Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron: Which One is Better?

A putter is one of the most important things a pro golf player would consider. Getting the right vibe of playing golf without a right putter is not possible. Today, Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters are most popular. But which one goes better between Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron?

The main difference between kirkland putter vs. scotty cameron is the price where Scotty putters are way more expensive. However, these putters have got more utilities too. Nevertheless, Kirkland putters also take the lead, especially with their short-distant shots.

This gives you an overview of the differences of these two putters. However, that is not all to make up your mind for the final purchase. So, read along for more insights to get started now. 

Kirkland Putter vs. Scotty Cameron

Overview of Kirkland Putter

The Kirkland putter is a club golf players use to put the golf ball at the hole from a short distance. This is a CNC putter with an appearance of blade-styled. 

This Kirkland putter is average with its comfort. That means it has nothing extravagant but okay to handle in terms of its mass. Below are some pros and cons of this putter.

Overview of Scotty Cameron Putter

The Scotty Cameron putter is one of the top-notch putters today. This putter looks vintage with a touch of classy and stylish look. Scotty cameron putters are milled with a steel face.

Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron: A Quick Comparison

Now, you have got an overview of these two putters. Here, we have got a table for you to look at the quick comparison.

Kirkland Putter vs Scotty Cameron: A Quick Comparison

What are the differences between Kirkland Putter and Scotty Cameron?

As you have already come across the table above, you now have a basic idea about their features. Now, you can move to the detailed comparison of these two putters we got here.

Performance And Alignment

Performance is the first thing that anyone would look for while choosing something. Looking at the performance of these two putters, you would be absolutely satisfied.

Kirkland Putter

Kirkland putters are good enough with the grip. Due to its adjustable heel and toe, you can tune this club which makes it convenient to use.

However, you can not take shots at a distance more than 20 feet with this. On the other hand, Scotty Cameron putters are even better.

Scotty Cameron

These have a wide sweet spot which enables you to use them for both putting and chipping. Note that you can also take bigger shots with this, crossing even 40 feet.


Anyone would look at the quality for a purchase. So, here you can compare the quality of Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters. The brand, Kirkland, produces great golf putters without a doubt.

Kirkland Putter design
Kirkland Putter

These putters have high-quality metals which make the putter easy to handle too. The CNC body and the face is really effective.

Kirkland putters are a well-balanced one that can smoothen the game of anyone. However, this is not that consistent with its qualities.

Just like Kirkland, Scotty Cameron putters are great in quality too. These putters have a wider sweet spot and are very consistent with its long-term quality.

Scotty Cameron putter
Scotty Cameron putter

That means the quality of these putters remain the same for a long time. The metal used in this is absolutely top-notch.


For looks, Kirkland is more or less the same. However, you can still expect a bit of variations in this.

Some of these come in pure grey color, whereas, others have designs on it. Note that the deluxe head cover looks really classy. Moreover, these also come in whitish and purplish color too.

However, Scotty Cameron putters have no variation in their looks at all. All these come in silver or light greyish color with regular shapes.


Kirkland has not got variations in their putters. You may currently get only one version from their website. 

Kirkland and scooty cameron Putter

However, Scotty Cameron can confuse you in a good way at times. Basically, this has got a number of variations in the model. They offer you both blade and mid-mallet putters.

Extra Utilities

Kirkland putters have got this blade design which helps the disrupting grasses to overcome. Basically, you get a better swing of it while playing the shot. 

This has also got a SuperStroke CounterCore Mid Slim grip. Due to this, the Kirkland putter becomes well adjusted with your hand.

So, this does not slip off at all even if your gloves are damp or wet. There is a precision-milled 303 stainless steel installed in these putters.

Due to this, the short-length strokes go as perfect as someone would want to be. Almost no other putters could beat this in a 20-feet shot.

Scotty has consistent strokes for their bigger sweet spot. This makes their shots better than many other ones. 

The frontend of this is shaped in a way that it makes the club to hold firmly. This makes it easy to move.


Finally, you need to consider the factor of pricing. So, to buy a Kirkland putter, you need to spend around $140. However, a Scotty Cameron putter can make you reconsider your budget.

One of these putters cost around $400 on average. So, these are expensive compared to many other putters.

Which Putter to Choose Finally Now?

If you have not decided yet, that‘s completely fine. Here is the final verdict that you are looking for which would help evaluate easily.

When it comes to choosing a putter, you have several factors to take into account. Most probably, the budget is going to play a crucial role.

Kirkland putters are known for their affordability and quality construction, while Scotty Cameron putters are on the premium site.

While budget is one aspect, the other aspect includes your personal preference. Kirkland putters are good enough with the grip.

On the other hand, Scotty Cameron putters have a wide sweet spot which enables you to use them for both putting and chipping.

The best thing to do before you choose the best one is to test both and see which one feels best for you. Pick the option in which you have confidence.


Coming up almost to the end, we know the insights and can hopefully make up our minds to get the right one. Now, here goes some complementary info that you may need.

Is a Kirkland potter as popular as a Scotty Cameron putter?

Yes, a Kirkland potter is as popular as a Scotty Cameron putter. To be precise, this is even more popular in a few fields.
Both these putters have gained so much customer satisfaction that people are confused about which one to put first.

Is it okay if the putter gets wet?

Yes, a putter may get damp at times depending on the weather. However, you need to make sure it is not kept wet or even damp for a long time. This would affect the putter adversely. With time, your putter may be getting rusted.

Are the Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters legal to use?

Yes, Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters are legal to use today. This is because these putters abide by the rules and policies that the organization, USGA has set. So, anyone playing golf, whether a pro or an amateur, can use these 2 putters.

Can I get Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters at any sports shops?

No, you would not get these Kirkland and Scotty Cameron putters at any sports shops.
This is because these putters are considered to be premium and absolutely authentic. So, to maintain their authenticity, they mainly provide these by their official websites.

Is a Kirkland or Scotty Cameron putter better for an amateur?

Well, it does not matter to use either of them being an amateur. This is because a newbie would hardly understand the differences between them as both are good.
However, if someone still wants to differentiate, he would have to look at the comparison for this.

Final Words

Now you know which one is better in the comparison of Kirkland utter vs Scotty Cameron! We believe you got no more confusion to get the right one for you.

Do remember one thing every time while making a purchase like this. You may get confused about which one to choose. Consider a comparison of the features and properties so that your money does not go in vain.

Although some people get convinced by the price only, other features are important to look at too. So, you must evaluate before you choose your product. All the best.

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