Golf Cart Front Seat Armrest: How to Install Armrest Easily?

Club cars or golf carts are designed for leisurely riding through vast natural areas like a golf course. However, most of today’s golf carts lack a supportive armrest, particularly for the front driving and passenger seats. Thus, installing armrests manually is necessary but not difficult if done correctly.

Among different options, we chose aftermarket armrests with a built-in cup holder to install using mounting brackets with nuts and bolts directly on the side handlebars. But in cases where seats have angled or no handlebars, we must implement a different approach to installing armrests.

If you are new to remodifying your golf carts, worry not, as we shall walk you through all the options for installing armrests effectively.

Golf Cart Front Seat Armrest
Golf Cart Front Seat Armrest

How To Install Golf Cart Front Seat Arm Rest?

There are many golf carts in the marketplace. Some popular cart production companies are EZ-Go, Yamaha, and Club Car. Now the carts from these companies sometimes use different seats. 

Some use bucket seats, whereas some use bench seats in the front. That is why, before jumping into the installation process of the armrest in golf carts, we need to mention different scenarios requiring filtering out.

Installing Arm Rest On Rectangular Handle Bars

Armrests need to be installed on the side handlebars. These handlebars can be either short or long, depending on the model of the vehicle. For example, we found out that most Yamaha G-series golf carts come with a short handlebar for the front seats.

In contrast, EZ-Go golf carts use a lower angled handlebar along with the front seats. Hence, we need to choose the most compatible armrest for our front seat.

Firstly, we shall need a few tools and supplies to install a front seat armrest on a golf cart.

  • Armrest kit
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Electric drill

Now, the included mounting brackets to the armrest needs to be installed. Normally an armrest kit comes with two mounting brackets. Afterward, we placed the new armrest on the side rail according to driver or passenger’s sitting arrangement and comfort. 

The mounting brackets must be tightened to secure the armrest using the included nuts and bolts. For advanced adjustment, we might need to drill holes in the seat frame to attach the armrest brackets.

It’s always a good idea to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and any cautionary notes while installing.

Installing Armrests On Angled And Lower Side Rail

For aesthetics and improved designs, most modern golf carts, such as EZ-GO, use a triangular side rail on the front seats. These may enhance the outlook of the vehicle but degrades the comfort for the passenger and driver sitting in the front.

For such side rails, the third-party armrests are difficult to install in a stable condition. However, we managed to find a way to do so conveniently. Therefore, we built an elongated mounting bracket according to the dimension of the included bracket with the armrest kit.

We used the long bracket to keep the armrest stable to the front end, whereas we put the stock bracket at the root of the side rail.

Another way to make the stock side handle comfortable is to use a padded cover for the armrest. The padded covers are cushioned and make the metal frame slightly elevated. 

Attaching the armrest padded cover is very easy. All we needed was to unscrew the side rail from the seat frame. Afterward, we put on the cover, secured it accordingly, and then reattached it to the seat frame.

Custom Side Rail

Old models of Golf carts with bucket seats do not have any side rail to which we could install a padded cover or armrest. In such circumstances, a custom metallic side rail or handlebar requires attaching to the seat frame of the vehicle.

It is better to order a compatible sire rail kit from an online or offline marketplace. Straight, rectangular, and elevated metal side rails are convenient for golf carts.

We had to drill at specific points on the seat frame to attach the mounting brackets for the side rail.

Afterward, we installed an aftermarket armrest with a built-in cup holder to the metallic frame.

Making a custom side handlebar is recommended rather than purchasing one because it gives the convenience of making a perfectly measured one for one’s golf cart.

Things To Consider Before Armrest Installation

Installing an armrest to the front seat of a golf cart is a part of a custom modification. Therefore, certain facts must be considered before approaching such structural modification.

Dimension And Weight

Ensuring the armrests were appropriate for the golf cart and won’t be too heavy for the vehicle to support is essential.

Besides, it should not overtax the capacity of the battery. Moreover, there must be enough space for the entrance and exit from the vehicle.

Building Material

We considered the material of the armrests, such as plastic, metal, or foam. Each material has its benefits and drawbacks, so we had to choose the one that best fits our needs and preferences.

Durability And Comfort

It is important to consider how long the armrests are likely to last, as well as how comfortable they are to use. It is because the cost of the installation process and the kit itself are costly.

Cost And Installation Process

We had to determine whether the armrests fit within the budget. Besides, we had to ensure the installation process was straightforward or consider hiring a professional to install the armrests for our golf cart.


For understanding and learning more about attaching a custom armrest to your golf cart’s front seat, you might go through the following answered questions.

How do you install an armrest on a golf cart?

To install an armrest on a golf cart, you need pliers, a screwdriver, and an armrest kit. Firstly, attach the mounting brackets to the armrest kit using screwdrivers.
Afterward, place the armrest on the side handle rail adjacent to the golf cart seats. Lastly, secure the armrest by using nuts and bolts.

How do you put a rear armrest on a golf cart?

Measure the distance between the seat back and the armrest mounting holes on a golf cart. Next, drill pilot holes in the seat back, align the armrest mounting holes with the pilot holes, and fasten the armrest with screws and a screwdriver. Adjust as necessary after testing the armrest for comfort and safety.

How to make customized front seat armrests for golf carts?

You’ll need Velcro strips, foam cushioning, cloth, scissors, and a sewing machine. To meet the required shape and size of the armrests, cut the foam cushioning, cover it with fabric, and sew the edges together. Velcro strips should be attached to the golf cart seat and the bottoms of the armrests.


Our golfing experience has been more comfortable and convenient by installing front seat armrests on our golf carts. When choosing and installing armrests, there are several factors to consider, including size, weight, material, comfort, cost, and installation procedure. 

Additionally, many features and alternatives are available, such as armrests that are adjustable or removable or have cup holders or storage sections. We prefer creating individualized armrests to wrap foam padding with fabric and fasten velcro strips to the golf cart seat.

Lastly, we hope the walkthrough of our experience of attaching the front seat armrest on a golf cart helps others in improving their golfing experience.

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