KBS C Taper vs. KBS Tour: Which Golf Shaft to Choose?

Are you looking for the best golf shaft but confused about finding one? Well, KBS C Taper and KBS Tour are the two most popular shafts worldwide. They are widely known for their build quality and style.  But, between them, which one will be perfect for you? 

Both gold shafts come up with different looks, performances, and technology. KBS C Taper has a very comfortable feel, whereas Tour is average. For achieving longer distances, the Tour is effective. But you can hit through the entire set by Taper. 

In this article, we will clarify all the debates about KBS C taper and tour, and you will have a clear idea regarding KBS c taper vs tour. 

Overview Of KBS C Taper Golf Shaft

The C-Taper shaft has superior, cutting-edge technology, but it offers even more solidity and command of the ball.

Actually, the C-Taper has a more subdued launch and spin and a more brisk, direct feel. It is ideal for players who want to improve their wedge and iron play. 

C-Taper shafts provide quicker players with less spin, greater distance, and lower trajectories.

Not every golfer or swing style can benefit from the KBS C-Taper golf shaft. If you want better control at high swing speeds, the C-Taper is for you. 

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Overview Of KBS Tour Golf Shaft

The KBS tour shaft accommodates golfers of varying skill levels. Mid-flight iron and wedge players will appreciate the distinctive smoothness of the KBS tour steel shaft.

It is designed to enhance energy transfer, making it more straightforward and more effective to hit long irons and short wedges. 

This tour shaft is a high-end golf shaft relied on by some of the finest golfers in the world due to its responsive feel and precision.

It is an excellent shaft for most golfers to try out because of its softer feel, more responsive loading, and professional control and accuracy.

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KBS C Taper vs Tour: Comparison Table

KBS C taper and KBS tour come in various designs and materials. In this section, we will show you a comparison table to understand the difference correctly. 

Species KBS C Taper KBS Tour
FeelOverall soft feel Just like an average shaft
Design and LookIt looks different from another iron shaft Very attractive 
Performance You can hit through the entire set A lightweight package helps to achieve longer distances
SwingNot suitable for all golfersBeginning friendly and suitable for most the type of players
Technology Suitable for low, penetrating trajectory and a high degree of shot controlAllows to improve energy transfer

What Are The Differences Between KBS C Taper and Tour Golf Shaft?

There are some significant differences between KBS C Taper and KBS Tour. After reading this section, we will be able to distinguish them. 


With a very stiff tip portion but a relatively soft overall feel, the C-Taper is one of the most stable shafts available. Shafts with comparable properties typically sound and feel lifeless, unresponsive, and challenging to play. 

On the other hand, The KBS Tour Lite is much like the regular Tour in terms of feel. The general “dampening” reduces roughness on all mishits, making them feel pleasant in your hands.

Just like it was described, the KBS Tour Lite shaft has a very comfortable and light swing. 

Facts C TaperTour
Comfortableness Feel lifeless, unresponsiveComfortable and easy to use

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Design and Look

KBS C-Taper looks and feels very different from your standard irons. This shaft is designed to get the best possible output by making it comfortable.

On the other hand, the KBS Tour shaft is customizable to your swing and ball flight preferences across six different flex and weight levels. 

There are no steps in the C Taper, and the labels are much more visible than in a standard KBS rectangle. Indeed, the look of the Tour is also attractive.

However, the fact you need to be careful is if you want greater distance and accuracy from your irons, you should try out the KBS Tour shaft.


To get green in C-Tapers, you need to hit the lowest flying bullets, and then you can shoot through the complete set.

It might be challenging to get wedges to settle and stay put. A noticeable improvement occurs upon switching to the lighter flex.

When you compare it with the regular KBS Tour setting, you can see that you’ll be able to carry the ball around a club further.

A lighter golf shaft often results in increased launch height and spin rate. You’ll have greater distance and a steeper slope angle, improving your ability to halt on the greens.


With the C-Taper, golfers can maintain a firmer grip even when their swing speeds are incredibly rapid.

But, the KBS Tour shafts excel in accommodating players of varying skill levels, from high to mid handicaps, who tend to more relaxed swing speeds.

Whose swing speeds aren’t quite up to the required level, but who want overall flexibility, the KBS Tour is a great option.

Again, players who are more physically dominant or swing quickly may find that the C-Taper shaft’s sharp feel encourages them to keep turning despite their shortcomings.

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The KBS C Taper shaft, which takes its cues from the preferences of Tour pros, is made for those who need a low, penetrating trajectory and a high degree of shot control.

KBS Tour steel shafts have a distinctively smooth feel and are ideal for mid-trajectory irons and wedges. 

The KBS C-TAPER improves energy transfer for a responsive feel and reduces spin and trajectory precision for its taper and tip diameter optimization.

Offering a lower trajectory, less spin, and increased distance, the KBS Tour shaft is ideal for golfers looking for a club that is easy to hit with their swing.

KBS C Taper or Tour: Which Golf Shaft to choose?

It is difficult to say which shaft will be perfect for you from here!  By keeping your requirements in mind, you need to choose the perfect one.

The effectiveness of KBS C Taper with a soft and controlled swing. If you want a good control swing, go for the C Taper. 

When swinging more quickly and forcefully, which sometimes results in a loss of control, the shaft holds up well.

However, with KBS Tour, it’s crucial to make sure it’s a solid equipment mix for your specific swing if you want to improve distance through quicker swing speeds and a more fabulous launch.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions may help you to find your query.

Does KBS C Taper give better performance than KBS Tour?

It will ultimately depend on your requirement. Please review our article, gather information, and choose the perfect one for you!
The top golfers in the world choose KBS shafts because of their quick reactions and comfortable play.

Does KBS Tour feel better than C Taper?

Though the KBS tour has various options to get the best feel, the versatility of the C-Taper is one of its greatest strengths. It is critical to assess one’s fitness levels with the C-Taper initially.
For those who want overall flexibility with their irons and wedges, the KBS Tour will be a perfect option for them. 

Which one covers a better distance between C Taper and Tour?

The C-TAPER shaft has been shown in third-party studies to increase average distance by 5 percent compared to the industry leader.
With the KBS Tour, golfers will get a more significant lift and an easier launch with their irons and wedges because of the increased energy transmission efficiency.

Does KBS C Taper give good control?

Several of the best players in the world use the KBS C-TAPER shaft on Tour because it provides them with the most shot control and responsive feel.
But, the KBS Tour is a premium golf shaft relied upon by some of the world’s greatest golfers because of its precision.

Is it true that a heavier shaft plays stiffer?

Yes, it is true! But, if the average model is too heavy for you, the 20% lighter Tour Lite may be the perfect compromise. To get the most out of their KBS shafts, many players discover they need to tweak their setup.

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