KBS $-Taper vs. True Temper Project X LZ | Iron Shaft Head-to-Head Comparison

Since iron shafts control the accuracy of a golf swing, it dramatically affects the performance. So, choosing the right one is important. KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ are two of the most popular iron shafts. They have similarities and differences as well.

The key difference between KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ is that the former has a relatively flatter slope, and the latter has a steeper slope. Additionally, X LZ is a bit stiffer and heavier than $-Taper.

And the heaviness of the $-Taper dramatically affects its performance, trajectory, and spin rate. On the other hand, the steep slope of the X LZ impacts the swing. So, stay tuned to make your decision about which one to choose! 

Overview of KBS $-Taper Golf Shafts

$-Taper is a chrome stepped golf iron shaft manufactured by KBS. It was launched in 2017. The KBS Tour $-Taper gives an excellent feel while retaining shot durability and precise dispersion. 

For golfers looking for the finest tour shaft with medium velocity and reduced spin performance, $-Taper is a good choice. This line of golf shafts is better for straighter shots. It also helps the ball to have a strong flight.

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Overview of Project X LZ Golf Shafts

Project X LZ is an iron shaft for golf clubs. It was launched in 2013 by True Temper. This equipment can transfer a great amount of energy while hitting, which results in a great amount of shaft.

The great shaft is a result of its proprietary Loading Zone Technology. This helps to modify the weight and stiffness of the shaft. It also enhances the stability of the butt and tip, which helps the golfer to enjoy a signature smooth feel.

Comparison Table: KBS $-Taper vs Project X LZ

It’s crucial to examine the specifics of each of these golf shafts. We would gain a lot more insight into each of their skills by doing that. So, let’s quickly go through each of their features:

KBS $-TaperProject X LZ
Appropriate UserLow SpinnersHigh launchers
Butt Frequency340310
Tip Frequency900+878

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What are the Differences Between KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ

The previous table might reflect only some of the story behind the differences between these two iron shafts. So, let’s thoroughly compare KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ below.

Build Quality

Interestingly, Project X LZ is made of graphite iron. And KBS $-Taper is made of chrome steel. It also comes in black Physical Vapor Deposition coating (PVD). Since steel shafts provide better agility, KBS $-Taper has the better build.

Design and Aesthetics 

Project X LZ looks better than the KBS $-Taper. It is shiny, stylish, and has charm. So, the $-Taper is a bit more mundane and ordinary looking than X LZ, despite having better materials in the build quality.

Surface Strength

KBS $-Taper is more firm in its outline. This means the strength of this golf shaft is better than Project  X LZ. The surface of the Taper is far more solid and heavy than the LZ.

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Response and Performance

The response in KBS $-Taper feels more natural than Project X LZ. Thus, your performance might drop while using Project X LZ if you are less skilled than an expert. 

Controllability and Workability 

Project X LZ has a technology that transfers energy more effectively. Consequently, it isn’t easy to control compared to KBS $-Taper. However, project XLZ is much more effective in playing long shots in good hands.


Since Project X LZ is good for long shorts; its swing is bound to be less. It isn’t easy to go for long shorts with many swings. Thus, KBS $-Taper has more swing than Project X LZ.

Butt and Tip

The butt and tip of Project X LZ are more refined than KBS $-Taper. This is why it is a great shaft for maintaining stability for professionals. But for others, it is a bit difficult to do so due to its heavy weight.

KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ: Which Golf shaft to Choose?

Among KBS $-Taper and Project X LZ, it is better to choose KBS $-Taper. $-Taper is more modern and recent compared to Project X LZ. You can have great performances with the Taper, so don’t worry.

However, for those who prefer fewer swings on their golf balls and want a heavy shaft to handle, Project X LZ might be a better choice. It is also better for playing simultaneous straight-long shorts.

In conclusion, despite both being excellent iron shafts, Project X LZ may be better for professionals than KBS $-Taper. And if you’re a keen amateur golfer, you could think about purchasing a KBS $-Taper.

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After the final declaration of which one of these two is better for you, you might still be in confusion. But don’t worry. We will answer the questions below, hopefully satisfying your doubts about this topic.

Is Project X LZ 5.5 stiff or regular?

Project X LZ 5.5 is stiff. It is not regular. The 5.5 Project X LZ Steel shafts, which come in normal plus flex and weigh 115g, are stiffer and heavier than most golf shafts.

What are KBS $-Taper used for?

KBS $-Taper is used for medium velocity and reduced spin performance. This line of the iron shaft gives an excellent feel while retaining shot durability and precise dispersion. It is also a modern-day golf shaft which is very suitable to use.

Do any pros use Project X LZ?

It is hard to say if professional golfers other than Nate Lashley use Project X LZ. This line of iron golf shafts is almost a decade old, so it is rare for experts to use this equipment.

Do any pros use KBS $-Taper?

There are no records of professional golfers using the $-Taper. However, some big names on PGA use KBS iron shafts. Such as Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas, Phil Mickelson, Adam Scott, Gary Woodland, Viktor Hovland, Shane Lowry, Justin Rose, Etc.

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