10 vs. 12 Golf Cart Wheels: Which Size Is Better?

Most conventional golf carats come with a stock 8-inch size of wheels. But do you know that you can upgrade the wheel size of your golf cart to a higher diameter, such as a 10 or 12-inch wheel? However, it comes with additional merits and demerits, which you must understand first.

The basic differences between 10 and 12 golf cart wheels include speed, ride quality, turning radius, performance, aesthetics, and weight coverage. However, there are further factors based on whether you want to use golf cart wheels that are 10 or 12 sizes.

To know in depth about 10 vs 12 golf cart wheels and their impact on the vehicle, you might go through this article till the very end.

Overview Of 10 Golf Cart Wheels

The 10-inch wheels for golf carters have been very popular due to their enhanced performance compared to the stock lower-sized wheel.

When it comes to producing speed, a 10-inch golf cart wheel enables the vehicle to achieve more speed than an 8 Inch wheel with decent torque.

Moreover, it slightly improves the vehicle’s appearance as the rim gets bigger. You can install low or high-profile tires as per your preference and demand on the ground. 

A set of 10-inch golf cart wheel doe does not compromise the durability and safety of the side skirts and fenders of the vehicle.

This means you need not install additional lift kits for most brands of golf carts around the globe as a precaution.

Overview Of 12 Golf Cart Wheels

Similar to the 10-inch wheel, a 12-inch wheel is smaller than a 14-inch one or as small as a 8 -inch one. Hence, it is somewhere balanced sized for all golf cart wheels.

The main feature of a 12-inch wheel is not only its improved appearance but also its compatibility with the majority of brands of golf carts.

Moreover, the larger rim size allows for covering more distance in less time. Thus you get better speed and ground coverage as well.

Since it is more suitable with low-profile tires, your golf cart would appear eye-catching among other court carts.

However, you can also add high-profile tires with minimal lift kits for a more comfortable ride on rough terrains such as off-road conditions.

10 Vs. 12 Golf Cart Wheels: Comparison Table

The comparison table between 10 and 12-inch golf cart wheels would give you a better overview of all-over differences and their possibilities.

Comparative Factors10 Inch Wheel12 Inch Wheel
AppearanceLess attractiveMore attractive
Ride QualityMore ComfortableLess Comfortable
Ground ClearanceLowerHigher
Weight CompatibilityMore endured Less endured
ControlEasy to controlHard to control

What Are The Differences Between 10 And 12 Golf Cart Wheels?

Sometimes a two-inch difference in the wheel size might not seem much to be considerable. But when it comes to performance, the enthusiasts want every small detail to make the best and fair judgment for their demands and requirements. 

Here are some major differences between 10 and 12-inch golf cart wheels that would help you decide to pick one and why.

Golf Cart Outlook

Regarding aesthetics, the bigger-sized wheels always triumph, irrespective of vehicle type. Hence, a  set of 12-inch wheels adds more enhancement to the overall body of the golf cart. Moreover, using a low-profile tire makes it even better and eye-catching.

The 10-inch wheel falls behind the 12-inch wheel regarding appearance and outlook. It is because it makes the golf cart look more old-school and conventional.

Ride Quality

Now, both 10 and 12-inch wheel size averages when it comes to riding quality. However, lower-sized wheels work better, ensuring comfort and a smooth ride on any ground. 

Additionally, using a high-profile tire increases the stability and the ability to tackle bumps and jerks on rough terrains. Therefore, you are to get more comfortable using a 10-inch wheel size on your golf cart compared to the 12-inch wheel.

Torque And Speed

The produced torque from the engine depends highly on the wheel size of the golf carts. Compared to a 10-inch or 12-inch wheel, the 10-inch wheel can handle more torque. 

It is because of the lower circumference of the wheel. That is why, if you drive your golf carts on elevated surfaces with higher weight, you can use a 10-inch wheelset.

Now, the torque and speed of the wheel are inversely proportional. That is why the 12-inch wheel has the upper hand since the circumference of the wheel is higher and covers more ground in less rotation.

Vehicle Controlling

Vehicle controlling is smoother and easy with small wheels such as a 10-inch wheel. It provides a quick and better-turning radius, allowing the driver to control most terrains conveniently.

As the wheel size increases, controlling the vehicle becomes harder. Therefore, in between 10 and 12-inch golf cart wheels, you will get better and smooth control in a golf cart with a 10-inch wheel.

10 Or 12 Golf Cart Wheels: Which One Should You Choose?

Both 10 and 12 golf cart wheels are mid-sized. These are not very small such as 8-inch, nor very big such as a 14-inch wheel in terms of diameter. Besides, both wheels can be installed with high or low-profile tires.

But it comes to specific demands, you might have to choose one while upgrading your golf cart. If you want to make your cart look aesthetic and more aggressive with increased speed and smoother ride on-road, the 12-inch wheel would be a good choice.

On the other hand, for smoother ride quality, better torque on elevated terrains, better control, and weight compatibility, a set of 10-inch wheels would be a good option.


The following questionnaires will give you a better understanding and details about 10 and 12-inch golf cart wheels.

Will bigger size wheels make my golf cart faster?

Bigger-sized wheels have a higher outer circumference than small-sized wheels. Hence, it covers more ground in a single rotation. Therefore, wheels with higher diameters make a golf cart go faster than the stock small-sized wheels.

Can you put bigger tires on a golf cart without a lift kit?

For bigger tires with bigger wheels, such as 12 or 14 inches, it may require installing a lift kit to the golf cart’s body. It is needed to support the ground clearance and keep the fender and chassis of the cart safe while riding with heavy weights.

What size will wheels fit the EZGO golf cart?

EZGO golf carts are compatible with bigger-sized wheels. A set of 12-inch wheelsets with low-profile tires will easily fit in the EZGO golf carts. Moreover, it requires no lift kit to support this wheelset on the EZGO.

What size is a standard golf cart wheel?

The most recommended and globally approved golf cart cat wheel size is 18 inches and 8 inches in width. However, it can go up to 20 inches in length if you upgrade to a bigger wheel or high-profile tires.


Changing the wheel on a golf cart is a major part of the upgrade of a golf cart. You cannot simply put any wheel on a golf cart. Putting bigger-sized wheels requires additional changes and planning.

Therefore, if you want an enhanced golf cart with eye-catching rims and increased top speed, you should go for 12-inch or even bigger wheels. Otherwise, a standard 10-inch wheel with high-profile tires is good for daily usage and comfort.

We hope reading this article clears up your concept about 10 vs 12 golf cart wheels. Now you can decide wisely which one to choose according to your preference.

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