EZGo TXT Vs RXV Golf Cart: Which One Is Better?

Among plenty of EZGo golf carts, there is always a constant battle between EZGO Txt and RXV. While the TXT is an older model, the RXV is a newer model cart. The RXV also excels in power, customization, advanced features, and horsepower.

Still, when you dive into the details, the TXT doesn’t fall behind in the competition too much. So, let’s go ahead and get a better look at both these carts to see which emerges as the perfect choice for your golfing needs.

EZGo TXT Vs RXV Golf Cart: Which One Is Better?

An Overview Of EZGo TXT Golf Carts 

EZGo first introduced the TXT golf carts in 1996. It was the first generation of TXT golf carts which didn’t have many features. But they sure did pack the performance every golfer requires from a golf cart.

The TXT in EZGo carts mean that Textron, a multi-industry company, was responsible for producing the carts.

Other manufacturers made EZGo carts other than Textron, so the TXT marking was to recognize the producer of a particular cart.

A remodel of TXT golf carts came with some additional features, such as a newer motor, longer battery life, a USB port, more space, cup holders, and so forth. These golf carts come in both electric and gas models.

Pros of TXT golf carts

  • They are quite versatile in style
  • The build quality is excellent and lasts for years
  • Inexpensive to buy, upgrade and replace parts.
  • Impressive battery life
  • Pretty good performance for the price
  • Newer models are very spacious

Cons of TXT golf carts

  • They are not the fastest golf carts
  • Older models lacked quite a lot of features

An Overview Of EZGo RXV Golf Carts

EZGo RXV are the golf carts that EZGo produces themselves with their technology. These golf carts came around in 2008 for the first time and had great success as golf carts among all golfers.

Along with performance, they also have some features to impress every golfer. Even though the golf carts came out in 2008, they truly improved in performance and quality after 2010.

EZGo introduced several upgrades and improvements in these carts to make them favorable for most golfers.

These carts are on the pricier side of the spectrum from EZGo. They also come in electric and gas variants to give options to the users.

The versatility in design, style, and color is also pretty impressive on these carts. But the best part of the cart has to be its speed.

Pros of EZGo RXV golf carts

  • It comes with excellent speed for a golf cart
  • Features advanced technology for performance
  • It packs more than enough power
  • Very long battery life without any upgrades
  • The golf cart runs very smooth and efficient
  • Offers a lot of room for customization

Cons of EZGo RXV golf carts

  • They can be a bit expensive
  • Requires more maintenance for durability

Similarities between EZGo TXT and RXV Golf carts

Well, before we go ahead with the differences between the golf carts, let’s glance at how each is similar.

There are several similarities between the two that you should know about. Here’s how they go based on similarities –

  • Both of these carts come in electric and gas variants.
  • The top speed is set to a similar range due to regulations
  • Gas variants of the two carts use similar engine
  • Quality is a constant assurance on both the carts
  • Comfortability is pretty similar in the carts

EZGo TXT vs. RXV Golf Carts: Quick comparison table

While the similarities between TXT and RXV golf carts are pretty generic, their differences are quite significant.

First, let’s glance at the differences in the comparison table, then we can move on to the details in a later section. 

SpecificationsEZGo TXTEZGo RXV
Power typeDCAC
Parking brakeSelf CompensatingAutomatic
Factory top speed13 to 24 MPH18 to 29MPH
Production year19962008
Best suited forDurabilitySpeed
Battery type6x6V / 6x8V6x12V
Pricing$2000 – $8000$5000 – $14000

What Are The Differences Between EZGo TXT And RXV?

Now that you know how each of these carts differs, let’s talk a bit about the carts in detail.

While the quick comparison gives you an insight into the technical aspects, the user experience will help you understand the suitability more.

Here are some factors where you can notice a significant difference between the carts –

Build quality

The first factor where one of the carts stays ahead in the game is the build quality. Regarding durability and build quality, TXT carts are much better and more reliable than RXV carts. Their components are of top-notch quality and don’t have many issues at all.

On the other hand, RXV carts tend to suffer a lot with suspension and brake issues. Even though the technology is advanced, they are also a bit complicated, which makes them tricky to handle.

So, whenever you want a cart that lasts long without any problem, go with the EZGo TXT over RXV.

Power and speed

Next up is the power and speed, where RXV takes it all the way. RXV carts are well known for their quick acceleration, enabling them to reach the top speed quickly.

Also, they come with a higher horsepower than TXT carts. And the AC power makes them more efficient in performance.

While TXT carts can still have a pretty good top speed, they don’t have that acceleration. Even the gasoline version of both the carts differ in power.

They both use the same EX1 engine, yet the RXV carts come with a more improved and upgraded version of the engine.

Overall, if you think about power and speed, the RXV is a winner compared to the TXT.

Size and frame

Coming to the size, both the carts were pretty similar until the remodeling of TXT carts. After the remodel, Textron increased the spacing on the carts to make them more spacious.

It surely adds up to the convenience and comfort factor. Comparatively, RXV has a smaller frame size and body shape.

But if you compare it with the older models of TXT, then the RXV will be a better pick for spacing needs. So, it comes down to which model of TXT you are comparing the RXV with.


Regarding customization, the RXV is a much better cart than the TXT. RXV carts give you a lot of room to upgrade and turn it into an even better-performing cart than TXT. Many variants are available for RXV carts with different styles and designs.

TXT, on the other hand, doesn’t leave much room for customization or upgrades. You pretty much have to work with what you get from the manufacturers.


For the availability factor, you can go with the RXV carts. Because they are much more modern and they are constantly being updated.

They also released the latest model in 2023. The availability of replacement or upgrade parts is also very high for these carts.

In comparison, the TXT carts are very much backdated. You can barely find the parts or even the carts from the older versions.

And they are not producing the carts anymore, so you can’t get your hands on a new one either. Considering all that, RXV is a much better option here.

Which One Is Better For You?

Which One Is Better For You?

When choosing between EZGo TXT vs. RXV, the comparison surely helps, but it comes down to preference.

If you don’t prefer getting a used or older cart model, RXV is your only choice, as TXT doesn’t make the carts anymore.

But if you are okay with older models or used carts, you must think about purpose and price.

If you want a cart that lasts long with decent performance while saving money, then go with TXT carts. If you need speed and plan to ride it uphill at a high price, pick RXV.

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Several questions regarding the EZGo TXT and RXV carts frequently pop up. Here, we will be answering some of those questions, so you can find the answers if you have similar queries.

Which EZGo RXV is better between a gas version and an electric version?

A gas golf cart is always a better option compared to electric versions in terms of power. You can get a better driving range in gas carts as the gas tank will always be larger than battery power. They are also faster.

How much does it cost to maintain the EZGo RXV?

Maintaining an EZGo RXV can cost somewhere between $400 and $600 annually. Many critical components don’t work well if you don’t take care of the parts properly. That’s why the maintenance cost can go pretty high.

Is RXV more difficult to maintain than TXT?

Yes, RXV carts tend to have a much more complex mechanism, making them susceptible to several issues. You will face many problems with the RXV carts without proper and frequent maintenance. In contrast, TXT is a very easy-to-maintain golf cart.

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