Breaking Down Bay Area Country Club Membership Fees: What You Need to Know

Having a bay area country club membership is truly fun. It will make your golfing more enjoyable and relaxing. But how much does it cost? On average, a bay area country club membership costs between $300-$700 per month.

The membership cost will vary by the types of membership and other potential costs such as trail fee and assessment fee. To get a comprehensive idea about these costs, head over to the rest of the article. 

Bay Area Country Club Membership fees

Membership Types of Bay Area Country Club 

There are a variety of packages of membership in different bay area country clubs. The membership fees also depend on these packages.

These packages differ depending on the member’s age and the amenities provided by the club. 

Here are some of the most common membership packages of various Bay Area Country Clubs:

Equity Membership 

This is the most expensive Bay area country club membership where the members join as a part of the ownership and shareholder of the club.

These members have the right of voting for electing the club president or board of directors. 

The president runs the club with the help and opinion of other club members. The members also have to pay for various repairs and staff of their club.

So, this is considered the most expensive and exclusive membership of Bay Area Country clubs. 

Non-equity Membership 

Unlike equity membership, non-equity membership is typically defined when the club is owned and operated by an individual or an organization. 

According to the non-equity membership, the members are not responsible for the capital improvements and course maintenance.

Also, the members don’t have to pay for the maintenance and improvements of the club. 

Social Membership 

Social membership is another common package of Bay Area Country Clubs memberships.

It allows the members to access most of the amenities of the club including joining social events, using the gym, playing tennis etc.

The exception is they cannot join golf courses. In some cases, the members may have the access to play golf once or twice a month. 

Family Membership 

With this membership, the additional family members can enjoy and access the club facilities and golf.

But one should have a regular active membership who has to pay additional joining payment and monthly fees on behalf of the other family members. 

Individual Membership

An individual membership is his standard option for those who want to join a bay area country club individually. It includes unlimited access and privileges to the golf courses of the club. 

Couple Membership 

This type of membership gives the same opportunities as the individual membership.

But the applicant must have a partner and they can be married or two unmarried adults who have been living together. 

Corporate Membership 

Corporate membership is designed to help the business side of golf. It offers unlimited access to the golf courses to entertain the corporate members or employees. With this membership you can also get free corporate meeting venues. 

Junior Executive Membership 

This type of membership is not so common but many Bay Area country clubs often offer this junior membership. A junior executive member is typically an individual who is under the age of 40. 

It is usually one of the cheapest memberships in Country clubs. Because a junior member only needs to pay a smaller initiation fee and less monthly dues until he exceeds the prescribed age limit. 

Senior Membership 

Senior membership packages in Bay Area Country clubs are usually designed for individuals up to 60 years and older. With this membership, a senior member can be rewarded with discounts and reduced monthly dues.  

Non-resident Membership 

Nowadays, many Bay Area Country clubs are offering non-resident membership at a reduced price. This is for those who reside several miles away from the club or out of the state.  

Bay Area Country Club Membership Fees 

The cost of a bay area country club usually depends on which type of club it is: private or semi-private.

Typically, the membership fees for private clubs are slightly higher than the semi-private country clubs. 

Therefore, the bay area country clubs tend to take initiation fees as well as the annual or monthly dues.

The following chart will give you a clear idea about the potential costs of a country club membership: 

Criteria Initiation Fees Annual Fees
Private Bay Area Country Clubs $2,000-$100,000$3,000-$10,000
Semi-private Bay Area Country Clubs $1,000-$25,000$1,000-$5,000

However, apart from the initiation costs and annual fees, there might be some extra charges that the club members should pay between the months. The most possible extra charges for a bay area country club membership will include:

Food and Beverage Minimums

This is the most common extra charge you’ll have to pay for your bay area country club. Usually, the country clubs have a certain amount to spend on Food and Beverage. 

If anyone fails to spend that required amount, the club will charge a minimum for the Food/Beverage. The average cost of a Food and Beverage minimum is expected anywhere between $50-$150. 

Club Storage Fees 

If your membership category doesn’t include a club storage or locker, then you will have to pay for using the locker. On average, it will cost between $50 to $110 per month. 

Driving Range Fees 

In a bay area country club, the driving range is the area where the golfers practice their golf swing.

If your membership does not include a driving range but you want to use it, you should expect to pay between $30 and $75 a month. 

Assessment Costs 

Another exercise to consider is the assessment cost. It is a larger investment that includes the major fixes and repairs. However, it will charge around $5,000. 

Trail or Cart Fees 

The trail fee or card fees in Bay Area Country Clubs allow golfers to bring their private carts on the golf courses. On average, the trail fee in a country club will be around  $4.00 per round. 

How You Can Save Money with Bay Area Country Club Membership?

Joining a Bay Area Country Club can become very costly over time. So, if you’re looking for a bargain, here are some tips about how you can save some money on a country club membership:

  • Research carefully and choose the right membership. 
  • Keep an eye out for discounts before applying. 
  • Pay daily to reduce extra charges. 
  • Do staffing for extra income.
  • Join the club in the off-season. 

What are the Benefits of Joining a Bay Area Country Club? 

If you’re a serious golfer, who loves to play golf regularly and enjoys having company, Bay area country clubs are great places where you can play, eat and build connections. 

Here are some benefits of joining a bay area country club:

  • Unlimited access to golf courses and tournaments.
  • Professional and grand environment. 
  • Great opportunity for spending time with family, friends or colleagues. 
  • Classy dining opportunity to eat.
  • Social events to join.
  • Building professional networking and the social community. 
  • Way to improve your skills by practicing regularly.
  • Easy access to tennis, swimming and other amenities. 
  • Great opportunity to book tee times.


Do you have more questions about Bay Area Country Club membership fees? Well, we have also got the answers below:

What is the most expensive country club to join? 

The most expensive Bay Area Country Club in the world to join is the Shanqin Bay Golf Club. It has exclusive memberships and the initiation fee runs up to $1 million. 

Is it worth the money to join a country club?

Not for everyone, but It can be a good investment to join a country club. It allows you to play unlimited golf courses and competitive tournaments, join social events, meet with new people and other facilities too. 

What is the best time of the year to get a bay area country club membership?

Fall is the best time to join a country club. It is typically considered the peak golf season. But it’s better to continue attending the country club to improve your skills and spread networking. 


Cost is one of the most important considerations when you think about joining a bay area country club.

Understanding the membership fees and categories will help you to choose the right membership package for yourself. 

So, as you can see, we have already discussed the bay area country club membership fees in detail. Here, you must see that the membership fees in different country clubs tend to vary greatly. 

Most significantly, the initiation fee is impressively specified for specific country clubs. At least, the average initiation fee for bay area country clubs is counted for $1,000-$7,500.

But when it comes to standard or more exclusive clubs it can be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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