True Temper Elevate Tour vs. Elevate 95: Golf Shaft Showdown

True Temper has been an industry leader in golf shafts. Over the years, the brand has seen several representations in PGA and amateur tours. The brand recently launched its Elevate lineup with Elevate Tour and Elevate 95. These two come with many similarities, while they also have several dissimilarities.

The main difference between the Elevate Tour and the 95 is the weight and flex. The Elevate Tour provides more heft and flex options, which are crucial for low-handicap players and pros. On the other hand, the 95 is the perfect option for rookies and amateurs.

But that’s not all there is. Let’s put them head to head to see which fits your type best. 

Overview of the Elevate Tour golf shaft

The Elevate Tour, as the name suggests, is designed for usage in pro games and tours. But that doesn’t mean you must be a pro to try them out. The key feature of the Elevate Tour is the heft that it brings. 

These shafts are heavier than the 95 and demand more overall control of the shot. They also come in three different stiffness options so you can choose the best one for yourself based on your swing abilities. 

The Elevate Tour is designed to perform moderately in both swing and trajectory. That leaves much of the heavy lifting to the players and allows for precise control compared to the 95.

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Overview of the Elevate 95 golf shaft

The Elevate 95 brings speed and distance thanks to its shorter and lighter shaft design. This specific shaft from True Temper is designed for beginners and amateurs who are still getting the hang of their shots with extended trajectory, swing, and speed. 

It brings a deliberate tempo which will greatly help beginners to figure out their swing. As an amateur, finding the right tempo might take some time, so the added swing boost would greatly help to get started. 

Other than that, the Elevate 95 has everything that a highly handicapped player requires. The high trajectory and spin see great correction with high swing speed. So it’ll be much easier for anyone to acclimatize to the Elevate 95.

Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95: Comparison chart 

It’s not easy to take the specifications and decide on the perfect shaft. Yet they give us an idea about their type. Let’s have a look. 

FactorElevate Tour Elevate 95
Flex Low High 
Weight High Low 
Length LongerShorter 
Launch Mid-high High 
Legal Yes Yes 
Spin Lower spin More spin 
Forgiveness Less forgiving More forgiving 

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Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95: Head-to-Head Comparison 

Now let’s put these two shafts from True Temper against each other to see which one will make the best choice for you. 


When it comes to flex, the Elevate Tour offers more range than the 95. You are getting regular, stiff, and extra stiff on the Tour. Whereas the 95 comes with regular and stiff variants only. 

The extra stiff option gives the Tour a distinct edge over the regular and stiff on the 95. It can hit the ball with much higher speed and consistency which are otherwise unavailable on the regular and stiff variants. You will hear the ball make a distinct pop sound with a very fast swing. 

While the 95 is also a great choice with the regular and stiff options, it doesn’t provide as much intimate control over each swing as the extra stiff does. 

The choice of stiffness allows players to understand their swing capability better and choose accordingly. 


Weight is another important factor when choosing any shaft. A higher-weight shaft will cause a slower swing but a harder impact on the ball. And depending on the player’s level, this might be both a good and a bad thing.

The Elevate Tour weighs around 20 gm more than the Elevate 95. As a result, the swing on the Tour is much more restricted and controlled compared to the 95. It allows the player to be more precise with their shot and replicate the same swing over and over. 

On the other hand, the lower weight of the 95 allows for a stronger swing, ensuring a long ball journey. It also provides greater spin, albeit at the cost of control.

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The length of the Elevate Tour is half an inch longer than the Elevate 95. While it might not seem like much, it makes a lot of difference regarding the ball’s loft and trajectory. 

Due to the length, the Tour achieves lower trajectory and loft than the Elevate 95. This reduces the air time of the ball, and the distance solely depends on the golfer’s swing. 

In our test, we saw that the 95 consistently achieved better distance than the Tour. But that may be due to the swing of the testing player. 

The extra length also offers better swing control to the Tour. This is a feature that comes in handy for professional players. 


The Elevate Tour has a mid-high launch compared to the high launch on the 95. Almost all the above factors directly contribute to the higher launch on the 95 and a slightly muted launch on the Tour. 

The mid-high launch shortens the ball’s trajectory but allows for a more precise shot with greater control.

The professional player with lower handicaps can consistently play those short balls in the exact position with the Tour, which is much more important in golf. 


Both the shafts are PGA Tour legal. Meaning they can both be played at the highest level of professional golf. 

Though for professional plays, the Tour is the go-to choice for many pros over the 95. 


The Elevate Tour provides a more subdued spin to every shot than the 95. The 95 owing to its lighter shaft and higher trajectory, can achieve more spin.

But like everything, overshooting will see you losing control of the spin, and the ball will simply balloon out on the green. 

So if you want to maintain control over the spin, we suggest going with the Tour, even though it lacks raw spin.

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The forgiveness on the Elevate 95 is much more than the Tour. The 95 has been designed as the choice shaft for amateurs to be more forgiving since it has a high trajectory and higher launch. 

On the other hand, the Elevate Tour has a more constrained forgiveness as it’s mostly dedicated to being a professional shaft.

Technical Specifications

Now, let’s look at some of the technical specifications of the two clubs.

Factor Elevate TourElevate 95
FlexR, S, and XS R and S
Weight 112 gm to 122 gm 93 to 98 gm
Length 41 to 37 inch 40.5 to 36.5-inch 
Tip Diameter 0.355 inch0.370 inches 
Butt Diameter .600 inch 0.600-inch
Launch Mid-HighHigh 

Elevate Tour vs Elevate 95: Which One Should You Choose? 

The choice between the Elevate Tour and the Elevate 95 might be hard for many since both are released together as part of the same line by True Temper. But the minor differences make a lot of consequential differences at play. 

With its hefty and long shaft, the Elevate tour is better suited for professional-level players who want more control over distance in each shot.

On the other hand, the Elevate 95 is the perfect choice for amateurs still getting the hang of things and looking for a high range and high trajectory shaft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know everything there is to know about the Elevate Tour and the Elevate 95, let’s look at some of the questions that are frequently asked by prospective players.

Which one will last longer, between the Elevate Tour and the Elevate 95? 

Both the Elevate Tour and the 95 are part of the Elevate lineup from True Temper. They share the same build quality and boast a similar performance level. As a result, they both will have similar longevity. 

Can I achieve a higher spin with the Elevate Tour? 

Yes, you can if you go for the regular stiffness of the Elevate Tour. Even then, you will need to swing hard to achieve the desired spin. 

What is the VSS technology used in the Elevate series? 

The Elevate series uses VSS, which is True Temper’s internal shock absorption technology. It uses a specialized foam on the upper part of the shaft to reduce the shock. Tests have shown that VSS can reduce the shock on the Elevate 95 by 71% and on the Tour by 56%. 

What are Elevate shafts made of? 

Elevate shafts are made of vanadium-enriched steel alloy. This compound is slated to be more durable compared to traditional iron or graphite shafts.

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