Callaway Apex 21 vs. Taylormade P790: Which Iron to Choose?

Callaway Apex 21 and Taylormadep790 are well-known irons. Both golf irons are designed to provide explosive distance and maximum forgiveness without sacrificing workability. It is certainly tough to pick any certain one here, because of their similar performance and popularity. However! Despite similarity there exists some point of distinction. 

The core difference between these two sets is the offset and loft options. Apex 21 is comparatively less forgiving than p790. If you’re concerned about the look, p790 has a shinier finish, whereas Apex 21 has a minimal design. Still, because of the A. In developing technology, Apex 21 seems to be comparatively more expensive.

Both golf iron sets have been the best-performing in the last couple of years. You should know why golfers prefer these. Go through the entire writing and then you can spend on one. 

Callaway Apex 21 vs. Taylormade P790

Overview of Callaway Apex 21 Irons

Callaway Apex 21 came up as the replacement for Apex 19. With this metal, Apex used AI-developing technology for the first time. This hit the market expectation in a very short time with its five different varieties. 

Apex 21 irons will give you a pure and smooth feeling while playing. Its mild carbon steel body is 100% forged.

The premium construction provides five times more tungsten and optimal CG for a powerful launch. 

To speed up the ball towards distant shots, Apex 21 used Flash face cup technology. 

This is designed for professional golf outings or high-level amateur players. Give it a shot if you want faster ball speed, and a premium feel while playing.

Overview of Callaway Apex 21 Irons

Overview of Taylormade P790 Irons

The P770 addition of Taylormade was launched in 2020 as the replacement for p790. It is a decent set for players and handicappers who work more with the ball. 

This new edition came up with a more compact and explosive metal set. It is designed to increase shot workability with a compact forged head. 

Forged irons are built with hollow construction. The inverted cone technology provides more flex while playing. 

Tour players love p790 for its versatile performance. Its beautiful design and butterfly feel while playing might boost your golfing experience. 

It is recommended for players who want it all in one (premium feel, versatility, maximum forgiveness, good quality of iron).

Apex 21 vs P790 irons: Comparison Table

Apex 21 and p790 both demand a good amount of money. Besides, they hold an ongoing debate about being better than one another. 

You better decide by yourself which one goes better regarding your requirement. To gain a bit of more knowledge, give a quick check over core differences between these two.

DifferencesApex 21P790
Compatibility Moderate in performanceEasy to swing
Loft19 to 48 degrees19 to 50 degrees
Offset2.41 to 5.08 mm1.6 to 3.5
Forgiveness And DistanceModerate range of ForgivenessMaximum Forgiveness
Ball SpeedDecent Maximum
Look and FeelMinimalModern
LoftSlightly lowerSlightly higher
CompactnessMore CompactLess compact
CostMore expensiveLess expensive
Designed forMild-handicap playersSkilled players

What Are The Differences Between apex 21 and p790 golf irons?

Apex 21 and p790 both hold great debates since their launching day. Both of them have 9 clubs and legal USAG.

However, the core differences lie with the lift, lie, , and forgiveness. Let’s see why they differ in these aspects:


P790 is much lighter and easier to swing. It gives a player an all-in-one feel. From the look to the construction, everything makes p790 more desirable. 


Apex 21 is not bad either, as it uses a new A. I face architecture and a frigid hollow body. It gives a soft feel and better forgiveness. Still, p790 is a winner here.



The core difference between these two metal sets is the lift options. P790 holds a higher loft option, which is 19 to 50 degrees. Whereas apex 21 has a slightly lower range from 19 to 48 degrees. 


Here, apex 21 has a higher offset option than p790. Apex 21 has a range of offset from 2.41 to 5.08. 

On the other hand, the p790 has a 1.6 to 3.5 mm range. So, apex 21 can be recommended as a standard offset provider for players.

Forgiveness And Distance

Forgiveness And Distance

Taylormade p790 is designed with maximum forgiveness and distance accuracy. 

Apex 21 is also capable of providing forgiveness in decent amounts. However, it’s not the maximum compared to p790. 

Ball Speed

Ball Speed

P790 has come up with hollow body construction and engineered speed foam flexibility. These altogether can give decent ball speed. 

And the intelligent sweet spots will capture shots in larger numbers. But the Apex 21 has this amazing incorporation of artificial intelligence that provides more ball speed. 

Look and Feel

Callaway Apex 21 vs. Taylormade P790

Apex 21 looks great with a minimal look. This metal set is for you if you want something simpler and slender. It might not reflect the sun, but it has a thinner topline. 

This metal set will not let you feel the differences between a bad and a good swing. This followed the blade-inspired look.

So you will get fewer and larger sweet spots. It provides optimized center gravity with sweet spots. 

On the contrary, the p790 has a more advanced and cleaner appearance. It will provide a shinier finish compared to the Apex 21.

The logo “TaylorMade” has also been changed with “T,” which gives a more subtle look. 

P790 has this amazing carbon steel that seems thinner yet harder. The speedFoam soft and faster response with every shot.


Apex 21 used advanced Ai technology, whereas p790 used inverted cone technology. This I.C.T. technology aims towards improved occurrence. 

Whereas Apex 21 has flash face A.I technology for improved forgiveness. The flesh face technology provides increased face flexion and better ball speed.

Apex 21 Or P790: Which Golf Irons To Choose?

Regarding the differences, which metal set you invest in will depend entirely on your requirement. 

If you’re a professional golfer, give a shot at the p790 addition of TaylorMade. And for beginners, Callaway Apex 21 might be a decent pick. It would be recommended for older players who play occasionally.

For a shiny, sharp, and clean look, pick p790. But,  If you’re more into faster ball speed and minimal look, give apex 21 a shot. However, this might not have the maximum forgiveness. 

You now have a better idea of which one to get. Both of the metal set manufacturers have a good reputation. They are more expensive than other traditional metal sets.

Yet, the performance will surely be worth the bucks you’re spending. Around 50% of PGA tour golfers choose these metal sets over other traditional ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have some other related questions left? No worries; go through the following questions, and you’ll be more sure about which one to get. After all, you must make a wise selection.

What handicap should P790 use?

Players with a high handicap should use p790. They have larger spots and game-improvement irons. This is used by pro players and is less forgiving in nature. These are not recommended for beginners. 

Is Apex 21 a game-improvement iron?

Yes, Apex 21 will certainly improve your golfing experience. It has amazing forged construction and flashes face technology to improve players’ performance.

Do any pros play Callaway Apex irons?

Yes, around 25 top P.G.A. Tour players use Callaway apex iron set. Pro players like Sam Burns, Talor Gooch, Marcus Armitage, Christiaan Bezuidenhout, Kevin Na, Branden Grace, and many others play with Callaway Apex irons.

Are P790 irons hard to hit?

No, Instead, p790 irons are the easiest to hit; they have a clean and subtle design that gives a shiny and smooth finish. It will give you the maximum confidence to hit insanely faster. 

Can you bend P790?

Yes, TAYLORMADE P790 can be bent to 200 degrees. Its modern design ensures longer iron with slots in the soles of the set. This makes the set bendier. So, you can expect maximum speed with every hit.

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