Cobra Radspeed vs. Radspeed XB: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

Cobra King has released their RADSPEED series in 2021. Here, RAD stands for Radial which means Radius of Gyration. It is a technique of lowering the center of gravity and improving the spin and ball speed. Two most popular RADSPEED models are the regular Radspeed and Radspeed XB. 

The key difference between Radspeed and Radspeed XB is that the Radspeed is the best for swing while the Radspeed XB is better for forgiveness. Therefore, the Radspeed driver features external sole weights, while the Radspeed XB doesn’t have this feature. 

In this Radspeed vs. Radspeed XB review, we’ll discuss the features, and differences between these two Cobra King drivers. This article will also give you a sense about which golf driver will be better for your game.

Cobra Radspeed vs. Radspeed XB: Which Golf Driver to Choose?

Overview Of Radspeed driver

The key feature of a Radspeed driver is its radial weighting. This feature increases the ball speed and swing by positioning the weights in the front and rear position of the driver. 

This Radspeed driver also has a larger sweet spot which helps to repeat the same swing each time.

It is also designed with CNC milled infinity face technology that will increase the milled area. 

Besides, the faces of Radspeed drivers are made of Carbon fiber to make it more lightweight. It also features a T-Shaped titanium chassis that allows the golfers to hit the ball easily.  

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Overview Of Radspeed XB driver

The Radspeed XB (Extreme Back) is the most forgiving driver of Cobra King. It has also the faster ball speed but lower spin rate. 

As the name required, the Radspeed XB driver features extreme back weighting technology.

It means there is more weight positioned in the rear of the driver. This technology helps to increase forgiveness and produces higher launch.   

Like the regular Radspeed drivers, the XB drivers also come with T-Bar speed chassis and CNC milled infinity face.

With this feature, its extraordinary clubhead increases the ball speed as well as decreases the spin.

Cobra Radspeed xb

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Radspeed vs Radspeed XB: Comparison Table

By now we know the features, advantages, and disadvantages of Radspeed and Radspeed XB drivers.

Moreover, a comparison chart has been attached here to show you the differences between the specifications of them:

Criteria Radspeed Radspeed XB 
Ball speed 155 mph165 mph
Clubhead speed 107 mph109 mph
Spin rate 2558 rpm2181 rpm
Carry Distance260 yards280 yards
ForgivenessLess More
Launch angle12.513.7
Body ConstructionCarbon fiber and TitaniumCarbon Fiber and Titanium
Crown ConstructionCarbon FiberCarbon Fiber

What Are The Differences Between Radspeed and Radspeed XB?

Basically, there are not many differences between Radspeed and Radspeed XB. Therefore, few differences are described below to make sure which one will be more suitable for your game:


Radspeed and Radspeed XB both come with a premium look and design. Therefore, there are a few differences between them.

Though they have 460cc club head shape, the Radspeed XB driver has slightly bigger club head and sweet spot than the Radspeed drivers. The XB drivers are also longer than the Radspeeds.

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When it comes to performance, both of these drivers are absolutely great. They produce solid shots over the grass and the feel and sound will be better than expected. 

Because of Extreme Back (XB) technology, the Radspeed XB drivers deliver lower spin rate and higher ball speed. They are also more consistent and stable than the Radspeed drivers. 

But the Radspeed drivers have adjustable weights and more standard swing. If you set the weight forward, the spin rate will be lower and ball speed will be higher.

On the contrary, if you position the weight back, the spin rate will increase and the swing speed will be lower. 



In terms of forgiveness, the Radspeed XB drivers are more forgiving than the regular Radspeed clubs.

As we said earlier, the XB drivers have larger hitting areas or sweet spots, they produce longer distance and more accuracy.

The shafts are also very lightweight and these clubs have higher degrees of loft. So, the Radspeed XB drivers are considered to be more forgiving than the Radspeed clubs.

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Lie and Loft

There is very little difference between the lie and Loft of Radspeed and Radspeed XB drivers. The following chart will highlight it:

Radspeed57.5°, 58.5°9°, 10.5°
Radspeed XB57.5°, 58.5°, 59.5°9°, 10.5°, 12.5°

Radspeed or Radspeed XB: Which Golf driver To choose?

All the three models of Radspeed driver are made for mid to low handicap players. Among them Radspeed XB is better for average golfers because of its excellent forgiveness and higher launch. 

On the other hand, Radspeed drivers will be the best for mid handicap golfers as it produces higher swing speed. It is also choosable for those who prioritize lower launch and spin rate.

However, there is another important thing that you must know. Fortunately, each of these three Radspeed drivers comes with an Access tag in its grip. 

It allows you to connect the driver with a free mobile app to track your performance. So, having a Cobra Radspeed driver in your bag will definitely be a precious thing.

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Do you have more questions about Radspeed and Radspeed XB drivers? Well, then the debate on Radspeed Vs. Radspeed XB is going to be end here with possible questions and their answers:

Is a Radspeed XB faster than Radspeed?

Yes, typically a Radspeed XB driver is faster than a regular Radspeed driver. Cobra has designed the XB drivers with 20g weight set in the rear side and 8g weight in the front side to make it the fastest one. 

Are Radspeed and Radspeed XB beginner-friendly drivers?

No, Radspeed and Radspeed XB drivers are not beginner friendly drivers. They are meant to be suitable for mid to low handicap golfers.
Which means only average or experienced golfers can be benefited with the Radspeed drivers.

Is Radspeed XB the easiest golf driver to hit straight?

Yes, the Radspeed XB is the easiest golf driver to hit straight. It is because it has a longer and more lightweight shaft than other Radspeed models. 

Which is more pricey between Radspeed and Radspeed XB?

The price difference between Radspeed and Radspeed XB is not so notable. Typically, they cost almost the same. A Radspeed XB driver will cost $450, while a Radspeed driver can cost around $448.

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