Callaway Epic Max vs. Epic Max LS: Golf Driver Comparison

While choosing the right driver loft for yourself, you must keep many aspects in consideration. If you are looking for the perfect match to your needs, you may consider the Callaway Epic series of golf drivers. The debate between Epic Max vs Epic Max LS is pretty common these days. So, let’s find out which is the right one for you. 

The main difference between these two drivers lies in their abilities in certain circumstances. The Epic Max is specialized to produce the best forgiveness. Meanwhile, the Epic Max LS can give the user much less spin on strike at high ball speed

Even though these are the major differences between these two, there are much more to look into before you get one of those. So, to get a clear idea regarding Epic Max vs Epic Max LS we encourage you to stick with us to the end.

Overview of Epic Max

The Epic Max driver has excellent ball speed on pure strikes. It also does an amazing job at maintaining ball speed on mishits making it easier for beginners to strike. 

This driver is designed for players with handicaps 15 or less with more MOI and CG. Many people are considering buying it as this is the most forgiving driver up to date.

Having a very large footprint made with Triaxial Carbon Composite, it is also very adjustable with a sliding weight and adjustable hosel. The driver contains a 16 gram sliding perimeter sole weight for adjusting CG and ball flight. 

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Overview of Epic Max LS

The Epic Max LS produces more speed, neutral ball flight and forgiveness at a lower spin as the LS in the name literally stands for Low Spin. 

Being a very lightweight driver, it also does a very good job at maintaining ball speed and contains a high MOI package. It is more likely to suit players with lower handicap as it improves carry distance.

The footprint is quite large and made with the same Triaxial Carbon Composite. Helping it cover a lot of distance and give the user a good overall experience.

This has a sliding perimeter weight of 12 grams that allows for a 13-yard range in shot shape modification.

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Epic Max vs Epic Max LS: Comparison Table

In order to understand which driver is perfect for you, you might need to look at a direct comparison to their specification. So, we are giving a comparison between Epic Max vs Epic Max LS below.

CriteriaEpic MaxEpic Max LS
MaterialMulti Material ConstructionMulti Material Construction
Designed by AIYesYes
Adjustable Perimeter Weight16g12g
Flight BiasDraw+AdjustableNeutral+Adjustable
Head Size460cc460cc
Loft Options9°,10.5°,12°9°,10.5°
Lie Angle59°57°

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What Are The Differences Between Epic Max And Epic Max LS?

If you have come this far, you should already have a decent idea of the differences between Epic Max and Epic Max LS. Now let’s dive into the breakdown in detail and see where they differ.


Both of the drivers are designed by the new A.I. technology. Although, the difference lies in the purpose to their design as the Epic Max is designed for players with handicap 15 or less containing more MOI and CG. Making it able to produce more ball flight.

On the other hand, the Epic Max LS is designed for lower handicap players and produces amazing ball speed and low spin.

Build Quality

The Epic Max and the Epic Max LS are very well built and provide a good user experience.

They both are built with multi material construction and have large footprints made with Triaxial Carbon Composite. 

Although there is one difference, that being the weight of the adjustable perimeter. The perimeter of Epic Max weighs 16 grams while the Epic Max LS weighs 12 grams. 

Both of them are very solid and lightweight, making it easier for players to play with more comfort.

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Both of the drivers perform seamlessly in different aspects. The Epic Max has the most forgiveness and gives better MOI and CG. Making it very well balanced on strikes and follow through. 

On the other side the Epic Max LS produces better ball speed on very low spin. It also gives the ball more carry distance and covers more area.


The Epic Max has more options in case of loft options and has a higher loft angle. Making the user more comfortable to choose their perfect option.

The Triaxial Carbon Composite built helps the user to get a solid built driver with light weight.

While the Epic Max LS has less options for loft options and has a lower loft angle. Though the driver is lighter than the other, having a large footprint on a low spinning driver might be uncomfortable for some users.

Epic Max Or Epic Max LS: Which Golf Driver To Choose?

We have come this far where we can finally decide which driver would be the perfect choice for you. Both of the drivers are very good choices in their respective ways with different abilities. 

However, if you are looking for a driver with the best forgiveness and high MOI and CG. With a large footprint and good balance with solid build, then the Epic Max driver is the perfect choice for you.

On the other hand, if you are looking for increased ball speed with low spin and better carry distance producing more MOI and better CG, then the Epic Max LS is the right choice for you.

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Frequently asked Questions (FAQs)

On this point, you should have a clear idea of the differences between the Epic Max and the Epic Max LS. Now we will answer some common questions asked on the internet.

Which driver is more beginner friendly out of the Epic Max and the Epic Max LS?

Both of them are quite beginner friendly, though they have their specific abilities. So if you are having problems with forgiving, Epic Max would be perfect for you with market leading forgiveness.
However, if your spin rates are getting high you might need a low spinning driver like the Epic Max LS. 

Is Epic Max LS faster than Epic Max?

Yes, the Epic Max LS can produce more ball speed on lower spin rate while the Epic Max being the more forgiving one.

Are Epic Max and Epic Max LS the easiest golf drivers to hit straight?

While there are so many options out there for a driver to help you hit straight, the Epic Max and the Epic Max LS are definitely one of the best ones to consider.
Though both of them can be good for straight hitting, the Epic Max LS can serve you better with its ability to produce extremely low spin.

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