How to Choose the Right Strap for a Titleist Bag? (5 Facts)

You don’t have to be an expert for buying a strap for a golf bag, you should be cautious yet. Buying the wrong strap can cause a terrible spinal injury.

It may even interrupt your performance if the strap feels uncomfortable. We are going to mention some points that you should always consider before buying a golf bag strap. 

Quality Of The Strap

Buying a quality strap is crucial because it will carry the entire weight of your golf set. Beginners are usually prone to buying a cheap one. But, investing in quality products will provide comfort as well as longevity.

We recommend picking one from a brand. Most brands are prominent because of using high-quality materials in products. Buying from a brand is safe for preventing further hazards. 


The appearance of the strap is important because it’s a visible thing that may express your personality as well.

There is a notable diversity in the appearance, dimensions, and colors of shoulder straps.

You will also find particular straps for males and females. You need to grab the perfect one that will suit you overall.

Comfort Level

Feeling comfortable during the game is crucial to performing well. Comfort may depend on the design of the strap and the manufacturing materials. Check out if you are buying a shoulder strap with soft and breathable pads.

Types of Connector

Golf bags have plenty of varieties. So, when you are buying a strap, make sure it matches the connector of your golf bag.

If your bag has D-rings or connected straps, you should buy a strap with a ladder lock or a swivel hook edge. On the other hand, you must buy a strap with a buckle lock edge if your bag has a female buckle socket. 

Single or Double Strap

You can also fall into this riddle. However, everything on the planet has positives and negatives. If you check out the poll on this topic at the Titleist forum, you can see that votes go for both.

Double straps distribute the heavy weight of the bag equally on your shoulder. Single straps are a better choice in opposition if you carry a lightweight bag.

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