list is the Eagle Lake Golf Club. This golf course has achieved only around 3.5 ratings from users.

Although the course layout, greens, and fairways are decent and well-maintained, users have reported very negatively about the ground staff and manager. 

Rude and unfriendly behavior towards women and beginners has resulted in creating a bad reputation for the golf course on different websites.

Besides, the lack of basic facilities such as drinking water, rental services, stinky restrooms, and overpriced greens made this golf course one of the worst in America.

#3- Lava Links, Soap Lakes, Washington  

Lava Links, Soap Lakes

The Lava Links golf course is mostly known as the “Desert Golf Course” by users. This weird tag of the golf course is due to the worst surface type, condition, and course layout of the club.

You will sagebrush, basalt rocks, and sand almost everywhere on the course. You will find random rocks, stones, and sand spread all over most of the fairways.

No marking, signboards for the holes, burnt-out greens, rocky bunkers, and fairways are some of the few reasons that make the Lava Links golf course one of the worst.

Moreover, the location of the course is in a region where it gets tremendously hot throughout the year.

According to the user reports, it becomes very unpleasant and tough to play in the daytime. Hence, it is better to spend money playing on such a poorly maintained golf course.

#4- The Dunes Golf Club, Florida 

The Dunes Golf Club

Most complaints about this golf course are the bad management and maintenance of the course itself.

Golfers have reported that the fairways are uniform and are mostly covered with weeds, patches, and bushes. 

Random sand blocks on the fairways can cause your club to get damaged if not played carefully.

Besides, the greens are dull and are not responsive to the putt shots played by the golfers. It is said that a golfer requires luck more than pure skill to put a ball on this golf course.

#5- Stoneybrook East Golf Club, Orlando, Florida  

Stoneybrook East Golf Club

Another worst-rated golf course in Florida is Stony Brooks. It’s rated under three on different platforms which shows how frustrated golfers are with this golf course. Firstly the booking staff are not friendly and well-trained.

Users reported that even after booking for 4 tees, they usually get slots only for 2 taking the full payment.

The booking policies are the first thing that makes it the worst golf course. Random uneven surfaces with mud and soil on the greens and fairways are the signs of poor maintenance of the golf course. 

The signs on the sideways give no important information about the holes or par. You may need to rely on Google Maps to move around the course.

You will find that rough tee boxes and thick grasses on the greens may degrade your shots.

#6- Bayberry Hills Golf Course, NC

Bayberry Hills Golf Course

This golf course is best to be avoided if you want to play a casual round along with your friends and family. Firstly, most users have reported the unfriendly nature of the staff of the reception, pro shop, etc. 

Although the course design and layouts are decent the co-golfers are highly toxic and competitive in a negative way. Moreover, the golf course is known for slow play. 

This means even if you show up at the booked time and with time to spare, you may need to wait a lot for other golfers’ slow play. Sometimes, you may not complete every hole due to a slow play rate.

#7- Rock Creek Golf Course, Washington DC 

Rock Creek Golf Course

The rock creek golf course is not well known by professional golfers. Although the course seems decent enough for irregular golfers, experts may find it frustrating golfing in this golf. Firstly, the yards are not properly marked.

Hence, it becomes difficult for golfers to keep track of the yards. The greens and fairways are not up to the mark.

Greens are not regularly mowed hence you may experience a slow play rate. Similarly, fairways have some patches to be fixed. 

Some users have complained about the tee box conditions. Another thing is that despite the awful condition of the course the fee is overpriced.

However, it seems with some decent renovations and maintenance the golf course can turn around.

#8- The Billy Goat 9 and Dine, New Carlisle, Indiana  

The Billy Goat 9 and Dine

The negative reputation for this golf course rises mostly due to the bad layout. Moreover, the fairways are a wasteland because of weeds, dust, and rock-hard nature. The greens are not mowed properly resulting in slow and uneven rolling of the ball.

You may even find some anthills on the greens which is a sign of poor maintenance and management of the golf course. Besides, the tee boxes are not leveled, harming your gameplay.

The location of this golf course is near a train track which is so close to the course that you may swing your ball over the passing freight trains. Overall, this golf course is not meant for professionals.


Golfing is more of a passion than sports. Visiting the worst golf courses can ruin your weekend along with the time and money you spend on it.

That is why, it is better to do some research before booking a tee time on any golf course.

The golf courses mentioned in this article had given some very bad experiences for many golfers. It is better to avoid these golf courses if you are located nearby and planning to visit someday.

We hope you find this article instructive as it provides you a heads-up to stay cautious while booking tee times in the worst golf courses in America.

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