TaylorMade Spider Tour vs. Spider X: Which Putter is Better?

We know why you are here. You are probably planning to buy a great golf putter and can’t decide between Spider tour vs. Spider x, two fantastic golf putters. Don’t worry. We are here to save your day!

The main difference between the Spider Tour and Spider X putters is the head shape and path alignment. A different head shape and path alignment provide slightly different performance features and are suitable for golfers with varying preferences. 

You need to get a deeper understanding of these two golf clubs before making a decision. And this article will help you with a comparative discussion about Spider tour vs. Spider x. 

Let’s dive in. 

Overview Of spider tour Putter

A spider tour putter is a type of golf club specifically designed to make accurate and consistent putts on the green.

These putters are characterized by their unique shape, which typically features a wide, stable base and long, extended arms. 

The wide base helps to provide a stable and consistent swing, while the extended arms help to increase the moment of inertia and improve forgiveness on off-center hits.

This excellent putter is great for golfers looking to improve their putting accuracy and consistency.

Whether you are just beginning or you are a seasoned pro, a spider tour putter can help you to make more putts and shoot lower scores on the golf course.

Overview Of Spider x Putter

This amazing putter is a popular choice among golfers of all skill levels due to its consistent performance on the greens. It also offers a high level of forgiveness and adjustability.

One of the critical features of the Spider X Putter is its unique design. It has a high moment of inertia and a low center of gravity, which enable the putter to promote a stable and consistent swing.

Its counterbalanced grip feature helps to increase stability and control during the stroke.

With durability and high-quality construction, it is a versatile club that can be customized to suit the individual needs of each golfer and is sure to be a valuable addition to any golfer’s bag.

Spider tour vs Spider x: Comparison Table

Being the official update of spider tour, the Spider x has a bunch of differences from its ancestor in design and features. Here is a comparison table for a clear understanding of their differences. 

CriteriaSpider TourSpider X
Head ShapeTour-inspired shape with plumbers neck hoselCompact shape with a single-bend hosel
GripSuperStroke Pistol GT Tour gripSuper Stroke Pistol GTR 1.0 grip
Toe Hang21°N/A
Flow Neck Toe HangN/A22°
Slant Neck Toe Hang32°30°
True Path AlignmentNoYes
Pure Roll Insert3mm5mm
PriceLower Higher

What Are The Differences Between Spider Tour and Spider x?

Differences between two golf putters can be analyzed from different angles, from design and build quality to performance features.

And as golfers have varying preferences, not everyone emphasizes the same aspect. Here’s a comparative discussion of these two putters from different aspects.


Taylormade designed the Spider Tour putter with a tour-inspired head shape and a plumber’s neck hosel.

It has a heavier weighting, with tungsten toe weighting to help promote a stable stroke. It also features a sightline on the flange to aid in alignment.

On the other hand, The Spider X putter has a compact head shape and a single-bend hosel.

It has a lighter weight, thanks to the use of carbon fiber components. This putter has a true path alignment system which improves alignment on short and long putts. 


Both putters use innovative technology in the construction of the club heads with high-grade stainless steel, improving the putters’ feel and sound.

But Spider x uses a slightly different process than spider tour in its head construction. 

The Spider X putter features lightweight carbon fiber components, which help reduce the club’s overall weight and improve the performance of golfers with a faster swing speed.

And tungsten toe weighting is featured in the spider tour, which helps to promote a stable stroke by shifting the center of gravity towards the toe of the club.


It’s not ours to say that one putter is more beautiful than the other. But the Spider x has a more modern look. It has a hydroblast finish. There is no paint coating on this type of finish; it looks a lot like stainless steel. 

And another amazing fact is TaylorMade claims this hydro blast finish provides better durability to the putters.

On the other hand, the relatively older model, the spider tour putter, has a primary paint finish of painted black. 

Build Quality

In terms of build quality, both putters are considered strong and durable. The spider tour has a lightweight 6061 aluminum core.

And it is paired with a heavy 304 Stainless Steel frame. And 6061 aluminum has corrosion resistance properties, and it is very strong. 

The Spider X, on the other hand, provides a heavy (320g) steel frame and a lightweight (15g) carbon composite sole, which has increased strength. So, don’t worry about durability as long as you use the putters carefully.

Feel and sound

There shouldn’t be any debate about both putters’ beautiful feel and sound. Two valuable features are used in both putters:

  1. PU foam
  2. TPU Pure Roll insert

Because of the 45° grooves of TPU Pure Roll, you will get a high spin with a very soft feel.

And the PU foam on the head of the putters creates a better sound by dampening the vibrations when taking a shot. 


Generally speaking, both spider putters have excellent playability. But still, there are some minor differences that fuel the spider tour and Spider x debate. And the main differentiating factor seems to be the head shape. 

Although both the putters are forgiving and consistent, the Spider x feels more agile with its condensed head shape.

That is why some may argue that this upgraded putter from spider tour may have a bit more playability than its ancestor. 

Spider tour or Spider x: Which Golf putter To choose?

Choosing between great products is always challenging, and it’s even more complicated in this case as both the putters have many similar features and provide good performance. So, it will surely fall into the preference of the golfer while choosing between the two. 

But if you consider the fact that more tour players are using the Spider x, and it is actually the upgraded version of spider tour, the Spider x should win the fight. And also, remember that the slightly better features of the Spider x come at a cost. 

If you don’t have severe budget constraints and both the putters match your preferences, Spider x will surely be the winner. But always try to analyze what’s best for you before buying a golf club. Happy golfing!


We tried to cover the details about spider tour and Spider x as much as we could. If there is still any query, take a look at the frequently asked question section for the answers.

Spider tour vs Spider x: Which putter is more forgiving?

Both the putters are very forgiving in nature. Although forgiveness may depend on many factors, it’s the fact that these putters are specially designed to provide a higher quality of forgiveness.

Spider tour vs Spider x: Which putter is more budget-friendly?

Spider tour is the budget-friendly one between the two golf putters. It’s actually quite obvious. As this is the older model, the price is slightly lower than the Spider x.

Which is the best putter for me between Spider tour and Spider x?

We can’t determine the best one for you without knowing your preferences and playing size. The Spider x is becoming popular recently as an upgraded version. But you should thoroughly analyze both putters before buying. 

Do I get any warranty for Spider tour and Spider x?

TaylorMade provides two years warranty on their golf clubs from the day of purchase which includes these two putters. However, always check with the store before buying products for clarity.

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