Painting a Golf Cart with Krylon Fusion: How to Do It Right?

Your golf cart might still have a few good decades left. However, it looks slightly faded from years of driving under the scorching sun. The easiest way to revive your cart is by painting it. And how fun would it be if you could do it with Krylon Fusion?

Being spray cans, Krylon Fusion makes painting your golf cart easier.  Plus, the paint has excellent adhesive qualities. It can retain its initial glaze for a long time. And the variety of color options the brand offers presents the opportunity to show a lot of creativity. 

Anyone can paint a golf cart with a few cans of Krylon Fusion. But you need to learn the correct technique first. Find out in the following discussion.

Painting a Golf Cart with Krylon Fusion

Can You Paint Any Golf Cart With krylon Fusion?

You can paint almost all modern golf carts with krylon Fusion. However, some exteriors are better suited for Krylon Fusion than others. Let’s consider the following to reach an answer. 

Golf Cart Bodies

Golf Cart Bodies

Most modern golf carts’ bodies are plastic. Take the exterior of EZ GO carts, for example. It is made of high-quality ABS Acrylic Plastic. That kind of surface is the most welcoming to Krylon Fusion.

And manufacturers, experts, and users also specifically recommend using Krylon Fusion with plastic golf carts. Some go so far as saying there’s no need to apply primer before spray painting them. 

Type of Paint

Type of Paint

Krylon Fusion is an acrylic or acrylic-enamel paint. That is the most widely recommended paint for golf carts. So, material-wise, there is no harm in painting any golf cart with Krylon Fusion. 



The paint’s preference for plastic doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t paint a fiberglass, aluminum, or steel cart with it. The latest Krylon Fusion All-in-One is suitable for all those surfaces (per the manufacturer). 

Considering all the above, it’s safe to assume that you can paint any golf cart with Krylon Fusion. But you have to follow proper protocols to see the results you want.

How To Spray Paint A Golf Cart To Perfection?

Painting a golf cart with krylon fusion requires careful attention to detail. That’s what separates the results between looking professional or amateur.

Assembling the correct tools, preparing the surface, and following the correct technique are mandatory for perfect finishing. 

Assemble Your Tools

Assemble Your Tools

Once you have started painting, you don’t have the luxury of wandering off until you have finished a layer. Because that’s how your paint job loses texture.

This means you should have all the necessary tools assembled before painting the golf cart. Here are the tools you will need to assemble- 

  • A drop cloth or tarp.
  • Water Bucket and hose
  • normal soapy water or dishwashing liquid. Use car washing shampoo for the best results. 
  • A sponge
  • Lug wrench, screwdrivers, and other tools to remove parts. 
  • A couple of small bags or boxes and a marker.
  • Steel wool or similar material to scrape off any rust and stubborn dirt. 
  • A clean, lint-free cloth or tack cloth. 
  • Primer and sandpaper (depends on the exterior of your car). 
  • Plastic films or protective covering and masking tape.
  • Several cans of Krylon Fusion Spray paint (buy according to your cart’s body, size, and design plans)
  • Protective gear includes goggles, masks, gloves, and paint suits. 

Set up Your Workspace

Set up Your Workspace

Your golf cart’s engine should be turned off and cold before you start painting it. Put the vehicle on solid level ground. Try to find a less dusty place.

Fresh spray paints give off toxic fumes. So, the area you are working in should be well-ventilated. 

If you are working outdoors, take a hint of the weather. It is not wise to paint your golf cart on a dusty, windy, or cloudy day. 

Once you have found your suitable spot, rid the area around the golf cart of dirt and debris as much as possible.

Then cover up that space with a  tarp/drop cloth. That way, you wouldn’t be standing in a mess once you are done painting. 

Detach The Removable Parts

Detach The Removable Parts

First, inspect the inside of your car and clear out any trash or loose items (keys, coins, golf balls, etc.).

Now, use your wrench and screwdriver to detach some of the removable parts you don’t want to get wet or painted during the process. 

Such parts include the seats, bumper, roof, and others. If you intend to clean and paint these, detaching them from the cart will make your job easier and add more quality.

Although it may cost more time than directly hosing down and painting your cart, the results are worth it. 

Use the small bags or boxes and the marker to store and keep track of the nuts and screws. 

Washing The Cart

Washing The Cart

So, everything you don’t want to get water on is out of your cart. You can now start washing the vehicle. Before that, use the steel wool (or coarse grit sandpaper) to remove any rust or past paint job. 

Give your golf cart a minimum of three washdowns. Apply soap during the second wash. Use the sponge to scrub the surfaces.

Once your cart is all soaped up, you can let it rest for a minute. This gives the detergent adequate time to break down the grime and biofilm on your cart.

Surface Preparation

Surface Preparation

After the final wash, your cart should be squeaky clean. Let it dry out completely in the air. Once it’s dried, use fine-grain sandpaper for sanding the golf cart.

300-grit sandpaper can be a good choice here. Use a circular motion when you scrub. Krylon Fusion usually has excellent adhesion capabilities.

So, unless your cart’s surface is too smooth or glossy, there’s no need for much sanding. Once you are done, use a tack cloth or lint-free napkin to clean the dust. 

