Why Are Melin Hats So Expensive? 6 Money-Worthy Facts

If you’re in the market for a hat that offers both style and functionality, you’re likely interested in Melin hats. Melin hats have won the admiration of athletes everywhere. But certainly, the one thing that gets people more awestruck is their hefty price tags. 

But why are Melin hats so expensive? There are a number of reasons Melin hats are so expensive. For example, the high price of Melin hats is due to their expensive materials and elegant workmanship. The high cost could also result from the rarity associated with Melin hats

The high prices stem from the rarity of Melin hats, which are usually bought by the richest members of society. However, if you’re thinking about whether their steep prices are worth it or not, this article is for you.

Why Are Melin Hats So Expensive

Brief Introduction to Melin Hats

In Melin’s world, a hat is more than just something that people periodically put on as they walk out the door. For them, it represents the most vital piece of people’s everyday attire. 

It’s quite logical indeed since a hat is the first thing people will notice when they look at you.

Starting their journey in California and growing up with many different cultures, Melin is exposed to every hat style.  

They took skating, baseball, and football as their lessons and immersed themselves in several significant arts, fashion, and music communities.

As Melin became more discerning, they wanted baggage beyond just an ordinary cap or a hat from a company that didn’t pay any mind to it. 

Melin Hats Price Comparison

Before we dive into our core discussion, let’s have a look at how the price of Melin’s top hat model compares with others. 

BrandTop ModelNotable FeaturesPrice Range
MelinA-GameFlat Bill, Snapback$60-$70
New EraMLB 59FiftyRaised Embroidery, Fitted$35-$40
Under ArmourMen’s Blitzing 3.0Embroidered Logo, Stretch Fit$20-$25
OakleySilicon Bark Trucker 4.0Curved Brim, Mesh Back Panels$25-$30
NikeDri-FIT FeatherlightAdjustable Strap, Dri-FIT technology$24-$30

6 Reasons Why Melin Hats Are So Expensive

The only goal of Melin hats is not to turn a profit but to achieve a level of success that justifies their hefty costs.

Among the reasons behind the high price tag for these luxury hats, the following are the six most significant factors. 

They Hand-Pick the Finest Quality Materials


Melin hats are often expensive because they are made using expensive and the finest quality materials.

Faced with high competition, many manufacturers claim they personally select the material of the hats they make. 

However, Melin researched high-quality materials worldwide to produce the most luxurious and comfy hats possible.

They thoroughly study every detail of the hat to ensure their customers receive the best possible product. 

Because they use the finest materials available, such as high-quality wool, cashmere, and more, Melin hats are genuinely exceptional.

The most satisfying fact is that these materials ensure optimum durability while maintaining their shape and warm, inviting style for years. 

Excellent Craftsmanship and Detailed Design

Excellent Craftsmanship and Detailed Design

Yet another factor that contributes to Melin hats’ sky-high prices is their craftsmanship and the exacting amount of attention dedicated to every single hat. 

From skilled workers who carefully construct each stitch and seam to the finished hat, each Melin hat continues to impress through its distinctive and elegant design. 

This level of artistry and care not only looks great but also makes them comfortable to wear at the same time. 

100% Waterproof Construction

100% Waterproof Construction

Melin hats are patterned out of waterproof fabric so, unlike other cap styles, they can be worn under virtually any circumstance.

You might have heard of the Hydro-Line, which is specially designed for use even on water. Melin incorporates HydroResist, their own proprietary technology, into this line.

Survivors of a lifestyle focused on water-soaked activities like surfers, fishers, rowers, kayakers, and any person who savors water sports will be interested in Melin’s exclusive water-repellent hats. 

As well as being waterproof, these hats use a specifically engineered material that enables wearers to remain dry even while taking a shower.

Brand Value 

Brand value is something every company wants to earn in the business world. Have you ever thought about why so many people use Apple products despite their hefty price tags?

Yes, they’re good products indeed, but the value of the “Apple” brand plays a great role here. 

The same factors work behind Melin’s higher-priced products as they established themselves as a respected brand. 

The same factors work behind Melin’s higher-priced products as they established themselves as a respected brand. 

Melin hats are not only aesthetically appealing and of top-notch quality, but they are also prestigious. Hence, you might see Melin hats are frequently covered by wealthy consumers. 

Customization and Personalization for a Variety of Consumers 

Melin hats are expensive also because of their wide-ranging product options, from which you can pick yours to boost your individuality. 

Apart from being available in an assortment of color options, customers can also choose from unique materials such as wool or cotton and also from diversified styles. 

The company even offers options, such as location and monogramming, allowing customers to an industry- and a workmanship-exclusive item they cannot receive anywhere else.

They Will Match Every Head Size

They Will Match Every Head Size 

Only a good thought is not sufficient to support a new product; the manufacturer must think about other factors as well.

Not everything has a standard size; with regard to hats, the difference in the average men’s head sizes is significant. 

This is why Melin spends thousands on re-creating samples and fine-tuning sizes to ensure that they are just right. The point of Melin is to create hats that fit your head and lifestyle too. 

Melin guarantees that if a certain hat does not become your new favorite, you can easily return it for a full refund or an exchange. They do this in order to be sure their customers are comfortable with their purchases. 

One of the easiest ways they do this is by providing an assortment of sizes. This is what Melin does to fulfill their “perfect fit promise”. Surprisingly, Melin doesn’t follow the traditional sizing system. 

Unparalleled Customer Service

As much as Melin is concerned, the quality of their hats speaks for itself. You might end up paying a lot for one of their hats, due to their excellent craftsmanship, but that’s common in the specialty clothing industry.  

So, the thing that distinguishes Melin from others is their impeccable customer service. The company cares about making sure that customers are satisfied with whatever hat they buy. 

So, when you plan to spend your hard-earned cash on one of these hats, their team will be waiting to guarantee that you receive the right size, color, and style you desire. 

In case you aren’t happy with your choice of hat, you’re sure to be satisfied with their return and exchange policy, regardless of the reason.

Their hats continue to be covered by a buyer protection plan that most hat companies don’t offer! 

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Is there any question boggling your mind? Maybe this short FAQ section has something you might be looking for. 

Are Melin hats durable?

The adherence to detail and high-quality workmanship of Melin hats ensure optimum durability. Every single stitch is laboriously sewn, and the brim has a flexible strip that is strengthened to withstand pulling. This manufacturing technique makes the hats even more durable. 

Do Melin hats keep you cool?

Made of moisture-wicking materials that draw sweat away from your forehead, a Melin hat helps you remain comfortable and cool all day long.

Are Melin Hats Worth the Money?

What you’re looking for in a hat and how much money you’re willing to spend will affect your decision on whether you purchase a Melin hat, or other similar products at a lower cost. Melin hats are well-made, so they make a great option if you have the money to splurge.


It’s ultimately up to you to decide if the extra expense of a Melin hat is worth the money.

However, as you have already explored all of the reasons that account for the high price of these great hats, the answer to your question “why are Melin hats so expensive?” might be clear. 

If you like the specialized style of the Melin hats you enjoy, they’ll definitely meet most of your athletic needs. 

These hats will make sure that your needs and tastes are met, regardless of the precise sports you have in mind. At the same time making you look “cool”.

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