How to Make 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster? [7 Best Methods]

Golf carts are trendy all over the world right now. Their uses are not limited to golf courses only. People get to use their golf carts for various other purposes. Therefore it might be necessary to increase the speed of your golf cart faster.

If you have a 36 Volts golf cart, you already know that it’s not the best for speed. While you can’t and shouldn’t try to make your golf cart as speedy as other mainstream vehicles, you can certainly do something to make it faster.

The most common ways include upgrading the motor, battery, and tires. In this article, you will find some quick and easy solutions to make your 36 Volts golf cart faster. Let’s dive in. 

How to Make Your 36-Volt Golf Cart Go Faster

7 Best Ways to Make a 36 Volts Golf Cart Go Faster

If you are looking for ways to make your golf cart go faster, you are in the right place. Check out the 7 best ways of increasing speed for your 36 Volts golf cart below. 

1. Upgrade your golf cart’s motor

golf cart's motor

One of the best ways to gain more speed is to upgrade the motor. However, this is an expensive purchase, so keep that in mind. 

Upgrading the motor will increase the cart’s torque. Torque increases speed; vice versa. You can achieve that due to increased motor RPM.

Typically, a series-wound DC speed motor is your best bet for increasing speed. The speed motors usually have smaller coils that increase the top-end speed of the cart. 

On the other hand, if you select a torque motor, you will get more acceleration but less speed.

Therefore, a speed motor is your best call. Research well to get the best motor that can give you enough speed while not compromising the torque much.

2. Upgrade your golf cart’s tires

Upgrade your golf cart's tires

One of the quickest ways of gaining more speed for a 36 Volts Golf cart is to upgrade the tires. You can consider getting larger tires for the cart. 

The larger the tires are, the more area your cart will be able to cover. This will give you more speed. 

The best part about upgrading the tires is that it is very cost-efficient. Also, you can do it yourself if you want, as it is not a difficult task. 

3. Upgrade the speed controller and relay

If you don’t take the speed controller and relay into consideration, upgrading the motor alone might not be able to fix your speed-related problems. To increase speed, think about upgrading both of these components. 

It is best to seek help from a professional who knows about handling these things. Also, before upgrading any part, discuss with an expert for the best outcome.

4. Get a new battery

new battery
new battery

The golf cart’s battery can wear out and lose its power over time. Getting a brand-new battery can give your cart the boost it needs to go faster. 

Not only speed but a fully functioning battery can also improve the vehicle’s overall performance.

You should check on the battery along with its cables regularly to ensure that they stay clean and healthy.

Besides that, you can also upgrade the battery to increase your golf cart’s speed. 

While upgrading, pay attention to the brand and type of the battery. Also, consider your vehicle’s style, power requirements, and the terrain you will be riding your cart.

5. Remove unnecessary stuff

Another thing you need to make sure is that your cart does not have any unnecessary stuff.

Consider removing any additional accessories that are not of use, like any extra clubs, racks, or other such items.

6. Keep the cart clean

Keeping your cart clean is essential. Sometimes, dirt and debris accumulate on the tires and other parts of your golf cart, slowing it down.

Check all the nooks and corners of your cart to ensure it is not dirty. You should clean the tires as well.

If you drive your cart on rough or dirty terrains often, chances are your tires get dirty quickly. Wash it with soapy water to get rid of all the dirt. This may increase the speed. 

7. Perform regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping any vehicle running in good health. A golf cart is no exception.

You must check from time to time that all the parts of your cart are functioning correctly. 

Consider taking the seats out sometimes and checking the cables and connections to ensure they are secured and free from dirt and corrosion. Also, make sure that the tires are always filled.


Now we know some of the best ways of making your 36 Volts golf cart speedier. Let’s check out some frequently asked questions to gain more insight into the topic.

Why has my 36 Volts golf cart become so slow?

If you suddenly start to notice that your 36 Volts golf cart has become slow, there is a possibility that the battery is not doing so well.
If the battery is not fully charged, the cart will not get the needed power and will become slow.

How do you increase torque in a 36 Volt golf cart?

The best way to increase torque in a 36 Volts golf cart is by changing or adjusting the speed controller.
Doing so will increase the amperage and lower the voltage of your golf cart’s motor, which is essential for increasing torque. 

36 volts vs 48 Volts – which is better?

There is no better one between these two. Regarding power and speed, the 48 Volts one may gain more points.
There are more things to consider, and the cost is one of them. The initial cost of 36 Volts is less than 48 Volts. 

What is the maximum speed of a 36 Volts golf cart?

Without any modifications, the maximum speed of a 36 Volts golf cart is 12 to 14 mph. It is a good speed if you use your cart only on friendly roads and smooth golf courses.
However, if you want more speed, there are ways to achieve that, like upgrading your golf cart’s motor, tires, and battery.


Speed is essential when it comes to any vehicle. But it is not the most important thing you should seek in a golf cart.

However, golf cart lovers all around the world are often curious about speed, and so, they want to know ways to increase speed.

If you wish to make your 36 Volts golf cart faster, don’t focus solely on the speed as you deal with the upgrades and changes.

Focus on better performance and overall health of your cart so you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. 

You can always start with the little changes if you are tight on budget. For example, start with cleaning the cart and the tires.

You can opt for a straightforward upgrade first and monitor your golf cart’s performance to get the best results.

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