20 Best Backyard Golf Games and Outdoor Fun

Are you looking for some exciting backyard golf games for fun? Several small-scale but fun golf games exist, from classic mini-golf to target-based challenges and team competitions. These games can take your golfing experience to new heights.

Explore and unleash the outdoor excitement with the 20 best backyard golf games. Keep reading to learn more about these games and make unforgettable memories with your friends and family.

Backyard Golf Games

20 Best Backyard Golf Games

Backyard pool games are perfect for a get-together gathering. The charm of the golf games will attract serious golfers towards this, and the fun and excitement will also engage others.

Here’s our list of selected 20 best backyard golf games that you can try:

1. Floating Pool Green

If you have a pool in your backyard, this floating pool green golf game is for you. 

All the necessary equipment comes inside a box with instructions on assembling it and 12 golf balls that can float. The main part of the game is a floating device of 4 feet by 6 feet. 

This device will float on your pool, and from the ground, you need to chip the ball inside the holes. Sounds fun.

2. Chippo Golf 

Chippo Golf is famous for offices, backyards, beaches, and clubhouses. This game has won several recognitions from PGA, GOLF magazine, Golf Digest, and Golf.com.

Four players can play this game at a time, so it’s more engaging and competitive. 

Points will be given on your three shots, and the team of 2 people that scores the most points wins the hole. 

The game could be a 9 or 18 hole one. The package has two boards, six balls, and two mats.

3. Yard Golf Set

Yard golf set or Yolf has everything you need to play golf for a small-scale game in your backyard. This is so much fun and engaging for players of all ages.

The game is available in 9-hole sets, 6-hole sets, and 3-hole sets. Each set has a rule book, score sheets, balls, and clubs. 

The fun part is you can create your own course and obstacles there to make it more interesting. 

4. Tiki Tee Toss 

Tiki Tee Toss is very popular, and it’s a super easy and fun game to enjoy in your backyard. This game is converted from the popular ring and hook game to its golf version.

Everything you will need to set up comes inside the package. You need to swing and golf on the tee. 

This addictive game can be played for hours, depending on how long you want to play.

5. Take a Shot Golf Drinking Game

The take-a-shot golf drinking game is for grownups and adults. This is a small tabletop version of golf, and up to 6 people can participate and play this game.

All players will try to put a metal ball in the hole and count how many tries a player needs to putt the ball. After that, follow the drinking instructions on the side of the shot glasses.

Another rule is that if one puts the ball, the others must take one shot from their glasses. 

You can make your own rules, though. It is suggested to use juice or other soft drinks instead of alcohol in the game.

6. Putting Trainer

“Putting trainer” is a training device, but you can use it as a competitive game in your backyard at parties and gatherings. 

This game or device can help you practice and improve your skills in short games. This game is lightweight and very easy to set up. 

In this game, your goal will be to send the puck straight with the line to the mat’s targeted area. You cannot shift or turn the puck during the run.

You will have three different game modes here, and the package includes one putt mat, four pucks, and a game mat.

7. Shuffle Golf 

Shuffle golf is an exciting backyard game combining both curling and shuffleboard games. 

The shuffleboard or the putting green is 10 feet long, and four players can play this together.

The players aim to putt or knock off their opponent’s ball from the putting green. Both adults and kids can enjoy the game.

8. Mulligan Ring Toss Game

Mulligan ring toss is technically not a golf game but a golf-themed game. It’s a simple and addictive game you can play in your backyard.

In the game, you need to toss a ring tied with a string to attach it with a hook. When you hook the ring, the total attempt is your hole score. 

The one with the lowest score for a hole wins the game. You can make it a nine or 18-hole game, just like golf.

9. PutterBall

PutterBall is a fascinating backyard golf game everyone can enjoy; even amateurs will love it. This game is featured and recognized by so many well-known platforms like TopGolf.

This mix of golf and beer pong game has almost a similar concept to the corn hole golf game, where you and your mate must put your golf ball in every six holes. 

The rule is simple, once you put in one hole, you will move to another one immediately.

This game will test and improve your putting skill. The whole set has a turf board, two golf balls, a hole cover, and mini golf putters.

