A Comprehensive Discussion of the Ping Tour 65 Shaft

Finding a shaft that fits your playing style is crucial in golf! Whether the shaft is extra stiff or has a bit more flex, understanding how it affects your playing style makes the biggest difference. 

When it comes to the Ping Tour 65 shafts, they have a few options. You’ll need to look deeper to understand if the shaft is right for you! The flex, material, weight, grip, and playing style will all play a big role when choosing the right shaft. 

And to help you with that, in today’s article, we’ll give you a comprehensive and in-depth review of the Ping Tour 65 Shaft! So, let’s get right into it. 

Ping Tour 65 Shaft

Overview Of The Ping Tour 65 Shaft  

The Ping Tour 65 can be one of the better options when choosing a good driver. But as we mentioned, a shaft that fits your playing style is crucial for the best golfing experience possible. 

The Ping Tour 65 will give you all three common shaft flex options: Stiff, X-Stiff, and Regular Flex.

The stiffer shafts will go lower and spin less, while less stiff will help you hit higher, and the driver will feel much lighter too! 

However, lighter shafts usually make it harder to transition. So, a good middle ground would be to go for a regular flex shaft.

Transition and tempo matter a lot in golfing. So, if you usually struggle with transitioning, a stiffer shaft may be your better option. 

1. Material 


The material on a driver shaft plays an important role in increasing swing speed, distance, and overall performance.

Fortunately, the Ping Tour 65 shaft comes in two different materials, making choosing the right one for your playing style easier. 

The shaft comes in both graphite and steel options. The graphite version focuses on increasing swing speed, while the steel version helps with balance and accuracy. 

The graphite version of the Ping Tour 65 shaft will be a better choice if you want to attain better distance. 

2. Weight 


The weight of your driver shaft is one of the key factors while determining swing speed, transition point, and flex.

Stiffer shafts usually weigh more, while lighter shafts provide more flex. More about this in the next point.

The good thing about the Ping Tour 65 shaft is that it comes in three different weight options! Making it very easy to choose the right one for your playing style. 

3. Flex

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As we mentioned, lighter shafts have more flex, and stiffer shafts have less. Now, flex is crucial when choosing the right shaft for you.

But deciding on whether you should go with a lighter, more flex, or heavier, stiffer shaft depends on your playing style. 

The easy explanation is if you have a slow swing speed, go with a lighter shaft with more flex.

A lighter shaft will help you transition more accurately. In contrast, go with a stiffer shaft if you have a faster swing! 

The Ping Tour 65 offers three different options regarding the flex options. Try all three out and get the shaft that compliments your swing! 

4. Torque 

Torque plays an essential role for the golf driver after the swing. The lesser torque your driver shaft has, the lesser twisting you’ll experience.

Thankfully the Ping Tour 65 shaft has a torque of a minimum of 3.4° and goes as high as 4.3°. Which is still quite low! 

This makes the shaft quite resistant to unnecessary twisting and keeps the hit and swing accurate throughout.

Bend Point

5. Bend Point 

The ping tour 65 shafts have great torque, flex, weight, and a very satisfying bend point. The bend point plays a role in the launch angle of the ball’s flight.

While torque helps the ball maintain a steady line, the bend point helps the ball reach the desired distance. 

The Ping Tour 65 shaft has a mid-low bend point, which provides accurate and steady hits!

Ping Tour 65 Shaft Specification Chart 

To help you choose the right shaft for your Ping Tour 65 even more quicker, here is a chart that shows all the important specifications: 

DriverShaft FlexShaft Weight Shaft Launch Angle Shaft Torque
Ping Tour 65 Stiff62.0gLow-mid3.4°
Ping Tour 65X-Stiff67.0glow3.2°
Ping Tour 65Regular 68.0gMid4.3°

Which Ping Tour 65 Shaft Is Right For You?

Now that you know the shaft options Ping Tour 65 offers, it’s time to find out which of these shafts is right for you. While the flex, weight, and launch angle play a part, what’s more important is your playing style. 

1. Stiff and X-Stiff Shaft 

If you have a slower swing speed, we suggest getting a more lofted driver with more flex and a higher launch angle to optimize distance and accuracy.

The Ping Tour 65 has two options regarding stiffer shafts. If your swing speed requires a heavier option, go for the X-stiff shaft. 

2. Regular Stiff Shaft 

If you have a faster swing speed, you should choose a stiffer shaft for a better grip and transition.

The Ping Tour 65 only has one option for more flex, titled regular flex. The standard stiff shaft may work well if you want a low-mid flex shaft. 

A good driver paired with a good shaft will keep the ball straight and accurate to the target while optimizing the distance. But choosing a shaft that doesn’t match your playing style will hinder that!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To round up today’s topic, here are some frequently asked questions. These questions will help clear any remaining questions you may have about the Ping Tour 65 Shafts! 

Which Ping Tour 65 Shaft Is The Best For Beginners? 

For beginners, the normal stiff shaft is the best. Most beginners don’t have great transitions due to a lack of experience.
And lighter shafts or less stiff shafts can make it harder to maintain a good transition while hitting the ball. At the same time, X-stiff shafts may be too perfect for controlling. 

Is The Launch Angle On A Ping Tour 65 Shaft Good? 

The launch angle on the Ping Tour 65 is good. But the shafts may vary depending on what type of launch angle, ball spin, and distance you’re looking to achieve.
For example, the X-stiff offers a very low launch angle mainly because of its weight. But the hit is usually much straighter and more accurate if hit correctly. 

Is The Ping Tour 65 Stock Shafts Good? 

The Ping Tour 65 Driver has three very good stock shaft options, unlike many other companies. All three shafts offer good pliability and are sturdy! So, you won’t be facing many problems with replacing shafts. 


For a driver, a shaft is an essential part. While the Ping Tour 65 is a great driver, unless you choose the right shaft, your playing experience won’t be that great! 

We would suggest gripping and trying all three shafts to get a feel. But an easy way to decide would be to choose a mid-stiff flex shaft to get the best out of your hits. 

But understanding the factors that make or break a shaft can help you decide which shaft to get much more easily. And we hope this article on the Ping Tour 65 shafts helped you with that!

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