How Long Do Trojan Batteries Last: The Lifespan

The majority of the golf carts we see on the course are battery-operated. Trojan is a pretty famous brand for golf cart batteries. 9 out of 10 golf carts use Trojan batteries. Durability and efficiency are two reasons for its popularity. But like other things, Trojan batteries also have a lifespan. 

You might be wondering how long Trojan batteries last. Well, that depends. There is no exact lifespan of a Trojan battery. It depends on some facts like how you maintain or use it.

Stay with us till the end of this blog to explore the details about the lifespan and more about Trojan batteries.

How Long Do Trojan Batteries Last

How Long Do Trojan Batteries Last?

Trojan is a pretty high-quality battery. If you maintain it properly, batteries of fleet carts should last for 4-6 years.

Many veteran golfers have mentioned their private cart Trojan batteries last for about 6-10 years. 

As we said earlier, there is no fixed lifespan for a Trojan battery. It depends on how often you use this and how you maintain the battery. 

If you do not maintain the battery well, it will not last for that long. Similarly, when you put so much pressure on the battery, it starts to lose its efficiency.

Trojan is a great investment for a golf cart owner. Though it is a little expensive, trust me it is justified for its durability.

But without good maintenance and unplanned use may lead you to change it within a year or so.

Things That Decrease The Lifespan Of Trojan Batteries

Trojan is a deep cycle type battery pack. These types of batteries need proper maintenance.

Changing the electrolyte and maintaining the proper ratio of it is very important. Here are those things that decreases the lifespan of Trojan batteries:

Lack Of Maintenance

Lack Of Maintenance

As you saw earlier, maintenance at the right time is essential.. You must replace the water before it goes down to the standard level.

When the water level is down for a long time and the upper plates are exposed, the battery will start lagging in its performance.

It will keep losing its strength. Keeping it like that several times will cause early damage and decrease lifespan.

Improper Usage

Improper Usage

Usage is another big reason why the lifespan could decrease. Fleet carts generally move 2/3 times around the golf course during the peak season and private carts move 4/5 times. 

In that ratio, a Trojan battery should last 4-6 years for a fleet cart and 6-10 years for private carts.

When you use your cart more than this, surely that will put extra pressure on the battery which may lead to a shorter lifespan.

Similarly, if you live beside the course and use your golf cart to go there and return home, that will put some extra pressure on the battery.

Riding over a hill or slope with your golf cart can also put pressure on the battery and damage it quickly. 

Using A Faulty Or Wrong Charger

Using A Faulty Or Wrong Charger

Using the wrong charger for your batteries can also be a reason for decreasing lifespan. A wrong or faulty charger will take much longer to charge the battery.

Connecting the battery to the charger for that long will overheat the battery. Faulty or incompatible chargers can supply excess voltage which can also overheat your battery.

Overheating or overcharging is a serious issue and can decrease the lifespan of a battery pretty quickly.

Extending The Lifespan Of Trojan Batteries

It is obvious that after a certain time, batteries will expire. But you can delay this time and get more out of your Trojan battery. Here are some ways you can extend the lifespan of Trojan batteries:

Inspect The Battery

Inspect The Battery

Inspecting your Trojan golf cart battery can be a good habit that you can build. After a certain time, frequently inspect the condition of your battery. 

If you see any certain change in the battery, you can take necessary steps by consulting with an expert.

If you can find out the problems quickly, you can solve them quickly as well. That will surely stop the battery from dying too soon. 

When you first buy a Trojan battery, inspect it properly for any crack or fault. Check the cables and connection if they are set properly. Make sure the battery has enough water inside. 

These little issues can cause larger problems in upcoming days for which you may not enjoy a longer service from it.

So, you can get rid of it and extend your batteries lifespan by inspecting and solving those issues right from the beginning.  

Proper Installation

Proper installation of a Trojan battery is very important. Never pass the tilt limit of 22 degrees while installing the battery.

When you go above this optimal point, the battery can leak acid from it. It will result in low performance and a shorter life span. 

Do The Maintenance And Watering In Time

The deep-cycle Trojan battery needs proper care and checkup every 2-4 weeks. You avoid this and forget to add distilled water and never get the 7-9 years lifespan. 

The distilled water maintains the connectivity between the electrolytes. When there is not enough fluid for the connectivity, the performance, and longevity of the battery start to decrease. 

Keep note of another important thing, never water your batteries before charging them completely. Otherwise, it may overflow and could damage the battery.  

Always Maintain The Electrolyte Level

Putting excessive fluid can cause overflow and permanent damage. To avoid that, you should always maintain the correct level of electrolyte. 

The water level should be 1/8 inch below the vent and above the plates. It should never go below the plates and should never touch the plates. 

If you can maintain this level, besides lifespan, the performance of the battery will increase a lot. 

Use Proper Charger

Use Proper Charger

Well, this is an important issue. It’s better to charge your battery with the original charger provided by the Trojan company. 

If you lost the original one, buy one which matches the correct amperage. It is better to choose the automatic ones with 3 phases. They can turn off when your battery is completely charged.

If you use a right charger, the battery will remain in good shape for a long time hence the lifespan of it will increase.

Neutralize The Electrolyte

A proper balance of electrolytes is necessary. If you find any kind of imbalance, you can follow an old technique.

Add some baking soda with water. Then apply it to the electrolyte. It will become neutral immediately. 

Off Season Charging

Golf carts remain busy in peak season but stay ideal when it is over. So does the battery. If the battery remains unused for a long time, it starts to discharge itself. In one month it could lose 15% of its charge.

The percentage could be higher if the temperature starts to rise. If you do not notice it, after 2 or 3 months the battery will become chargeable and will become dead.  

So, what you could do is, check the battery percentage after every 1 or 2 weeks. Start the cart and keep it started for a while. Do not forget to charge the battery again before turning it off. 

If you remove the battery from the cart and store it somewhere else, check the gravity and voltage every month. When it comes below 70%, apply a boost charging.

When you restore it on the cart, charge it completely. It means, off season charging is pretty important if you want to extend your batteries’ lifespan. 

How Often Should You Charge The Trojan Battery?

It is better to charge your Trojan battery after every time you use your golf cart. In general, when the charge percentage comes under 70, it is the best time to charge it. Thus you will be able to maintain an optimal level.


Though we have covered all possible points, you might still have some questions. Below, we will try to answer some of those possible doubts of yours:

Can I use mineral water instead of distilled water in my Trojan battery?

No, obviously not. Distilled water is pure water that does not have any minerals, salts, or other organic materials. Mineral water has all those elements. Using mineral water will damage your battery forever. 

Should I keep my battery on charge the whole night?

You might. But it depends on the percentage of your battery. But using a smart charger will solve the problem for you. It will stop charging when it is completely charged. 

how do I know that the lifespan of my Trojan battery is about to finish?

Your battery will start to show some signs. It will drain faster than before. You will not have regular acceleration. Some other unusual symptoms will start to show when it is at the last stage. 

What should I do when the battery life is completely finished?

Most of the time, companies request their consumers to return the dead battery to them. You can return it to the Trojan company or give that to any collection center. But never throw it in the open environment. 


Once you ask a golf cart owner, how long do Trojan batteries last? In his reply, he will say, “as long as you want”. It means Trojan batteries are very good in quality.

If you can take care of it, it will last for a long time. If you don’t, obviously it will not last long. Investing in Trojan batteries can be a great choice.

It is famous for its longevity. Just follow the guideline we have described above and we are sure you can increase the average lifespan of your Trojan battery.

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