KBS Tour V vs. Dynamic Gold S300: Which Shaft to Choose?

Both the KBS Tour V and Dynamic Gold S300 are iron shafts. Nine PGA Tour players used KBS V in 2023. But none of the tour players used the Dynamic Gold S300.

The core difference between these two is in weight and swing quality. Talking about weight, the KBS Tour V is lighter than the Dynamic Gold S300. Both are designed to have low spin. But KBS’s golf shaft is better than the other one in this part.

Now, we know the main differences between these two. However, it is essential to know everything thoroughly before buying or trying anything. So, let’s find out the other distinguished differences between these two golf shafts. 

KBS Tour V vs. Dynamic Gold S300

Overview of KBS Tour V Shaft

The KBS Tour V shaft was developed primarily for golf competitions. Low spin is its main area of expertise. Because of this, it is quite enticing to both professional and tournament players.

Several of the users said this shaft gives a feeling of consistency. That is because it is made following VWT (Variable Wall Thickness) technology. So, the players can perform better.

Another notable characteristic of this shaft is its weight. It is very lightweight. You can find three different weights in this design.

The lightest one is 110 grams, while the heaviest one is 130 grams. And the other one is 120 grams.

Players of all swing speeds can choose the weight that is most comfortable for them thanks to the design’s three distinct weights.

Overview of KBS Tour V Shaft

Overview of Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft

Among iron shafts, the Dynamic Gold S300 is a highly well-liked golf shaft. True Temper is the manufacturer company of this top-notch golf shaft.

You may already be aware as a golfer or golf aficionado that True Temper is one of the top manufacturers of golf shafts.

Users favor this shaft mainly because it has a low projectile and low spin compared to other shafts. It assists players in hitting the ball straight but far away. There are two distinct weights offered for this shaft by the manufacturer.

Golfers with medium to quick swing speeds might benefit more from a 120-gram weighted shaft. For golfers with particularly quick swing speeds, the 130-gm shaft is the most suitable.

Overview of Dynamic Gold S300 Shaft

KBS Tour V vs Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Shaft: Quick Comparison Table

Now that we have a basic comprehension of these two golf shafts, it will be easier for us to select our preferred one among them.

However, let’s examine them more closely in a side-by-side comparison first, before choosing your favorite shaft.

Comparison CriteriaKBS Tour VDynamic Gold S300
MaterialIron/ SteelIron/ Steel
Weight (in grams)110, 120, 130120, 130.
Flex R, S, X, Tour Spec S+, Tour Spec XR, S, X.
Feel of playersSmoother/ softerFirm/ dense
Tip Diameter Size (inch)0.3550.355
Butt Diameter Size (in inches).600.600
Spin Ratecomparatively morecomparatively less
PriceComparatively highComparatively low
DistanceAverage/ normalMore than the comparable one
Trajectory Moderate to higherless than the comparative one
Launching typeHigh-launchingLow-launching
Loft AngleHighLow
Lie AngleSame to the other oneNo difference
ControlBetter controlGood control

What Are the Differences Between the KBS Tour V and Dynamic Gold S300 Golf Shafts?

Though in many aspects these two shafts are alike, there are still some contrasts between them that make them distinctive.

So, we are presenting an analogical comparison between the exclusive traits of these two golf shafts.

Weight and Balance

 At approximately 110–130 grams, the KBS Tour V is noted for being incredibly light. Golfers can boost their swing speed and produce extra distance with the aid of this design.

The Dynamic Gold S300, meanwhile, weighs in at a maximum of 130–132 grams. This extra weight can offer a higher level of stability and control, even if it might not be as easy to swing as the KBS Tour V.

Launching Angle and Spin Attributes

One more important distinction is the launching angle of these two shafts. The KBS Tour V’s higher launch angle may be advantageous for golfers who have problems propelling the ball into the air.

Meanwhile, golfers whose swings are more powerful and faster, favor the Dynamic Gold S300 golf shaft for its lower spin trajectory and lower launching type.

Materialistic Composition

A special steel alloy is used to make the KBS Tour V golf shaft, resulting in a smooth and responsive perception.

Conversely, premium and pure steel are used to make the Dynamic Gold S300, which helps it to provide more solidity and steadiness.

Feeling of flexibility and stiffness

Feeling of flexibility and stiffness

Having a very flexible tip section, the KBS Tour V produces moderately high launching and spin.

This flexibility facilitates golfers’ ability to spawn greater clubhead speed, which results in increased range and accuracy.

Meanwhile, the Dynamic Gold S300 features a stiffer tip section that produces a high-launch, low-spin trajectory.

This stiffness imparts greater control and accuracy to golfers with more aggressive swings.

KBS Tour V or Dynamic Gold S300: Which Golf Shaft to Choose?

The KBS Tour V is a shaft that dances with the wind, offering a lightness and speed that can be both exhilarating and dizzying.

Yet, its burstiness can be a challenge as it requires a deft touch and a keen sense of control to harness its full potential.

On the other hand, the Dynamic Gold S300 is a shaft that moves with purpose and precision.

It’s a shaft that offers firmness and stability that can be both reassuring and daunting. Despite its firmness, mastering it still requires a stable touch and a methodical approach.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Hopefully, this talk has assisted you in selecting the golf shaft that will best suit your swing, control quality, and, eventually, help you succeed in your intended competition.


After reading everything, you might already have one excellent choice in mind. We did try to make a few unclear issues clear here, though, for the sake of improved accuracy.

Which shaft is better suited for golfers with a faster swing speed?

Golfers with a faster swing speed may benefit from the Dynamic Gold S300 shaft, as it can better withstand the increased force and deliver the necessary control and accuracy.

What kind of golfer would benefit from the KBS Tour V shaft?

The KBS Tour V may be better suited for golfers who prioritize dynamic burstiness and a lighter feel in their swing. It can also be an effective choice for players seeking greater distance and higher ball flight.

Can the KBS Tour V provide enough control for a more accurate shot?

Yes, with the proper technique and adjustment, the KBS Tour V can offer ample control and precision for a more accurate shot. Nonetheless, you might want additional training and expertise to master this.

Which shaft offers better consistency and stability during the swing?

The Dynamic Gold S300 is generally considered to provide more consistency and stability throughout the swing due to its sturdy construction and emphasis on control.

Which shaft is better for players with a slower swing speed?

Golfers with a slower swing speed may find the KBS Tour V more beneficial, as it can provide greater lift and distance with its dynamic burstiness. However, this ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and playing style.

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