How to Mount Slow Moving Vehicle Sign to Golf Cart?

The slow moving vehicle or SMV sign is an important safety measure for golf carts. It’s a warning for other cars or bikes traveling behind you to slow down. So, attaching an SMV sign is a must since most golf carts don’t go that fast. Thus, how to mount slow moving vehicle sign to golf cart

The accessibility of Hanger attachment plate kits and reflective tape makes attaching an SMV sign easier than you may imagine. The triangle point of the SMV emblem has to be pointing up and should be placed just on the rear of the golf cart.

So, if you are confused about how to mount an SMV sign, we are here to help you. Today we will discuss everything you need to know about this.

How To Mount Slow Moving Vehicle Sign To Golf Cart

What is the importance of slow moving vehicle sign in the Golf Cart?

You should not have SMV signs everywhere; there are specific requirements for putting this sign to keep their effectiveness intact. There are two main reasons why you need to put a slow moving vehicle sign on the golf cart.

  • The general rule is that any vehicle on a public road that cannot sustain a constant speed of 25 miles per hour must have this sign. Golf carts require slow moving signs since they go at an approximate speed of 15 mph.
  • When you are not on the golf course and instead are driving down a busy street, you must also display this sign on your golf cart. This is due to the fact that it alerts approaching drivers to the presence of slow-moving vehicles.

How to Mount Slow moving vehicle sign to golf cart

By now, you already know the importance of mounting a slow moving vehicle sign to a golf cart. Even though there are many ways to attach an SMV sign to your golf cart, we will be discussing the most precise method of doing it.

Step 1: Position the sign perfectly

The first step is to position the sign perfectly. We recommend placing the SMV sign in the middle of the golf cart or very near the center, and it should be placed on the rear of the vehicle with the pyramid pointing upward. 

However, some carts are designed in such a way that they do not have any space in the middle. So if this is the case, just put the sign as closer to the middle as possible.

Step 2: Set the height

Just like the position of the slow moving vehicle sign, you will also need to set the height properly. Generally, you should place the sign at a height between 2-6 feet from the ground. 

This is just a range, and you have the freedom to place the sign according to your preferences.

Just make sure that the min height is 2 feet from the ground. This will ensure that it is easy to locate the sign from the back.

Step 3: Don’t hide the lights

While attaching this sign on golf carts, people often make the mistake of hiding the backlights and indicators with the sign.

This is a must no; place the sign in such a way that it doesn’t hide any lights. Also, there is no need to put any extra LED with the sign.

Step 4: Make the sign backward

This step is a very important step, and you will need to place the sign in such a way that it is easy to read from backward.

The sign’s location must be 10 degrees (+ or –) on each side of the direction of travel. Accordingly, the SMV must be facing directly rearward and as cleanly below and upward as possible.

Step 5: Attach the sign

Once everything has been positioned perfectly, you will need to attach the sign. Most slow moving signs come with a mounting bracket and screws kit as a complete mounting kit package.

This mounting plate kit makes it simple to install a slow-moving vehicle sign that complies with national road safety guidelines.

Attach the screws on the mounting bracket on the back of the SMV with screws. After attaching the bracket to the back of the sign, you will need to screw the bracket on the back of your golf cart in the perfect position.

Things to consider when mounting a Slow moving vehicle sign on Golf Cart

The tips below will help you mount the SMV sign on your golf cart more efficiently and effectively.

  • Always make sure to buy a good quality slow moving vehicle sign to be visible from very long distances.
  • Consider the attaching position and height very carefully. (Checked)
  • If you want to use your golf cart on public roads, be careful to follow the applicable laws in your state before installing the SMV sign.
  • Properly secure the mounting bracket on your golf cart, so it doesn’t fall off or become loose while driving.


After reading our guide so far you might have some questions and down below we will answer a few of the FAQs.

How quickly can a car travel with a slow moving sign?

The typical speed limit for vehicles with slow-moving vehicle indicators is 25 mph or less. However, the speed limit for this can vary from state to state. Thus, drivers should be aware of this warning and ready to slow down.

What is the color of a slow moving vehicle sign?

Slow moving vehicle signs have a traditional equilateral triangle design and are painted red on the outside with orange in the center. Even from very far away, these vivid hues are reflected and are simple to notice.

Why are slow moving vehicle signs important for Golf carts?

If you are driving golf carts outside of the golf course, then a slow moving vehicles sign is important for the cars and bikes driving behind you to slow down.
Once they see this sign, they automatically slow down to avoid any accidents or collisions.


Golf carts do not go that fast, and using slow moving vehicle signs on them is crucial, especially if you decide to drive them on public roads.

Mounting this sign or golf cart is pretty easy, and you can do it yourself with some basic tools like a screwdriver and screws.  

But make sure to get the attachment measurement right before mounting the sign, as any wrong measurements can get you in trouble.

The sign needs to be in the proper position so any vehicle behind you can see it properly. 

Last but not least, try to buy a good-quality reflective sign instead of settling for a cheap, low-quality version.

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