Tensei Orange Vs Pro Orange Shaft: What Are the Differences?

Shafts play an extremely crucial role for golfers, and choosing the right one can provide great consistency and an overall good time on the course. Two very popular options are the Tensei Orange and Pro Orange shafts. But what are the differences between these two?

Well, even though the differences are not too groundbreaking, it can have a significant effect on gameplay. The major difference between the Tensei Orange and the Pro Orange is the material they are made from and how they feel while playing.

However, these are not the only differences between them. To get a broader insight and to learn more about Tensei Orange vs. Pro Orange, stick around with this write-up.

Tensei Orange Vs Pro Orange Shaft
Tensei Orange Vs Pro Orange Shaft

An Overview Of The Tensei Orange Golf Shaft

The Tensei Orange or AV Raw Orange shaft from Mitsubishi Chemical incorporates Aluminium Vapor Coated Weave, which means it will provide lighter weight, lower torque, and higher transfer of energy.

This shaft is counterbalanced, meaning the butt end has more weight. This helps players get lighter swing weight and more flexibility.

In terms of the swing, the AV Raw Orange has a smooth feeling, mainly in the mid/tip section

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An Overview Of The Tensei Pro Orange Golf Shaft

The more premium option from Mitsubishi Chemical, Tensei Pro Orange, or the 1K Pro Orange, is an upgrade from its predecessor. It features a new material called 1K Carbon Fiber.

This new material allows the shaft to be three times thinner than its predecessor, making it stronger and more consistent.

In the tip, the Xlink Tech Resin System and MR 70 materials are used, which helps in getting lower torque.

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Tensei Orange vs Pro Orange: Comparison Chart

A comparison of specifications between the Tensei Orange and the Pro Orange shafts will help you decide which is better for you. The chart below provides a comparison of the shafts.

CriteriaTensei AV Raw OrangeTensei 1k Pro Orange
Ball Speed163.1 kmph158 kmph
Club Speed111.3106.4
Launch Angle13.1°10.7°
Carry(meters)247.9 m239.5 m

What Are The Differences Between Tensei Orange And Pro Orange Golf Shafts?

The shaft in a golf club is a crucial part and has a big impact on the experience of the player. Therefore, you might want to get a detailed comparison of specifications when choosing between two shafts.

Some of the major differences between the Tensei AV Raw Orange and the Tensei 1K Pro Orange are given below.


The Tensei AV Raw Orange from Mitsubishi Chemical has the upper hand in terms of looks, featuring a silver color in AV weave in the butt end which has a very eye-catching design.

A simple and sleek silver and black design that will be recognizable even from a distance.

For the Tensei 1K Pro Orange, the looks are a little different, but nothing too flashy. The iridescent finish on the Tensei branding is pretty noticeable. In the middle, the base color shifts from black to grey.  


As mentioned before, the Tensei AV Raw Orange is a counterbalanced shaft, which has a big impact on the feel while playing.

The shaft feels pretty strong throughout. The energy transfer of shots from the shaft to the ball can be felt.

The Tensei 1K Pro Orange is also a counterbalanced shaft. When it comes to the feel of the shaft, it is very consistent at the tip and smooth through the butt section.

This provides good stability at impact. However, the feel of this shaft is much more pleasant on the course.

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Flex is one of the most important factors to check before buying a shaft. A chart is given below to help you get a better idea of the flex offered by the two shafts.

Tensei AV Raw Orange Flex chart

Flex TypeWeight
Regular55, 65, 75g
Stiff55, 65, 75g
X55, 65, 75g
TX55, 65, 75, and 85g

Tensei 1K Pro Orange Flex chart

Flex TypeWeight
Regular50 and 60g
Stiff50, 60, 70, and 80g
X50, 60, 70, and 80g
TX50, 60, 70, and 80g


With its lightweight and low torque, the Tensei AV Raw Orange provides better performance. It is a mid launching and low spin shaft, which is pretty spot on. This shaft can provide good carry and distance coverage.

On the other hand, the 1K Pro Orange has a low launch trajectory with a low spin profile. According to the players of this shaft, they get better results with a smooth swing than with an aggressive one.

Build Quality

The shafts manufactured by Mitsubishi Chemical are undoubtedly the best in class. The Tensei AV Raw Orange is built with Aluminium Vapor Coated Weave, which provides light weight and lower torque with strong build quality.

On the other hand, a newer and better technology named 1K Carbon Fiber is used in the Tensei 1K Pro Orange, which is not only lighter but also stronger.

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Tensei Orange Vs Pro Orange: Which Golf Shaft to choose?

Now that we are at the end of the article, the debate comes down to which golf shaft you should be getting for yourself.

Well, the answer to that depends on your playstyle and abilities. If you prefer mid-launch trajectory and low spin on your shafts, you might want to go for the Tensei Orange. This shaft also provides more distance coverage than the 1K Pro Orange.

However, if your preference is a low trajectory and low spin, then the Tensei Pro Orange will be your go-to shaft. This shaft uses higher quality material than the AV Raw Orange.

The 1K Pro Orange also has more flex options with weight variations which will help players with different preferences to choose their preferred one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By now, you should have a clear idea of the differences and similarities between the Tensei Orange and the Tensei Pro Orange golf shafts. Here, we’ve got some common questions answered for you as well.

Which one between the Tensei Orange and Pro Orange feels more premium?

Between the two shafts, the Tensei Pro Orange or the 1K Pro Orange feels more premium, thanks to its material. The 1K carbon fiber not only makes the shaft feel premium, but it also makes it very light.

Which one between the Tensei Orange and Pro Orange is more expensive?

The Tensei Pro Orange is more expensive. The reason is that the shaft is comparatively newer in the market and has introduced a few new technologies. 

Does the Tensei Orange have a higher ball speed than the Pro Orange?

Yes, the Tensei Orange or the AV Raw Orange has a higher ball speed than the Tensei Pro Orange. The ball speed of the AV Raw Orange is 163.1kmph  and the 1K Pro Orange is 158 kmph.

Do Tensei Orange and Pro Orange offer the same type of trajectory?

No, these two shafts do not offer the same type of trajectory. The Tensei Orange offers a mid trajectory where a low trajectory is seen in the Pro Orange Shaft.

Which one between the Tensei Orange and Pro Orange has lower torque?

The Pro Orange shaft has lower torque than the Tensei Orange, which means the shaft is more resistant to twisting.

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