7 Wood Vs 3 Hybrid | Which Golf Club Should You Choose?

With a wide range of options for clubs on the market, it often becomes an overwhelming decision for players to select the best ones for them. One such decision is selecting the right club between 7 wood and 3 hybrid clubs. So which one would be the best for you?

Well, between the two clubs, the best one for you will depend on your playstyle. The 7 Wood is recommended for players with a higher handicap. Alternatively, a 3 hybrid will be preferable for players with a lower handicap.

However, these are not the only differences between them. To get a broader insight and to learn more about the 7 wood vs 3 hybrid Golf Club, stick around with the article till the end.

An Overview of 7 Wood Golf Club

A 7 wood golf club, which is a member of the wood family, offers a smoother strike than its predecessors thanks to its higher loft. For anyone struggling with long irons or hybrids, this club could be a good choice.

Having a bigger surface area on the 7 wood, it has a good range of lies in both hard ground and in the rough. It has good forgiveness and is quite easy to hit.

An Overview Of 3 Hybrid Golf Club

The 3 hybrid golf clubs, also known as the rescue clubs, were once seen in the hands of beginners and high handicappers, but now the pros carry them around as well.

These clubs provide great versatility for the players. The shots out of the rough on the 3 hybrids are outstanding.

The sweet spots on it provide consistent straight or accurate shots. Players with low handicaps will have a good time with this club.

7 wood vs 3 hybrid Golf Club: Comparison Chart

A comparison of the 7 wood and 3 hybrid golf clubs’ specifications will help you decide which is better for you. The chart below provides a comparison of the clubs.

Criteria7 Wood3 Hybrid
MaterialSteelMixture of steel, iron, and graphite
Hitting Distance210 meters200 meters
ForgivenessLower Higher
Swing Weight D1-D3D0-D3

What Are The Differences Between 7 wood and 3 hybrid Golf Clubs?

The 7 wood and the 3 hybrid clubs can provide different benefits and have certain drawbacks. The differences between these two clubs are briefly discussed below. 


Between the two clubs, the 3 hybrid golf club is more forgiving. With a higher MOI, or Moment Of Inertia, the 3 hybrid clubs are great for players of all types.

On the other hand, 7 wood clubs don’t provide as much forgiveness as the 3 hybrid clubs. Only players with some experience can handle this club properly.


In terms of distance, the 7 wood outshines the 3 hybrid golf club. As mentioned in the chart, the distance covered by seven wood clubs is 10 meters more than that of 3 hybrid clubs.

The extra distance coverage comes for a couple of reasons. The center of gravity of 7 wood club is in the higher portion and towards the anterior part, which gives it less spin and height but more distance.

Another reason is that the 7 wood hitting the ball lower than the 3 hybrid, which gives it reduced backspin. This is why the ball gets more roll and distance with the 7 wood.


Compared between the 3 hybrid and 7 wood golf clubs, the 3 hybrid has a higher MOI as mentioned before. A higher MOI means that the ball won’t slip away too much if you miss the sweet spot.

Again, the 7 wood clubs come with less MOI, which means they will slip much more when the hit is off-center.

However, lower MOI is not a bad thing since it has its own benefits, like having more control over the shots.

Lie and Loft

Let’s get a brief overview of the Lie and Loft angles of both 7 wood and 3 hybrid clubs, which is crucial for players to decide which club will be better on the pitch for them.

7 Wood Golf Club Lie and Loft

ClubLoft Lie
7 Wood22°59°

3 Hybrid Golf Club Lie and Loft

ClubLoft Lie
3 Hybrid19°61°

Build Quality

The 7 wood golf club is made from steel. The 3 hybrid clubs are also made from steel but with some mixture of iron and graphite in them.

Most modern clubs are made from steel. Even though steel clubs are heavier than titanium clubs, they are pretty strong and can survive heavy usage.

These are also quite inexpensive and easier to cast. Both of the clubs have a similar build quality.

Turf Interaction

The turf interaction is better on 3 hybrid than it is on 7 wood golf clubs. 3 hybrid clubs provide impressive interaction with the turf.

Along with good precision, a 3 hybrid club provides excellent turf interaction which makes this comfortable and good for newer players.

7 wood or 3 hybrid Golf Club: Which One Should You Choose? 

Finally, the biggest debate comes down to which golf club you should be getting for yourself. Both the two clubs are great for players with certain abilities and requirements.

In this comparative guide, we presented a full-fledged comparison of 7 wood and 3 hybrid golf clubs to help you decide on the perfect one for you. These two clubs are very popular and can also be seen in the bags of pros.

However, if you’re someone who can consistently hit on-center shots and would like some distance on them, the 7 wood would be preferable for you. 

On the other hand, the 3 hybrid clubs are better for beginners since they offer higher accuracy, forgiveness, and a better launch trajectory. 

frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, you should have a clear idea of the differences and similarities between the 7 woods and 3 hybrid golf clubs. Here, we’ve got some common questions covered for you as well.

Does The 7 Wood Have A Longer Shaft Than The 3 Hybrid?

Yes, the shaft length of the 7 wood is longer than that of the 3 hybrid. The shaft length of the 3 hybrid is around 39 to 39.5 inches.
Whereas the 7 wood is 41 to 42 inches. A longer shaft can be a little harder for newer players to use.

Which Is The More Beginner-Friendly Club Between The 7 Wood And 3 Hybrid?

Between the 7 wood and 3 hybrid golf clubs, the 3 hybrid is more beginner-friendly due to the fact that it has higher forgiveness. With a lower center of gravity and a larger sweet spot, this club is better for newer players.

Which Is The More Expensive Between The 7 Wood And The 3 Hybrid?

In most cases, the price of the 7 wood is higher than that of the 3 hybrid golf clubs. The price difference isn’t too high though; it ranges around $50. You should test and try out the clubs before buying one to get the best one for you.

Which Has Higher Precision Between The 7 Wood And 3 Hybrid?

The 3 hybrid golf clubs have higher precision shots than the 7 wood clubs. Having a larger sweet spot, the shots produced by this club are very accurate and consistent.

Which One Has More Control Between The 7 Wood And 3 Hybrid?

Between these two clubs, the 3 hybrid has better control. Since the 3 hybrids are a little easier to hit, it provides more control for the player. If you want your shots to be both accurate and controlled, you’d be better off with a 3 hybrid.

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