10. Golf Cornhole 

This fantastic game perfectly combines golf, corn hole, and beer pong. It’s challenging and addictive at the same time.

Four players can play the game, with two on each team. Each team will try to chip the balls into each cup. 

This will continue until there is no cup left on the board. The set has two boards, 12 golf balls, and two mats.

Installation and storage of this set are pretty simple, and it can be your next backyard bbq party’s main attraction.

11. Closest to the Pin Challenge

Closest to the pin is a popular game often played casually between golf lovers. 

You can arrange this competition at the next party in your backyard; golf lovers would need help to avoid this!

If you buy a set of this game, you will have a plastic pin with four colored golf balls made of foam. 

Just set the pin at some distance, and your objective is to hit the balls as close as possible to the pin.

Four people can play this game together, and if you can put the ball in the pin on one chance, it’s a “hole-in-won,” and you win the round.

12. The Long Drive Challenge

If you have a large backyard, a club, and a good supply of golf balls, this game can be your next backyard party attraction.

The basic target of this game is to hit the ball further. You can add obstacles to make it more challenging, and the ball should travel over them. 

Set the hitting area within two feet of the block. One who can make a perfect shot and get the highest distance wins the game.

13. Golf Practice Net

This golf practice net is a nice option for practicing driving in your backyard. 

You can also use this as a fun game accessory, as a target is on the net. This helps you to hold a competition.

It’s time to see who among your friends has the most accuracy while driving in golf. 

14. Hog Wild Birdie Golf 

This birdie golf in your backyard is challenging, and you can customize the skill level as you want. 

You will have to play with a golf ball attached to a birdie in this game. The target is to put the birdie ball in the hole.

15. Billiards Golf 

It’s a great innovation that adds billiard and pool in a single game. It’s just like you play billiards but with golf clubs and balls. You can easily set up the mat in your backyard and start playing the game. 

16. Bouncing the Golf Ball

So many of us have played this in our childhood. It’s simple, and you don’t need to buy any game set if you have your own club and golf ball.

Just take your club and bounce the golf ball on it. No doubt your friends would love to participate in this. The player with the most number of bounces wins the game.

17. Chip and Stick

Chip and Stick is a viral game loved by both children and elders. The game comes with 16 golf balls of 4 different colors, a golf stick, a putting green, and a mat where the golf course is drawn.

Four players in 2 teams can play the game together. You need to chip the ball and put it closer to the tee.

The ball will stick to the mat as it falls. The team with the closest chip will win the game.

18. Battlechip Vertical

You already know about the cornhole golf game; this is another version. Here, you need to chip your golf ball into a vertical chip hole.

It includes a 26”*48” vertical target, eight-color foam golf balls, and a dry-erase scorecard. This can be an ideal choice for your next backyard family gathering.

19. Mini Chipping Range

This is a great idea to make your mini-chipping golf range. You will need your club, golf ball, and laundry basket. You can use these baskets as your chipping holes.

Just set the hitting zone and try to chip the ball into the basket from a certain distance. Your guests will love the thrill.

20. Darts Golf 

Darts golf is a versatile backyard game, and people of every age can enjoy this game. You can play this both as a team or individually.

Players use specially designed or Velcro-covered golf balls to throw at a dartboard. The team or player with a higher score wins the game. 

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Still, have some queries regarding outdoor fun with backyard golf games? Take a look at this FAQ section to get your answers:

Are backyard golf games safe?

Backyard golf games are primarily safe because the equipment used in these games is designed to operate in a crowd in a small place. However, being alert and prioritizing safety while playing golf games in your backyard is always good.

Is it possible to play these backyard games alone?

Yes, you can play some of these golf games alone. You can also play alone in your backyard to increase your golfing skill in the actual game.

Can you play backyard golf games if I don’t have a big yard?

Yes, backyard golf games are designed to fit in a shorter space. However, you can modify the rules or create smaller versions of the games to suit your yard’s size and layout.

Final Thought

Backyard golf games can be a great outdoor fun activity for those who don’t have access to a golf course. 

These games are suitable for people of every age and for both skilled and seasoned golfers.

Besides having fun, some of these backyard golf games can help you practice tricky shots and develop your skill.

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