Mizuno MP-57 vs. MP-67: Find Out Which Iron Fits Your Needs?

Iron is the most important element for a golfer. It can increase or decrease a golfer’s performance. That’s why choosing the right iron is so important.

When it comes to choosing the right iron between Mizuno MP – 57 and MP -67, they have many similarities and differences. You must know their differences properly to pick the right one. 

The main differences between Mizuno MP – 57 and MP – 67 are MP -57 is a beginner-friendly iron and MP -67 is a professional-friendly iron. MP -57 produces more forgiveness than MP -67. Both irons perform fantastically. 

In this article on Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-67, we will explore these two irons and find out their major differences, including differences in their performances.

So, let’s find out which iron comes out as the winner between the comparison of Mizuno MP -57 and MP-67.

Mizuno MP-57 vs. MP-67

Overview Of Mizuno mp-57 irons

Mizuno MP-57 is the first iron of the full cavity series. MP-57 utilizes a full cavity design, resulting in a larger sweet spot and making it the most playable MP iron in the history of Mizuno.

In addition, MP-57 features Cut Muscle Technology which delivers unsurpassed feel and precession.  

Also, Mizuno MP-57 comes with rolled training edge, cambered midsole, and a roll leading edge which delivers consistent striking capability from all lines.

Modified U grooves produce the ideal spin rate for maximum performance in any condition. 

The durable double nickel plated finish provides the player’s preferred looks. Mizuno MP-57 is the ideal iron for higher handicap players.

Overview Of Mizuno mp-67 irons

Mizuno MP-67 is the successor of MP-57 iron. Unlike MP-57, MP-67 comes with upgraded Cut Muscle Technology which is called Slender Cut Muscle Technology.

This technology allows players complete control over the ball by pinpointing COG inside the muscle back. 

The cambered sole of the MP-67 allows precise shot-making capability from all types of lies.

Mizuno MP-67 is quiet and produces less forgiveness. This iron is great for experienced players who need a tournament-ready iron. 

Low-handicap players will find the MP-67 iron as a performance hero, providing consistent distance and lots of spin and shot-shaping control.

Mizuno mp-57 vs mp-67 irons: Comparison Table

Mizuno mp-57 vs mp-67 iron loft

Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 are the two most successful full-cavity back irons. MP-67 is the successor of MP-57. Here is the comparison table of Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67. 

Criteria Mizuno MP-57Mizuno MP-67
Spins Less More
Shot shape control LessMore 
Forgiveness More forgiving Less forgiving 
Materials 1025E mild carbon steel1025 mild carbon steel
Loft 21.00°22.00°
Lie 59.50°59.5°
Price Less costly More costly 

What Are The Differences Between Mizuno mp-57 and mp-67 irons?

Regarding the difference between Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67, there is no significant difference between these two golf irons as the latter is the successor of the MP-57.

However, there is some considerable difference between Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67, and they are; 

Design and technology

As far as technology is concerned, Mizuno MP-57 uses Cut Muscle technology which provides greater control over the ball.

Cut Muscle technology

On the other hand, Mizuno MP-67 uses upgraded Slender Cut Muscle Technology which allows complete ball control by pinpointing COG inside the muscle back. 

From the design perspective, there is no significant difference between the Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67. Both irons use the full cavity back design. 

Build quality

Build quality

Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 have great built quality, and both irons are durable. But there is a minor difference between them. 

Mizuno MP-57 is built from 1025E mild carbon steel. On the other hand, MP – 67 is made from 1025 mild carbon steel. MP -67 provides some degree of better durability than MP -57.   

Sound and feel

Sound and feel

Regarding the sound, Mizuno MP-57 is not completely quiet. However, it doesn’t produce too much sound.

On the other hand, the Mizuno MP-67 is completely quiet. In fact, it is the quietest iron you can find on the market.

Mizuno MP-57 uses mild carbon steel, and it is soft. On the other hand, the MP-67 is built from mild carbon steel.

However, it is more soft and responsive than the MP-57, thanks to its manufacturing process. Therefore, MP -67 will always feel great in hand.


Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67 are two different types of irons. MP-57 is designed for newbie golfers who want to improve their game. On the other hand, MP-67 is designed for experienced golfers who are looking for a tournament iron. 

Mizuno MP-57 is the most workable iron. It produces good forgiveness. MP-57 will make you feel great after every shot if you are an occasional golfer.

MP-57 and MP-67

MP-67 doesn’t produce forgiveness like MP-57; therefore, if you are a new player, you will notice your mistakes after every shot with MP-67. 

Mizuno-67 produces more spin compared to MP -57. Regarding shot-shaping control, MP-67 provides more shot-shaping control than MP-57.    

Mizuno MP-57 is a great performer for high-handicap players, and MP-67 is an outstanding performer for low-handicap players. 


Mizuno MP-57 costs $899, and MP-67 costs $1000. MP-67 is costlier than MP-67. However, the higher cost of MP-67 is justifiable because MP-67 is for professional golfers. The $1000 price for professional-level irons is not that high.

Mizuno mp-57 or mp-67: Which Golf irons To choose?

It is tough to choose between MP-57 and MP-67 as these two irons are pretty similar and designed for two types of players. 

Mizuno MP-57 is designed for occasional golfers looking to improve their game. On the other hand, MP -67 is designed for experienced golfers who are looking for a tournament-ready iron.

If you are an occasional player who wants to improve the game, then MP-57 is the right choice for you.

If you are a professional golfer looking for a solid performer, MP -67 is the right option for you.


There is not much left for talking on Mizuno MP – 57 vs MP 67. However, if you still can’t decide which one you should choose as your next iron, here is some additional information that might help you choose the right iron from MP – 57 and MP – 67.

Which iron is better between the Mizuno MP-57 and MP-67?

Both irons are great. As far as the best one is concerned between these two irons, it depends on the golfer.
For occasional and game-improvement golfers, MP-57 is the best. And for professional golfers, MP-67 is the best choice.

Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-67: which iron produces more forgiveness?

Mizuno MP-57 produces more forgiveness than MP-67 because MP-57 is designed for high handicap golfers. MP-67 produces less forgiveness because it is designed for experienced golfers.

Is the Mizuno MP-57 good for a high handicap golfer?

Mizuno MP-57 is an excellent choice for high-handicap golfers because it produces more forgiveness. In fact, MP-57 is designed for newbie golfers who play golf occasionally.

Which iron produces more spin: Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-67?

Mizuno MP-57 doesn’t produce as much spin as MP -67. However, MP-57 produces decent spins. MP-67 produces more spin compared to MP-57 because it is made for professional golfers.

Which iron is best for a low handicap golfer; Mizuno MP-57 vs MP-67?

Mizuno MP-67 is the best choice for low-handicap golfers. In fact, MP -67 is designed for professional golfers, and it is a tournament-ready iron. Also, it produces less forgiveness and more shot-shaping capability.

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