Tour Ad Di vs. Ad Iz | Which Golf Shaft Should You Choose?

We can compare the shaft with the transmission engine of a car. As bad transmission can cause great suffering for car owners, your performance level will be dramatically reduced if you don’t use the right golf shaft. The Tour Ad Di and the Iz are the two best shaft options. 

The core difference between the tour Ad Di and Iz is in the flex. You will find stiff flex with the Tour Ad di. The Iz comes with regular flex. Swing speed should be another consideration regarding  Tour Ad Di Vs Iz.

In the rest of the article, we will cover the difference between the two high-performing golf shafts, which will help you choose the best one. 

Tour Ad Di vs. Ad Iz

Overview Of Tour Ad Di Wood Shaft 

If you are searching for a proper combination of stability and accuracy, the advanced design Ad Di (Deep Impact) can be a decent option.

Made with 1st generation Toray NANOALLOY (known as Di technology) technology, the golf shaft is entirely up to the mark regarding feel and looks at the same time. 

Besides, the medium butt section and the softer tip section make the golf shaft even more convenient for both high and low-handicap players. Multiple colors are available so that you can choose one according to your choice. 

The golf shaft is manufactured in a Graphite Design factory which is highly known for introducing impressive golf shafts.

Golfers like Tiger Woods used to carry this shaft. And this is one of the core reasons behind the popularity of the shaft.

What We Like

  • Available color options (Orange and black)
  • Advanced Di technology. 
  • Impressive feel and consistent performance.
  • The proper balance of accuracy and distance. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Not suitable for playing straight shots. 

Overview Of Tour AD IZ Wood Shafts 

The tour Ad Iz (Into the Zone) comes later than the Di. However, experts can’t consider it as replacing the previous one. The tour Ad Di can be more impressive for fast-swing golfers who need more control over their shots. 

Made with Graphite Design’s Torayca T1100G carbon fiber material, the wood shafts are well known for enough distance and power.

Besides, the 50-gram ultra-premium high-quality carbon fiber material makes it lightweight, meaning it can produce a more solid feel and ensure optimal performance.  

Manufactured by Graphite Design, the shaft has a material stiffness integration design. The wood shaft comes with impressive launch and spin characteristics.  

Tour AD IZ

What We Like

  • Comes with several flex options. 
  • Can cover a long distance.
  • Made with Graphite Design’s Torayca T1100G NANOALLOY technology.
  • Stiffer handle, softer midsection, and stiff tip. 

What We Don’t Like

  • Unusual rebound effect.

Tour Ad Di Vs Iz Wood Shaft: Quick Comparison Table

Choosing the right gift shaft between the Tour Ad Di and the Iz will seem much easier if you see the head-to-head comparison. Well, there might not be too much of a difference. 

But, whatever differences the two shafts have, you can figure out from the following comparison table.

Comparison PointsTour Ad DiTour Ad Iz
Flex Stiff flex option Regular flex option 
Weight50-70 grams 40-80 grams
Materials 50-ton ultra-premium carbon fiber.50-ton ultra-premium carbon fiber
Feel More obvious kick Solid
Torque3.3 torque3.2 torque
Launch angle High launchHigh launch
Spin Low-mid spin Low-mid spin
Stiff section StiffFirm+
LooksOrange and white color schemeMatte black and orange 
Swing SmoothAggressive swing 
Price $500$500
Length 46”46”

What Are The Differences Between Tour Ad Di and Iz Wood Shaft?  

Now we will labor orate the comparison facts mentioned above in the table. You’ll know how the facts impact the performance of the shafts and what shaft to go with, depending on your playing level.



According to expert golfers, the flex should be at the top of the shaft buying guide. The tour Ad Di comes with a stiffer flex except for the Tour Ad Di 5 R1. On the other hand, you’ll see regular flex with the Iz wood shaft. 

Now, what does this mean? The more flexible the shaft is, the more it can bend, meaning the shaft is more flexible. 

And as we know, the regular flex is more flexible than the stiff flex. So, in the case of the two golf shafts, you will experience more flexibility while playing shots with the Iz compared to Ad Di. 

But as there is less flex with the Tour Ad Di, you will have more control and accuracy of your shots with it.


There’s not much difference between the materials used to manufacture the Tour Ad Di and the Iz.

