Nippon Modus 105 Vs. 120: Which Golf Shaft is Better?

Iron shafts come in many different models and specs, and Nippon is a top brand for making iron shafts. Two of their most popular models include Modus 105 and Modus 120. So, finding the right shaft can be confusing, and you may wonder what is the difference between Modus 120 Vs. 120?

Although they have several variances, the fundamental distinction between Modus 120 and 105 is that the former is around 10g bulkier while being barely stiffer than the latter. Players who like a bit of extra weight without extra stiffness are the target audience for this shaft.

Hence, if you are wondering which iron shaft to buy between these two, we are here to guide you. Today in this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about them.

Overview Of modus 105 golf shaft

The Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 shaft adds to the Modus range and is exceptionally lightweight to accommodate golfers who want thinner shafts.

Additionally, it feels smoother and swings much more quickly. It is a fantastic new lightweight choice that will also provide a lower launch. 

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Overview Of modus 120 golf shaft

Another excellent shaft in the Modus 3 series from Nippon is the Modus 120. This iron shaft feels comparatively soft because of a rapid lack of stiffness around the butt and a lengthy, stiff tip.

They come with a slightly larger weight and a shape that provides optimal control and produces a lower spin and low launch angle, making them perfect for players who prefer heavyweight shafts.

Modus 105 vs 120 Golf shaft: Quick Comparison Table

Our comparison table below will talk about all the quick differences between Modus 105 and 120. Both of these are fantastic iron shafts from the same Nippon series, but yet they come with a lot of differences.

CriteriaModus 105Modus 120
Weight112, 106.5, 103 grams126, 120, 114, 111 grams
Launch AngleAverage of 20 degrees Average of 21.5 degree
Length41-37 inches41-37 inches
FlexRegular, Extra Stiff, StiffExtra Stiff Plus, Regular, Extra Stiff, Stiff
Spin 300 Rpm (mid)296 RPM (Low to mid)
Torque 1.73 degree1.65 degree

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What Are The Differences Between Modus 105 vs. 120 Golf shafts?

So far, you have seen the summary of the differences between these two shafts, but before you decide which one to choose, you will need to learn about these differences in full detail.


The first difference we will discuss between Modus 105 and Modus 120 is the flex offered by these shafts. Flex refers to a shaft’s capacity to bend when subjected to force.

Since every player has a distinct preference for shaft flex, having additional flex choices for your favorite shaft is always advantageous.

When it comes to flex, Modus 120 has the upper hand: it offers four different options, which is one extra compared to three offered by Modus 105. The additional option is the extra stiff flex.

For individuals with really high swing speeds, the extra stiff plus version is fantastic. This choice is preferable if your swing speeds are much higher than the norm. 

Launch Angle

The next difference we will discuss is the launch; Modus 120 has a mid to low launch, which, according to our studies, had an average launch angle of approximately 21.5. Whereas the launch angle of Modus 105 is on the lower side with 20 degrees.

The dynamical loft of the clubhead increases in proportion to how much the shaft bends forward. The launch angle rises when the dynamical loft of the head is raised. 

Consequently, while using the Modus 120 to strike the ball, you may anticipate a higher ball flight, whereas the Modus 105 will result in a somewhat lower ball flight.

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The weight is also different from these Nippon Modus shafts. Whether you need a heavy shaft or a low-weight shaft depends on your preferences.

Nippon 105 is offered in three different weight options, whereas 120 is offered in 4 different choices, which is 10 grams higher on average than 105.

Heavier shafts are the best option if you want to increase your swing speed since they may stimulate more muscle groups, which increases the pace of a golfer’s swing.

However, lightweight shafts might help you improve your control and swing speed if you are a novice or have a small build.


Spin is always crucial when finding the perfect shaft for your shaft, and Modus 105 has the upper hand when we are talking about spin; it has a mid-spin.

On the other hand, the Modus 120 has a low to mid spin so that the overall spin will be less than 105.

Your ball will rise to great heights and fall at a sharp angle if the spinning rate is high. The ball will often drop out of the sky with little elevation and a steeper landing angle if its spin rate is low.

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Golf shafts have a torque attribute that defines how easily the shaft will flex during a stroke. A shaft with higher torque will bend more than one with less torque. In other words, certain shafts are more resistant to twisting than others.

The Average torque of Modus 105 is higher than the Modus 120, which means with 105, if you have a tendency to slice the ball, you will have a benefit.

Whereas a lower torque shaft, like the Modus 120, will be more advantageous for players who have a tendency to hook the ball.

Modus 105 vs 120: Which Golf shaft To choose?

Nippon is known for its highly engineered shafts, and both Modus 105 and Modus 120 are from the same Pro Modus 3 series.

Even though they are from the same group, they have huge differences. So, which shaft you need to choose depends on your playing style.

If you are looking for a lightweight shaft with a low launch and you tend to slice the ball more, then you should use the Modus 105 shaft. It will also provide you with better control, especially if you are a beginner.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more swing speed with a higher launch angle and height, then you need to go for Modus 120. It will also play an advantage if you like to hook the ball.

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After reading this guide so far, there can be some questions wandering around your head. Thus, down below we will answer the FAQs which should clear all your confusions more easily.

Is Modus 105 and Modus 120 the easiest golf shaft to hit straight?

Both Modus 105 and Modus 120 are from the Nippon Modus 3 series, and you can control both of these golf shafts easily.
However, when comparing the overall performance and feel of these shafts, the Modus 105 feels smoother and swings much more efficiently, enabling you to hit better straight shots.

Which is more softer: Modus 105 or Modus 120?

In comparison to the Modus 105, the Modus 120 feels softer. Because the Modus 120’s center part is so soft, it has a soft general rigidity for a 110–120g shaft.
The Modus 120 is the only other iron shaft that is nearly as soft in the center.

Which is heavier between the Modus 105 and Modus 120 shafts?

Modus 105 and 120 come in different weight options. The 105 model offers three different weight options, and the 120 model offers four different weight options.
On average, the Modus 120 has a higher weight of 10g more than the Modus 105 golf shaft.

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