Callaway Apex vs Mavrik Irons | A Precise Way To See The Difference

Despite having pretty much the same features, Callaway Apex and Mavrik Iron sets are quite different from each other in terms of performance. Although they are from the same manufacturers, they differ in feel, forgiveness, and functionality.  

The primary difference between these two premium golf irons is that the Mavrik irons are a bit more forgiving compared to Apex. But Apex is preferable for better workability. Also, Callaway Mavrik irons offer more distance. But the Apex focuses more on premium feel and performance. 

If you are planning to buy any of these two, the following comparison of Callaway Apex VS Mavrik Irons might help you make a wise investment. So, let’s get started!

Callaway Apex vs Mavrik Irons

Overview Of Callaway Apex Irons

Here we review the legendary Callaway Apex iron which was launched back in 2016. Later, they released the upgraded versions in 2019 and 2021.

If you are looking for both power and feel in a single iron, these irons perfectly suit your needs. Being forged from 1025 carbon steel, they offer a wonderfully soft and premium feel to set them apart from their competitors.

Moreover, you get a pretty decent distance as well. And the Flash Face Cup design with AI facilitates faster ball speed. Overall, it’s a great deal if you are heading toward lower handicaps. 

Overview Of Callaway Mavrik Irons

Mavrik is one of the most iconic game improvement irons from Callaway with a solid feel and forgiveness. Being quite long, they help you get the ball up easily. 

Truth be told, Callaway designed the Mavrik irons for more distance. Naturally, they have more forgiving club faces than others. So, they are perfect for mid-handicappers. 

Similar to the Apex irons, they also feature an AI-generated Flash Face Cup which boosts the ball speed and spin consistency.

Being launched back in 2020, they were making a splash in the market for their pocket-friendly price point.

Callaway Apex Vs Mavrik Irons: Comparison Table

Callaway Apex Vs Mavrik Irons: Comparison Table

What Are The Differences Between Callaway Apex And Mavrik Irons? 

Callaway is synonymous with the best quality golf clubs and their wide array of golf irons is mind-blowing. But when it comes to choosing only one iron from their vast range of products, it becomes really challenging. 

It’s even more challenging when you are on the fence between Callaway Mavrik and Apex. Both these irons are made with advanced engineering to deliver greater distance, control, and consistency on the course.

However, let’s kick things up a notch in this Apex vs Mavrik debate by comparing some of their key features below.

Callaway apex vs mavrik
Callaway Mavrik


In terms of distance, we prefer Mavrik over Apex. Unlike game improvement irons like Mavrik, Callaway developed their Apex irons a bit differently. 

These forged players’ irons focus more on feel, sound, and performance. Therefore, they are not the best irons with the most distance. So, you will hit a bit farther with the Mavrik than the Apex.



In terms of forgiveness, the Mavrik irons are way ahead. Thanks to the Flash Face technology, you don’t face any trouble while getting the ball to head to the target. 

Being extraordinarily forgiving, these golf irons let you achieve a great result even if you slightly miss the center of the clubface. 

The Apex, on the other hand, is not as forgiving as the Mavrik one. That’s why they are not meant for beginners or high handicappers. You really need to be skilled enough to hit Apex.

Feel and Performance 

Although both sets are architectured to let you feel confident on the course, the Callaway Apex wins the race here. They offer an unbeatable feel which is more approachable. 

All thanks to the forged 1025 mild carbon steel body, these irons give a softer feel than any other Callaway lineup. 

As a result, it has a great impact on your game in the green too. After all, you golf better when you feel better.


If you follow the following table, you can see how strongly lofted Mavrik is! 

Club HeadCallaway ApexMavrik
3 Iron19°N/A
4 Iron21°18°
5 Iron23.5°21°
6 Iron26.5°24°
7 Iron30.5°27°
8 Iron34.5°31.5°
9 Iron38.5°36°

Player Handicap 

Being more forgiving, Mavrik irons are more suitable for mid to low-handicappers. If you are a beginner, you will probably find them more user-friendly.

But you need to be a quite consistent ball striker to hit with forged irons like Apex. They are not for high handicappers.

If you are a single-digit handicapper and want to focus on game improvement, Apex is your best bet.


Mavrik wins the race again in terms of cost. They are very budget-friendly and therefore, most golfers could afford them easily.

Callaway Apex

But the Apex lineup comes with a bit expensive price tag. That surely counts as a drawback for these amazing players’ irons.

Callaway Apex Or Mavrik Irons: Which Golf Iron To Choose? 

If you are looking for a golf iron set that combines distance and forgiveness at its best, nothing can beat Mavrik.

In fact, Callaway tagged this wonderful iron as their “distance machine”. So, if you prefer better yardage with more forgiveness, Mavrik is your solution. 

Besides, they are long, high launching, affordable, and easy to hit. 

On the contrary, Apex is a wise selection if you are a low handicapper and focus more on feel and performance. 

The Callaway Apex certainly beats Mavrik with a softer feel. Also, the overall slim outlook is way more appealing. Although the premium price tag could be an issue.

However, both irons are astounding in their own ways. Now it’s your call to decide whether you need forgiveness or feel, the two key points for Mavrik and Apex, respectively.


Let’s go through some of the common queries about Callaway Mavrik and Apex below.

Which irons are better Mavrik or Apex?

Both sets are designed with high-quality materials. Also, Callaway ensures that they both leave an impressive impact on your game.
However, Mavrik is a better choice if you are an average golfer with a mid-handicap range.
On the contrary, Apex works better for single-digit handicappers with a premium feel and performance. 

Is Callaway Apex good for high handicappers?

No, not at all. They will go well with experienced players only. Because the size and feel it offers couldn’t be handled by beginners or high handicappers. Rather they should look for irons with more distance and forgiveness. 

Are Mavrik irons for beginners?

Although Callaway designed Mavrik basically for mid to low-handicappers,  as they excel in forgiveness, you can use them as a beginner as well.
But please note that they are longer clubs with bigger and thicker club heads. So, if you are looking for smaller clubs, Mavrik irons are not for you.

Are Callaway Mavrik irons worth it?

Absolutely yes. In fact, they are worth every penny you spend on this splendid golf iron set.
Even if you are a high handicapper who badly wants to improve distance and accuracy, the Mavrik lineup never disappoints you.
Furthermore, the cheap price point makes it more affordable. They are indeed, the true distance machine and justify the cost in every possible way.

Do any PGA players use Callaway Apex irons? 

Yes. In fact, it’s a very popular irons among the Top PGA players throughout the world.
The extraordinary slim look, premium feel, and excellent workability make it an auto choice for Tour pros.

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