According to Graphite Design, 50-ton ultra-premium carbon fiber is used along with high modulus and aerospace-quality carbon fiber to make the two graphite wood shafts super convenient for golfers. 

At the same time, we have seen the unique design concept named Material Stiffness Integration introduced by Graphite Design to make the two golf shafts. Thanks to the combination of graphite fiber and resin to make things happen. 



Both the graphite wood shafts are decent enough for feeling. We haven’t seen many complaints or frustration among the golfers regarding the feel.

In the case of the Tour Ad di, you can experience a bit more kick when you hit the golf ball with the driver.

On the other hand, you will experience less kick in the case of the Iz. To be more precise, you can have a more solid feel when you play shots with the Iz.

Now it’s up to you. Depending on the type of golfer you are, you might like a solid feel or a bit of kick.

At the same time, the Tour Ad Di is medium for the butt section.

On the contrary, the IZ Firm is a butt section. You might go with the golf shafts’ medium or firm butt section, depending on your swing speed. 

If you accomplish a slower swing speed, it is good to go with the Tour Ad Di. However, the Tour Ad Iz can produce a slightly more responsive feel.


The length of the golf shaft can be another key consideration when buying a golf shaft. In the case of the Tour Ad Di and the Iz, the length remains all the same, which is 46″. 

Well, this is a standard weight where you will find the proper combination of swing speed and accuracy.

The golf shafts come with the length of 45″ is regarded as the standard length more or less for all classes of golfers. 

Launch and Spin

Both the types of wood shafts manufactured by Graphite Design come with almost the same launch and spin, which is high launch and low spin.

However, some of the models of these two golf shafts also come with the mid/high launch to low/mid ball spin rate, which is ideally OK.

Now the benefit of a higher launch angle is the ball can cover a lot of ground, meaning allowing the ball to travel through the air for a long time. 

And the low spin indicates almost the same. With low spin, you can have more control over your shots. Here, you can choose anyone from the Tour Ad Di and Iz if you only think about the launch and spin.


If you are so enthusiastic about the golf shaft you want to have, the look of the golf shaft might fascinate you.

In terms of the Tour Ad Di, along with the Deep Impact design, you will find a combination of modern and contemporary design with two color options. 

You can either go with the matte orange or white color. And at the same time, you notice the re-freshened cosmetics with the Tour Ad Di, which makes the golf shaft even more appealing. 

In the case of the Tour Ad Iz, you will find more color variations than the Tour Ad Di. Usually, the Tour AD Iz comes with orange and matte back in color with a bit of orange and black bend out there. 

Tour Ad Di or Iz: Which Golf Shaft to Choose?

You now have a decent understanding of the golf shafts or the Tour Ad Di vs Iz discussion.

And as you have come to know, there is no such huge difference in terms of performance between the two golf shafts. 

However, you can go with the Tour Ad Iz if you need more swing speed while playing the golf shots.

On the other hand, choosing the Tour Ad Di will make more sense if you want less swing speed and more accuracy and control over your shots. 

Moreover, if you want to have the latest golf shafts, then the Tour Ad Iz can be your choice. Then again, it’s all about your personal preference.

Meta Description: Are you looking for a decent discussion about the Tour Ad Di vs Iz? You’ll find it here how one golf shaft sometimes beats another. Have a read. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

People who figure out the Tour Ad Di and Iz are two of the best shaft options often share their queries online. We will answer some of them here.

Is Tour Ad Di or Iz More Beginner Friendly? 

Well, there’s not much difference between the two shafts. However, the Tour AD di is more beginner friendly than the Tour Ad Iz. So if someone prioritizes more control, they should choose Ad Di. 

Is Tour Ad Di or Iz Produce More Carry?  

You can carry slightly more with the Tour Ad Di than with Tour Ad Iz. According to a test, the Ad Di got the carry 236, whereas the Iz got 233-234. This means more stability with the Tour Ad Di.

Is Tour Ad Di or Iz Generate a More Backspin Rate?  

You ‘’’ll notice comparatively more backspin rate generated by the Tour Ad Di than the Iz. This simply means you can have more control over your shot when you hit on the green. 

Is Tour Ad Di and Iz the Easiest Golf Driver to Hit Straight? 

Yes, both the shafts are impressive when it comes to hitting straight. But you can hit slightly more straight with the shaft Tour Ad Iz than the shaft Di. This is because the Iz usually produces less hook than the Di.

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