S300 Vs. S400 Golf Shaft: Which One Reigns Supreme?

Dynamic Gold’s s300 and s400 shafts are quite popular among modern golfers. Each has its own differences and similarities. Their unique features aid various playstyles and help players achieve the perfect shot.

There are a lot of factors that differentiate s300 from s400. One of them is their launch. S400 will give you a lower launch, whereas S300 has a higher launch.

However, this is just a snapshot of the detailed comparison of S300 vs S400 Golf Shaft discussed in this article. Choosing the right shaft is crucial for your gameplay. If you want to learn what makes these two shafts distinct, stick to the end. 

Overview of the S400 Golf Shaft

The S400 is an extra stiff, heavy shaft, giving players a high swing speed advantage. It has a lower penetrating ball flight with less spin. Less spin allows the ball to go further when it hits the ground.

Compared to the s300, the s400 is longer. Due to that, it is easy to obtain a faster swing speed. Here are the pros and cons of the s400:

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Overview of S300 golf shaft

S300 is a versatile shaft with many options. You can choose your shaft’s weight within 124g – 137g. The length and weight are also customizable, from 36.5-40 inches.  

Due to weight choices, it benefits both low and fast swing speed players. Although, s300’s stiffness is lesser than s400 which is unsettling for high-speed swing.

At the same time, the ball flight of the s300 is low. Here are the pros and cons of s300:

S300 vs S400: Comparison Table

Both the shafts have their good sides and drawbacks. Since their features offer certain advantages, picking the right shaft that suits your skills is important. Comparing them side by side makes it easy to choose between them.

FlexstiffExtra stiff
Length36.5-41 inches41 inches
Butt diametre.600 inches.600 inches
Tip diameter.355 inches.355 inches

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What are the differences between S300 And S400?

Despite their similarities, there are significant differences that set these shafts apart. Here we have found the common differences between s400 and s300:


While s300’s weight varies between 124g to 137g, s400 has a fixed weight of 130g. Heavy-weight shafts will suit you better if you are a fast swinger. 

Since the shaft is heavy, your swing speed will remain in control. As a result, your consistency and accuracy will be improved. 

In the case of lightweight shafts, it is easy to wield and swing fast. However, the swing speed is hard to manage, which makes it difficult to be accurate and maintain consistency. 

Slow or moderate swing speed players benefit from light shafts.

Therefore pick your shaft weight accordingly.


When it comes to flex, both s300 and s400 are stiff shafts. Although, the s400 is extra stiff. Stiffness refers to the bending of shafts while swinging.

Extra stiffness works better for players with a faster swing. An extra stiff shaft bends more than an average stiff one.

A slow swing speed player with extra stiffness can mess up his shots. The wrong shaft will impact the ball’s distance, flight, trajectory, etc.  Vice versa, the right flex will enhance your shot performance.

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Whether your shaft length is shorter or longer; it affects your shot. S400’s length is 41 inches, but s300 has multiple options from 36.5-41 inches. 

A shorter shaft always tends to make a player bend more. The posture remains off, which interrupts the perfect swing.

However, your accuracy will be much better. And if you are short in height, a short shaft could work for you.

Most players use longer shafts these days. Players can hit the ball further because it is easy to gain a faster swing.

Nonetheless, it requires practice to keep the tempo in control. Always remember without the appropriate shaft length, you can perfect your swing.

Swing Speed 

For fast swingers, higher stiffness matters. Compared to the s400, s300 is stiff on a lesser scale. For slow swingers handling s400’s extra stiffness will be tough. 

A mid to slow swing speed player will have difficulty generating speed with a heavy extra stiff shaft. Due to that, ball flight gets lower, and desired ball speed is hard to achieve. 

Swing speed as in 85 mph, 92mph, etc., works well with s300. Its flexible weight and stiffness are ideal for this swing speed.

For speeds like110 mph, 106 mph, etc., s400 performs up to standards. The extra stiffness of s400 helps fast swingers produce high speed, which makes the ball’s distance better.

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S300 has a higher launch angle compared to s400’s lower launch. However, both shafts maintain a low ball flight.

With s300, you can elevate the ball slightly higher than s400. Due to s300’s elevation, the ball distance is much lesser than s400.

S300 or S400: Which golf shaft to choose? 

S400 is excellent for players who like to swing aggressively. The extra stiffness of it helps maintain precision.

While it’s heavyweight, keep your fast swing in check, which gives you good ball impact and distance.

In s300’s case, the stiffness is less compared to s400. Despite its weight options, the lack of stiffness is meant for medium to slow swinging players. Choose short or long lengths depending on your accuracy and swing.

We suggest you try them both and always select the shaft that best suits your abilities. The right shaft will enhance your gameplay, giving you a competitive edge over others.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, you have an idea of the S300 and S400s good sides and downfalls. Here are some frequently asked questions about s300 vs s400:

Do professionals use s300 and s400 shafts?

Both of these brands are quite popular among modern pro golfers. Many current pros use s300, such as Tommy Fleetwood, Luke Donald, Patrick Reed, etc.
In another instance, Joaquin Niemann, Sahith Theegala, Brooks Koepka, etc., have s400 in possession.

What type of handicappers prefer s300 and s400?

Both of these brands dedicate themselves to lower handicappers. Golfers of that type desire low ball trajectories and launch features these shafts offer. Thus, the ball flight of these is not that high.

Which shaft is more expensive, between s300 and s400?

Shafts are not as expensive as drivers. S300 will cost you nearly 200$. At the same time, the tour-issued version of s400 will cost you close to 348$.

Who can use s300 and s400 shafts?

One way to make this shaft distinct is by its swing speed. For high-speed swingers, the heavyweight and extra stiff s400 will perform better.
Despite the s300’s versatile features, it has lesser stiffness than s400. Which gives the advantage to slow to medium swing speed golfers.

What is the weight of these shafts?

S400 is a heavy shaft weight shaft weighing up to 130g. In comparison, s300 has a wider range of weight selections from 124g to 137g.

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