6  Best Golf Simulator Orlando, Florida | Practice & Play Golf

For those who want to sharpen their golfing skill and looking for Golf Simulation in Orlando, there are many options available. Topgolf, Drive Shack, and Swing Envy are some of the most popular clubs that offer golf simulation in Orlando.

Depending on the facilities, environments, and price of membership, you can choose what suits you best. Some resorts or clubs offer state-of-art simulation technologies whereas some offer a beginner-friendly environment. Furthermore, you can enjoy both at a higher price.

So, let’s explore the top indoor golf simulators in Orlando and then decide which one is right for you.

6  Best Golf Simulator Orlando, Florida

6 Best Golf Simulator In Orlando, Florida  

In Orlando, there are many resorts and golf clubs that offer high-end golf simulator facilities at different price ranges. Here, we’re going to see the details of the top 6 golf simulators in Orlando, Florida.

1. Topgolf

Topgolf provides premium entertainment facilities, restaurants, and bars along with cutting-edge golf simulation technologies in Orland. 

They offer facilities for different ages of people. Someone under 16 years of age must be supervised by a senior (Above 21 years of age) all the time whereas members under 18 years need supervision after 9 pm.

The pricing for playing golf can vary depending on the particular days of the week and time. Mostly the price can vary from $35-$60 per hour per bay.


2. Drive Shack

Drive Shack is another popular club for indoor golf simulators in Orland. From food and beverage to all-weather playing facilities are available. 

Moreover, they also offer different, funny and challenging games to practice golf more effectively. However, the price range is $25-$45 as per their official websites. 

The price per hour will be lower at the beginning of the day and will increase later. Players under 16 must be supervised by seniors as per their policy.

3. Bad Dog Driving Range

  • Location: 6933 curry ford rd, Orlando, FL, United States, Florida
  • Phone: +1 407-277-8711
  • Email: gerardgolf@aol.com

Bad Dog Driving Range has a golf simulator that is moderately accurate and popular among beginners. 

The price range is not specified and you must have to discuss it before booking any reservation.

If you’re not a professional but rather looking for a place to start your golf career, this club may be a suitable option for you. 

Bad Dog Driving Range

4. Roving Golf Academy

Roving golf academy offers simulation, outdoor, and mobile lesson facilities for learners of all ages. 

This course is conducted by a professional instructor named John Koestner.

With perfect indoor temperatures and weather conditions, Roving Golf Academy offers amazing simulation studios for golfing. 

Moreover, you can personalize your lesson as per your schedule and capabilities.

The price of these lessons and practice sessions can vary as per your requirements and time.

Roving Golf Academy

5. Swing Envy

This is one of the best golf lesson providers in Orlando that also offers indoor simulators. The accuracy, features, and lessons they offer are truly amazing.

The pricing varies with different lesson plans. YOu can choose from one lesson per month to three lessons per month according to your flexibility.

The cost for these lessons can be around $150 to $350 depending on the packages you will choose.

Swing Envy

6. Putting-Edge, Orlando

Hawaiian Rumble Adventure Golf, Orlando offers golf games for practicing. 

They have different packages at different price ranges. For a single person, you’ll be charged $14 for the first game and $5 for the second one.

Well, you’ll get a discount and can play for $11 if you make a reservation for at least 20 people.


How do you know which golf simulator to choose?

Depending on the size, software system, and tracking sensors- you’ve to decide which simulator is perfect for you and how much you really want to spend for this. Let’s elaborate on it a bit more.


The size of the launch monitor and the overall setup is the first thing to consider before choosing an indoor golf simulator. 

Generally, to set up a golf simulator, there must be at least 10 feet of space in all directions. Moreover, decide whether you want to choose a 16:9 or any other aspect ratio.


Since every action of your golfing will be analyzed by a computer, the software is basically the brain of the whole system. So, no matter what, trying to use the latest technology is wiser.

There are different software plans and memberships and you can choose whatever suits you the best. 

Some software offers basic features like an alternate shot, match play, etc whereas other premium simulators come with advanced features like 3D driving range, and different game modes.


All of your actions like swinging the club, speed of the ball, angle of the shot, and other parameters will be recorded by different sensors which are incorporated with the simulator.

So, the accuracy of the simulator mostly depends on the quality of the sensors. That’s why you must check and choose the best sensors within your budget.


A basic indoor golf simulator can cost around $500 to $1000. But there are many advanced and commercial simulators available which can cost about $20000.

Undoubtedly, the more the price is the better the accuracy as well as the performance. 

How Do You Practice Golf Indoor In A Simulator?

How Do You Practice Golf Indoor In A Simulator?

Practicing golf indoors may sound crazy but with the help of a simulator, it can be really fun and effective at the same time. 

Here are some tips and tricks to practice and improve your golfing ability indoors with a simulator.

  • Measure and maintain the distance of your shot. This will improve and make each of your shots more consistent.
  • Practice repeating shots. This is one of the great features of a simulator to practice a single shot again and again until it becomes perfect.
  • Keep track of the progress by analyzing the data from the sensor or the simulators. Thus you’ll be able to see where you need to improve and what your strongest point is.
  • Practice in different game moods. This will enable you to cope with different situations and make you prepare for any real-life event.
  • Practicing in different weather conditions is another thing to try. By doing this you can see in which situation you can perform the best and where it needs to be improved.

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People often get confused about whether to use a golf simulator or not to improve their performance. Some of the most confusing questions regarding this are answered below.

Do golf simulators make you better at golf?

Definitely. In fact, by practicing in a golf simulator you can improve each of your shots, swing, skills, and abilities. Moreover, simulators can provide necessary data regarding your performance so that you can analyze your day-to-day improvement.

How many golf courses are in Orlando FL?

There are around 200 golf courses offered by different resorts at various price ranges. From 5-star facilities to budget or family-friendly environment- you can choose whichever offer suits you the best.

How realistic are golf simulators?

Depending on the types of launch monitor, sensors, and computer system, a golf simulator can be 90 to 98% accurate. For amateurs, an accuracy of 95% is pretty good. On the other hand, for professionals, an accuracy of 98-99% is expected.

Final words

Though simulators never replace the enjoyment and thrill of the real-life golf-playing experience, this can be a good option to practice and sharpen your skills.

In Orlando, Florida among many clubs that offer indoor golf simulators, it’s better to choose one that is most accurate and allows a flexible schedule. Discuss the pros and cons before buying any membership.

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