Scotty Cameron Newport vs. Newport 2 | Which Golf Putter Should I Choose?

Making a call between Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 is a relatively tough task. Both these putters have a lot of things in common. But there are a few differences that set them apart.

So, what are the differences between Newport and Newport 2? The core difference between Newport and Newport 2 is mostly in appearance. In the case of Newport and Newport 2, you would notice curved lines on the head for the former one and straight edges with a flat topline for the latter.

But that’s not all, as there are other aspects to consider. In this article, we will compare these two putters, which will clear up all your confusion. Therefore, let us begin!

Overview of Scotty Cameron Newport putter

The Scotty Cameron Newport epitomizes a putter with a classic touch. It is considered iconic by most golfers for a similar reason. The appearance of this putter is much cleaner and more precise.

Design-wise it is class-leading and allows ease in the performance for the golfers using it. In addition, the thinner topline on its head is one of the core reasons behind the refined appearance of this putter.

Apart from this, Newport has a sole design projected in four directions. Such design is much more balanced and allows the golfers to have impeccable alignment while addressing. 

Moreover, the presence of multi-material elements in its construction helps to reduce the vibration to a great extent.

Overview of Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 focuses on enhancing the putting game of the golfers. These putters are well-known for their consistency and accuracy.

This putter’s feel, weight and balance are impressive compared to most other similar putters. It comes with a tri-sole design, which enables the putter head projected square while addressing the ball.

In addition, the hosel in it upgrades the toe flow allowing better visibility when it’s about ball addressing.

The best part about this putter is that the weight distribution has been optimized greatly. It increases the chance of higher MOI and ensures that the putter is balanced as per the putter length.

Apart from this, the face construction of the putter dampens the impact and enhances distance control to a great extent.

Scotty Cameron Newport Vs Newport 2 putters: Comparison table

There is a fair share of differences and similarities between Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 putters. Each of the two has some characteristics that are favorable to most golfers. 

We can keep that discussion for later and now look at how these two putters compare against each other. The table below will give you a proper glimpse.

Factors NewportNewport 2
Head ShorterLonger
GripPistolini PlusPistolini Plus
Shaft StyleFull ShaftFull Shaft
Weight30, 35, 40 gm30, 35, 40 gm

What are the differences between Newport and Newport 2 putters?

The differences between Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 decide most golfers’ preferences. Depending on the factors that set these putters apart, golfers choose an option based on their gameplay. 

We will write of these factors below so that you get a better view of what these putters offer.


When concerned with consistency in puts, Newport has the edge over Newport 2. The reason is that the focus of Newport 2 is more on the heel or toe, which is why it isn’t that forgiving.

It also impacts the distance control and alignment, which the classic Newport putter is better than the Newport 2. Also, with the higher rate of sweet spot production, Newport becomes a better option.


Design matters when deciding one option between these two putters. Because the design influences the playing style and also impacts the performance. 

The head is smaller for the Scotty Cameron Newport, so it’s preferred by all golfers who don’t like distractions. 

On the other hand, Newport 2 has a longer head. It’s mainly for all those golfers who want it in an angular way.

Ball Speed

The ball speed depends more on the putter’s impact on the ball itself. In this regard, Newport 2 is the winner.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 emphasizes more on the impact generated on the ball. As a result, the ball races faster than normal. 

In contrast, classic Newport putters accentuate the long puts. Hence the ball speed is slower in their case. 

Ball Sight

Aiming becomes perfect when the ball sight is visible to the golfers. Most golfers prefer visibility over anything; for them, the putters shouldn’t be an obstacle.

The classic Newport putters make the ball much more visible as those come with rounded edges and offer clearer sight to the ball. In the case of Newport 2, the edges are squarer, and it can often be distracting. 

Some people like angular sight, so it won’t be a problem. But for those who want clear visibility, classic Newport is better than Newport 2.

Which one should you choose between Newport and Newport 2 putters?

Selection of the right putter is always essential for a better putting performance. Between Newport and Newport 2, there are a lot of similarities and dissimilarities. It all depends on the type of approach that the golfer takes.

When performance and easiness is the requirement, Newport is the better option. Or else, for a better view of the ball and control, the classic Newport is better.


When selecting between Newport and Newport 2, many questions can circulate in your mind. Some of the most common queries are listed below:

Is Scotty Cameron Newport 2 more forgiving?

No, the Newport 2 isn’t as forgiving as its counterparts or previous model. It’s better known for its consistency and also precision in gameplay. The weight distribution and increased chances of sweet spot production make it a top option.

Is Newport 2 face balanced?

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 doesn’t come with a balanced face. It doesn’t have the putter head face pointed toward the sky while balancing the shaft. It also means that this putter will come with less toe flow.

Which Scotty Cameron putter is the most forgiving?

The Scotty Cameron classic Newport putter is the most forgiving among all other versions. It focuses on accuracy, not the heel, which plays a big part in its forgiveness.


Both Scotty Cameron Newport and Newport 2 serve the purpose of being top-class putters. However, the differences between them decide what they are going to offer.

Each of these putters has unique offerings to golfers. Based on the characteristics described above, you should choose one based on your preferences. The Newport 2 might have the edge over the others as it’s used by most golfers worldwide, and even tournaments are won through it.

But the classic Newport is forgiving, a trait that might be sought by many. Moreover, we hope that you choose the right putter, and for any confusion, do let us know.

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