Now use the plastic films and masking tapes to cover the areas you don’t want to get paint on. After it’s all done, you can finally paint the cart. 

Priming The Surface

Priming The Surface

Per the manufacturer, a plastic golf cart doesn’t require any primer. You can go straight to spray painting the vehicle. However, you can still apply a coat of Krylon Fusion Primer just to be safe.

Also, if your cart’s body is exceptionally smooth or made of materials other than plastic, you should prime it before applying paint.

Priming ensures uniform adhesion of the paint and prevents peeling in the future. Spray one thin coat of primer evenly on your cart.

Wait around twenty minutes before proceeding to spray paint. For darker surfaces, a second coat might be necessary. Wait twenty minutes between sessions.

Painting With Correct Technique

Painting With Correct Technique

Hold the spray one foot away from the surface. Start spraying from one end and paint with a horizontal sweep.

Take your finger off the tip once you cross the other end. Apply a thin first coat of paint for proper bonding with the primer. 

You will be painting your golf cart in distinct coats. A minimum of three coats is required. You can apply more coats for deep and richer colors. 

Allow adequate drying time between the coats. Depending on the weather, it might take 15-20 minutes for each coat to dry. 

Ten minutes after spraying, carefully peel off the masking tape and remove the films. Take precautions not to spoil the still-wet paint.

You might take off the tapes later when the paint’s fully dried. But the margins won’t look as sharp. 

Thirty to forty minutes after spraying the paint, you can apply a coat of paint sealer. This ensures long lastingness of your paint job.

Let at least twenty-four hours for the paint to dry up completely. Avoid all kinds of contact with the cart during this period.

What Are The Benefits of Painting A Golf Cart With Krylon Fusion?

As you can see, painting your golf cart with Krylon Fusion (or any other paint) requires time and patience. Don’t let this demotivate you. Because you will enjoy many future benefits from this effort- 

Increase Your Cart’s Resell Value

A new paint job can significantly increase the price if you plan to sell your cart after a decade of use. You can ask more for a fresh-looking cart than a battered old one. You might also buy an old cart, paint it, and sell it for more than you paid. 

Better Longevity

Rust weakens the exterior of your golf cart. As a result, the vehicle’s interior also becomes vulnerable, and the lifespan of your cart shortens. Krylon Fusion paint is well-known for preventing rust. Thus, one correctly done paint job can add years to your cart’s life. 

Save Money

Painting a golf cart on your own saves you significant money. If you hire a professional to do the job, costs can run up to 700$ or more. But when you DIY, all you have to pay for are a few cans of paints and primer. 

Convenience of painting

Krylon Fusion cans come with a big, comfortable, and snappy tip. Therefore, your fingers don’t get fatigued during the job. Also, the paint dries up comparatively quicker than other brands.

Minimal Sanding and Priming

Due to its excellent adhesive quality, you don’t have to put much effort into sanding and priming the golf cart when you use Krylon Fusion. This makes the job much easier. Because sanding requires much time and technique.

Some Important Tips For Spray Painting a Golf Cart

If you are spray-painting a golf cart for the first time, you might not know the tricks that make your job easier. Also, there are some mistakes you should avoid. So, here are some important tips – 

  • Shake the Krylon Fusion well before painting. 
  • If the nozzle clogs, turn the can upside down and press the tip. 
  • Apply the paint when the temperature is around 55-75 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Relative humidity of less than sixty percent provides the ideal environment.
  • Avoid drying the paint in direct sunlight. 


The above discussion tried to cover all the essentials of rejuvenating a golf car with Krylon Fusion. However, you may still have some questions. Feel free to ask here.

How much Krylon Fusion do you need to cover an average golf cart? 

You will need around 32 ounces of Krylon Fusion to apply three coats of paint on your golf cart. The brand’s standard canister contains 12 ounces of paint.
So, you will need three cans in total. This applies to the average golf cart. If your cart’s bigger, you might need another can or two.

How much does it cost to paint a golf cart with Krylon fusion?

Suppose the paint is the only thing you have to buy, 25-30 dollars. Each can of Krylon Fusion sells at seven dollars on Amazon.
When you throw in the price of masking tape, sandpaper, and primer, the cost comes to 50-60 dollars.

How long before the Krylon Fusion paint peels off my golf cart?

The paint can stay good for ten to fifteen years. The longevity depends on how well you prepared the surface during painting. The amount of stress your cart endures also plays an important role.

Do I need to wear a mask when painting with krylon Fusion?

Yes. Mask, goggles, and gloves are essential when firing spray paint cans. The mask stops you from inhaling the toxin.
The goggles protect your eyes from paint particles. Gloves save your hands from getting tainted with permanent paint.


Painting your old golf cart can be a fun project. Just make sure you don’t rush the preparatory stages. For instance, your golf cart is in one spot for roughly two days.

So, the process will be disturbed if you aren’t wise enough to choose a suitable spot and set up an appropriate workspace. Also, ventilation is very important. Krylon Fusion and other spray paints give off chemical gasses.

Breathing them in a congested area will make you sick. People have been known to even pass out from inhaling these fumes. So, make sure you take the proper precautions.

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