Can You Bring Your Own Golf Clubs To TopGolf? Know All Facts!

It sounds good to have fun with friends and sharpen your golfing skills at the same time at TopGolf. Thus, while planning a visit to TopGolf, you may be wondering if you can bring your own clubs.

Well, TopGolf allows you to bring your own set of clubs under some conditions and policies. However, before attempting that you should know all possible outcomes to keep your clubs safe.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of bringing your own clubs to Topgolf. Hence, you can focus on having a great time with friends and family while improving your game and showing off your golf skills.

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Clubs To TopGolf

Can You Bring Your Own Golf Clubs To TopGolf? 

In a word, the answer is positive. TopGolf does allow its members to bring their personal set of golf clubs to the bay and use them.

TopGolf provides a decent set of golf clubs to its members on rent. They have a separate set for men and women.

Moreover, left-handers can also get a specialized set for them. But, to respect the member’s personal demands and comfort, TopGolf allows them to bring and use their own clubs.

However, there are certain policies and restrictions that you need to be aware of.

Topgolf allows you to bring their own clubs, but they must be in standard working condition according to the USGA rules and regulations.

You are not allowed to bring your own golf balls. Topgolf supplies the golf balls with tracking chips inside, for all games played at TopGolf arena.

If you do bring your own golf clubs, it’s essential to take responsibility for them and not leave them unattended.

TopGolf will not be liable for any loss and damage to the personal clubs bought and used by you.

How To Bring Your Own Golf Clubs In TopGolf?

To bring your own golf clubs to Topgolf, all you need is to arrive at the TopGolf reception with your clubs in a carrying bag. While checking in, the staff will guide you through the process.

TopGolf in different regions has different procedures but worry not as there are no strict hard and fast rules.

The staff may inspect your clubs to ensure that they are in good condition. Once your clubs have been inspected, you will be free to use them on the Topgolf driving range. 

In most TopGolf venues they have a store room where you can keep your set of clubs secured while waiting for your turn or after playing.

Hence, you need not carry the bags around and have fun with friends without worrying about your favorite clubs.

Advantages Of Bringing Own Golf Club At TopGolf  

There are several advantages to bringing your own clubs to TopGolf. These are stated below:

Own Comfort Zone

Own Comfort Zone

Having your own golf clubs helps you feel more comfortable using them than the clubs provided by Topgolf.

This is especially true if you are used to playing with a specific set of clubs customized to fit your skill, body, playing style, and swing.

Using your own clubs can give you a sense of familiarity and confidence that can improve your performance.

Better Performance

Better Performance

If you are an experienced golfer, using your personal golf clubs can help you improve your golfing performance.

You may be more comfortable with the weight distribution, length, grip, angle, and other aspects of your clubs. Hence it will help you make more accurate shots.

Moreover, if you are playing with something specifically designed, you can easily get accustomed to the challenges, and game types that TopGolf offers and score better than others.


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Bringing your own clubs can help you maintain consistency in your swing. Especially if you are using clubs that you are familiar with, most of your swings will have a similar impact on the gameplay. 

This can be crucial if you are practicing at Topgolf to work on your swing mechanics and want to ensure that you are making consistent swings throughout your session.

Showcasing Skills

Using your own golf clubs boosts your confidence level. You can show off your golfing skills to others which creates an impactful impression.

Moreover, showcasing your golf clubs will derive how enthusiastic you are about golfing.

Disadvantages Of Bringing Your Own Golf Club To TopGolf

Having your own golf clubs at Topgolf has a wide range of advantages, but there are a few possible drawbacks as well. Bringing your own golf clubs might not be the best choice for the following situations:

Limited Choice Of Selection

Limited Choice Of Selection

If your set just has a few clubs, you might not have the ideal club for every shot that is suitable for different challenges at the TopGolf.

Topgolf offers players a variety of clubs to choose from, including wedges, drivers and irons, and specialty clubs that you might not have in your own set.

Carrying The Clubs

Carrying The Clubs

It can be difficult to get your golf clubs to Topgolf, especially if you’re taking a long-distance trip or public transit.

If you are traveling with your clubs, you can also be required to pay extra baggage fees. Besides, moving around the driving range carrying your club bag on your back can be hassling and tiring. 

Risk of Damage

Risk of Damage
Source: Youtube

You must consider the risk of losing or damaging your golf clubs if you bring them to Topgolf.

If handled improperly, clubs may become damaged, dented, or broken. While visiting TopGolf with our friends and clubs can be a bad idea if your friends are not skilled. 

There is a chance they would ask to use your clubs and swing them inappropriately which may cause damage to your clubs. Moreover, there is always a chance that they may be left behind or stolen.

Extra Maintenance 

If you bring your personal clubs, you are in charge of keeping them maintained. This involves maintaining them by cleaning them after each use, fixing any issues that arise, and replacement if needed.

Such a procedure can be expensive and time-consuming. The TopGolf diving bay is quite different from a real golf course.

Hence, you won’t get greens or fairways to swing your clubs. As a result, swinging your clubs at TopGolf bay can wear out your club.

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Go through the following FAQs from the TopGolf members to know more about the etiquette of bringing golf clubs at TopGolf.

What type of clubs should you carry in TopGolf?  

Mostly Irons and Wedges are suitable to be brought at TopGolf for casual challenges and game types. You can bring an entire set of clubs including drivers and hybrids.

Which golf club is mostly used in TopGolf? 

Wedges are mostly used in TopGolf. Since most players prefer mid-range game types, the wedges are more suitable for such challenges. Besides, different irons are also used at TopGolf.

Do you need your own driver at TopGolf?

TopGolf provides a complete set of workable and decent golf clubs which includes drivers and hybrids. However, if you are comfortable playing with your driver, you are allowed to bring your own driver for long shots at TopGolf.

Can you use irons at TopGolf? 

You can use different types of irons atTopGolf depending upon the distance in the game and your swinging skill. Topgolf provides four standard types of iron for convenience. However, if you will you can bring your personal irons to TopGolf.


Most TopGolf venues are friendly towards their members and allow them to bring a personal set of clubs without much hassle or rules. But the catch here is the purpose you want to bring your clubs to TopGolf. 

TopGolf offers a set of Callaway clubs to their premium members which can also be rented paying a small fee. These clubs are very decent to play with.

Hence, unless it is very essential it is recommended not to bring your clubs to TopGolf.

It is better to use their clubs and have fun with friends, avoiding the hassle of carrying your own clubs or worrying about storing them securely


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