10 Fun and Creative Golf Cart License Plate Ideas | Personalize Your Golf Cart

Customizing golf accessories is a practice of many golf lovers. They add their witty and creative flavor to their accessories that exhibit their personality. Golf cart personalization is just another aspect of it.

Personalizing the golf cart license plate is a great attempt to show your creative or humorous side. It will allow you to showcase your creative side and make you get noticed on the golf course. Besides, it will be an excellent determiner between many identical carts.

This article will explore some of the best creative and fun ideas and some necessary details. Therefore, let us jump into the discussion!

10 Fun and Creative Golf Cart License Plate Ideas

Can I get a custom-made license plate for a golf cart?

There is no issue with a custom-made license for golf carts, but before that, you need to check for authorization.

By authorization, we meant whether you’d be allowed to have such license plates in specific locations. 

The whole thing with custom-made license plates can be location-specific. There are no directives for license plates in certain areas, and you get the freedom of adding your flair there.

Before doing anything, research the regulations to determine whether you can customize the license plate in a particular area. You may need to contact local governing bodies regarding this. 

Lastly, after getting confirmation about the jurisdiction to have a custom license plate, you can go to a vendor to complete the customization or design.

10 fun and creative golf cart license plate ideas

golf cart license plate ideas

A witty or creative license plate will be a superb option to differentiate and make your cart stand out on the golf course. But the idea that you can incorporate can be confusing.

Below are some fun and creative ideas you can try out on your golf cart license plate.

Imitate Different Brands

You can imitate the names of famous brands on your golf cart license plate. Here, the idea is to portray the golf cart as your version of those car brands on the golf course. 

For example, you can try out POORSHHH as a funny way of mimicking your golf cart as a Porsche model. The same goes for other car or SUV brands, which you can try to include your creative flair.

Showcase Achievements

Another way of making the license plate catch everyone’s eye is by incorporating your golfing achievements. You can include personal milestones of your golfing career to make your cart license plate look different.

When it comes to golfing achievements, there are quite a few things you can try on your license plate.

For example, every golfer would love to have at least one shot to a hole once in their lifetime. You can engrave HOLE-IN-ONE on your license plate if that is for you.

However, that is just one example. You can even try out some name-specific achievements in case you have any.

Exhibit About Your Skills

You can let everyone know about your superb skills through the license plate. In this regard, first, you must decide which skill you will portray.

It is common to be skilled with multiple skills. Among those skills, let’s say you are very good at swinging. In that case, you can use catchphrases like – SWING-KING, SWING-MASTER, or SWING-QUEEN.

The focus here would be glorifying you based on your skill set. It can be swinging or putting but make sure you are lauded in the name.

Use Word Puns

Good wordplay or puns are some of the best types of comedic expression. Including such puns in your golf cart license plate will surely gather much attention towards your cart.

It can be anything relevant to your gameplay or something different. You can try something like “FORE-PLAY” or ” I- SWALLOW”, which has an element of double meaning. Also, you can try any type of wordplay that comes into your mind with a catchy feature. 

Use Your Club-type Name

The type of clubs you use in your gameplay always matters for performance. You use different kinds of clubs for a diverse range of shots.

For naming the license plate, you can try the club-type name. When the cart has “9-IRON” or “7-IRON” on the license plate, it will surely catch the attention of some. It will portray your type of player and the shot ranges you prefer.

Show Your Playfulness

You can express it through the license plate if you are playful and always cheerful. For example, a word like Party can be implicated on the license plate as “PAR-TY”. It portrays that, as a person, you love to party hard.

Similarly, there are other words that you can integrate into the license plate. But while doing so, make sure that those words can mean something.

Tell About Your Driving Skills

Including catchwords like “DRIVE-IT-WILD” or DRIVE-IT-CRAZY” suggests how you would drive.

You can use a design with wording almost having identical meaning to these. When you drive the cart, it gathers immediate attention from the people on the golf course.

Witty Expressions of Engine Sound

Anything comical always grabs attention within a few moments. The same will happen if you integrate something witty into the license plate.

Let’s say you try to imitate the engine sound. Expressions such as “VROOM-VROOM” can be a good one. In addition, a flair of the game in expressions like “PUTT-PUTT” for imitating the engine sound can be another idea.

Express Love for Game

A superb way to show your love for the game you play can be done by expressing what you feel on the license plate. Adding things like “GOLF-ADDICT’ or “GOLF-GR8” are some of the excellent expressions.


Some people have a significant role in your gameplay. These individuals who carry your clubs or advise you to improve your game. A small token of appreciation through some words can be a good gesture.

How to get a custom-made license plate for a golf cart?

Getting the custom-made license plate will require you to have some information first. After that, you may need to check some availability. For your convenience, the total process is listed below:

  • Get to know about your local regulations and whether they allow personalized license plates
  • Select a design idea for the license plate and check its availability
  • Apply for the license plate and pay all the necessary fees
  • After approval, wait to prepare the plate and upon delivery, attach the plate maintaining all regulations


Customizing your golf cart’s license plate will stir up many queries in your mind. Some of those are answered below for your convenience:

What Is The Price Of A Custom-Made Golf Cart License Plate?

Pricing of the golf cart license plate varies on the size, design and sometimes material. Usually, the price varies between $15-20 in general.

Is It Illegal For Golf Carts Not To Have License Plates?

Well, not every location has the same regulations. There are states where a golf cart license plate is mandatory. Also, in states like Florida, you can drive a cart on streets without a license plate.

Final Thoughts

Personalizing your golf cart is fun and adds an excellent flair to your cart. Through a customized license plate, it is more convenient to make your cart stand out from the other ones. 

In addition, it will help you to identify the cart much better. We have added some creative ideas that you can try out. But the better option would be you add your own raw idea.

Moreover, we hope we have made you understand what you can try. In case anything arises, let us know.

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