UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 vs 5: Comparing Shaft Performance & Features

UST Mamiya, one of the leading golf equipment manufacturers, has recently released two latest versions of its popular Helium shafts. The Helium Black 4 and 5 both promise exceptional performance and control. So, UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 vs 5, what is the difference? 

The main difference between UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 and 5 is their respective flex ratings. The Helium 4 has a flex rating of L and A, and the Helium 5 has a flex rating of R, S, and X. The higher the flex, the more powerful and responsive the shafts are.

In this blog post, we will compare these two shafts to find out what each offers and, ultimately, which of the two might be the better choice for your game.

UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 vs 5

UST Mamiya helium black 4 vs 5: Comparison Table

If you’re stuck between the UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 or 5 shafts and want to know which one will give you the best performance and features, then we’ve got you covered.

To help you compare the two shafts, we have prepared a comprehensive comparison table to make the decision easier for you.

What Are The Differences Between UST Mamiya Helium black 4 and 5?

Mamiya Helium Black carbon fiber shafts have been a popular choice of golfers for many years, offering a stable yet responsive feel, excellent ball control, and accuracy. 

But with the recent release of the new Mamiya Helium Black 5, golfers are wondering what the differences between the two models are. Let’s take a look at the differences between these two golf clubs.


The first factor to consider when comparing the Helium Black 4 and 5 is the materials used to construct each shaft.

The Helium Black 4 is constructed from a high-modulus carbon composite material designed to adhere to golfers’ swings and provide a stable platform for ball flight. 

The Helium Black 5 is also constructed from an advanced carbon composite material but is designed for increased performance with a lighter weight and greater stability.

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Flex Profile

Flex Profile

Each shaft’s flex profile is another key area to consider when comparing. The Helium Black 4 shaft has a regular flex profile, while the Helium Black 5 is designed with a stiffer flex profile suited to those with a faster swing speed.

Helium Black 4F1LHigh
Helium Black 4F2AHigh
Helium Black 5F3RHigh
Helium Black 5F4SHigh
Helium Black 5F5XMid-High

While the flex profile may change depending on the amount of force applied by the golfer, the Helium Black 4 will generally have a softer kick point than the Helium Black 5.



The location of the kick point in a shaft will affect the type of shot a player can hit. Generally speaking, a lower kick point is best suited for players who want to hit with a draw, while a higher kick point is better suited to those who want to hit with a fade. 

The Helium Black 4 has a low/mid kick point, while the Helium Black 5 is equipped with a mid/high kick point.

This will greatly affect the type of shot a golfer can execute with their shaft, so it is worth considering.

Spin Rate

When comparing golf shafts, the spin rate is another key factor. The spin rate of the Helium Black 4 is higher than the Helium Black 5, meaning it offers more spin control for golfers looking for a true feel and accurate control. 

ModelSpin Rate (rpm)
Helium Black 4F12720
Helium Black 4F22720
Helium Black 5F32700
Helium Black 5F42700
Helium Black 5F52700

The lower spin rate on the Helium Black 5 may be better suited for those with slower swing speeds that need to gain additional spin on their shots.

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Launch Angle

Shaft launch angle

The Helium Black 5 offers a lower launch angle than the Black 4. This makes it ideal for golfers of all skill levels who want to minimize the amount of backspin generated by their swing and control their launch angle more precisely.

Club Speed114.6 mph
Ball Speed170.2 mph
Launch Angle15.5º
Carry (yds)281.9 yds
Total (yds)300.2 yds


The weight of each shaft is also important when comparing the two models. The Helium Black 4 weighs 50-54g, while the Helium Black 5 is a bit heavier at just 58-60g.

UST Mamiya helium: Weight

This can make a difference in the feel of the club head and the overall performance of your shots. Those with slower swing speeds may be better suited to the lighter Helium Black 4.


Another factor to consider when comparing the two models. The Helium Black 5 is slightly more stable with a higher weight, while the Helium Black 4 is slightly less stable with its lower weight.

The real testament to the stability of each shaft is how the golfer’s shots feel and the performance they experience.

UST Mamiya helium black 4 or 5: Which Golf Shaft To choose?

The UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 vs 5 are both quality performers. Each offers a unique package of features, such as lighter head weights and stiffer profiles, that can help define your golf game. Both models produce shots with excellent feel and ball flight. 

Which is key in helping golfers achieve their desired shots. Ultimately, choosing one will depend on what is most important to your swing and your specific playing style.

The Helium Black 5 is a great option if you’re looking for a mid-level shaft with a great feel. 

While the Helium Black 4 is ideal for those seeking more power and control. No matter which model you choose, these proven golf shafts will help you achieve the shots you want.

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We have gathered a few frequently asked questions to help you better understand these clubs’ features, performance, and value.

Which UST Mamiya Helium Black shaft has more performance features?

The UST Mamiya Helium Black 5 offers more performance features than the 4. These include a higher launch profile, improved stability, and a penta-axial carbon fiber construction.
These features give players with higher swing speeds more spin and forgiveness during their swings.

Can the UST Mamiya Helium Black shafts be customized?

Both UST Mamiya Helium Black shaft models can be customized to meet your needs. After-market adapters can improve the shafts’ weight, balance, and spin rate.
For example, you can use different adapter adaptors to increase the weight or balance of a shaft while fine-tuning the shaft’s spin rate according to your swing speed.

Is the UST Mamiya Helium Black 5 an upgrade over the 4?

The UST Mamiya Helium Black 5 is an upgrade over the 4 in several ways. The 5 offers improved performance thanks to its heavier construction, improved head shape, and redesigned crown. Additionally, the 5 offers improved sound and feel compared to the 4.

What are the constructions of UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 and 5?

The UST Mamiya Helium Black 4 has a 3k weave construction that helps players with faster swing speed and generates more power.
On the flip side, the Helium Black 5 has a 4K weave construction that helps players create a high launch angle with immense stability.

Which Helium Black shaft should I use?

Ultimately it depends on your individual preferences and swing dynamics. Generally speaking, the softer 4 shaft is more forgiving for players with slower swing speeds.
While the 5 is designed for players with faster swing speeds looking for more accuracy and control.

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