Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100 Shaft: What’s the Difference?

True Temper launched the Dynamic Gold golf shaft brand in 1942. They manufacture different shaft models with marvelous features. When choosing the best golf shaft, there is a debate between s300 vs x100. 

The primary difference between these golf shafts is that X100 offers better swing speed flex than s300. Moreover, x100 is suitable for fast-swinging golfers, but s300 has high-swinging golfers.  

We know choosing a durable golf shaft is challenging. Keep reading to understand the comparison and differences between these shafts. 

Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100 Shaft

Overview of s300 Golf Shaft

The s300 means standard stiff shaft. However, it is a perfect choice for high-swinging golfers; and provides adequate swing speed to perform with standard shots.

This golf shaft has 0.600 inches butt diameter and 0.355 inches tip. Tour players suggest it for its strength and high launching capacity. Here are the advantages of the s300 golf shaft.

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Overview of x100 Golf Shaft

Dynamic Gold x100 offers the finest ball flight control. Moreover, it is a suitable shaft for fast-swinging golfers. The golf shaft comes with a butt diameter of 0.600 inches and a tip of 0.355 inches. 

Nonetheless, this long golf shaft has a persistent weight system on the taper tip irons and a moving weight system on the parallel tip irons. It has some jaw-dropping advantages. Such as 

Overview of x100 Golf Shaft

Dynamic Gold s300 vs x100: Quick Comparison Table

If you want to find a suitable golf shaft, you have to compare them. Let’s have a quick idea on s300 and x100.

Specifications s300 x100 
Flex Type Standard X
Length 37 inches 39.5 inches 
Weight 130 grams 130 grams 
MaterialAlloy steel iron Alloy steel iron
FCM system 5.86.8
Launch angle13 to 16 degree9 degrees
Swing Speed Slow Fast 
Spin rate 2400 to 2700 rate per minute2300 rate per minute 
Tempo Moderate Moderate 
CPM rating 320 to 324 cycles per minute378 cycles per minute 

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What Are The Differences Between s300 and x100 Golf Shafts?

Both golf shafts have the same weight, material, tip, and butt diameter. In addition to that, these shafts can be used in all golf clubs. 

Despite having similar features, Dynamic Gold s300 and x100 have some differences, for example, flex type, length, swing speed, performance, and launching capacity. 

Flex Type

Dynamic Gold S300 vs. X100 Shaft

Generally, the flex type helps to define bending ability during the golf swing. The stiff flex types are hard to bend and produce high swing resistance. 

Dynamic Gold s300 has a standard stiff flex capacity that ensures better control of movements and distance. That’s why some Titleist irons choose this on the PGA tour.

In comparison, the x100 offers ‘X’ stiff flex to control the ball swing, speed, and increased distance. 


Length s500 vs x100

To understand your shaft’s control and strike point, you must measure the length first. Short shafts can reach near distance. Whereas long shafts can go a longer distance.

The perfect shaft length depends on the player’s height and lifting capacity. Also, it can vary from male to female. 

If you look into the length of these shafts, the s300 is 38 inches long, and x100 is 39.5 inches long.

As x100 is longer than S300, it can complete long distances and is a better choice for regular players.

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Build Quality

Though both shafts have been made of alloy steel irons. But as the stiff capacity is different, they don’t have similar build quality. The s300 is made for standard stiff players. 

Whereas the x100 refers to the extra stiffness capacity that increases the hard-to-bend capacity. That’s why professional and competitive players choose x100. 

Feel Preference

Feel Preference

When it comes to feeling preference for shafts, you have to consider resistance power.

It is one of the significant features of golf shafts. According to the feel preferences, x100 has better resistance than S300. 

Most competitive golfers suggest taking X100 for professionals. Also, it is easier to hold than the S300. It feels soft and travels far distances. 


Both are good golf shafts with excellent performance. But it depends on the player type. If you are an ample-speed golfer, then the s300 will work better than x100. 

On the other hand, fast golfers should choose x100 because it offers better ball control and a longer shaft. It performs better for competitive golfers as well. 



Regardless, you will find both shafts are similar at a glance because they have the same weight and butt diameter.

But there is a subtle design difference between these golf shafts. Generally, the design depends on the flex capacity. 

Dynamic Gold x100 has a soft and light design that comforts the skilled player. Whereas the s300 has a heavy and high-flex design. It makes the ball swing difficult while playing.

Launch Angle

Launch angle s500 vs x100.png

For controlling ball speed and ensuring better distance, the essential feature is launching capacity. The x100 has a low launch trajectory with a 9-degree angle that covers extended distances. 

In comparison, the S300 comes with a high launch trajectory of 13 to 16 degrees. It produces an 80 percent higher launching capacity but travels shorter distances.

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The s300 has great control over the club and helps you eliminate twisting. It is perfect for players who love to play at medium-high club speeds with good swing control and better heights.

In contrast, Dynamic Gold x100 has additional ball speed control and perfect shots. This golf shaft is suitable for players with the highest club head speeds and who loves to play at low height.  

FCM System

Understanding the Frequency Coefficient Measurement is necessary for the stiffness and flex of the golf club shaft.

Generally, the x100 has 6.8 FPM, and the s300 features 5.8 FPM. Dynamic Gold x100 can reach 6.5 FCM to soft stepping.

On the contrary, the s300 reaches 6.1 FCM by hard stepping. These golf shafts have different stiffness and flex quality. 

Swing Speed

Swing Speed

Another essential feature of a golf shaft is the swing speed. However, the s300 has a slow speed of 84 mph to 104 mph. The x100 provides a fast swing speed of 92 mph to 106 mph. 

Swing speed ensures the lifting capacity. In that case, it will depend on the player’s requirements.

Professional players prefer fast swing speed. In comparison, beginners choose slow swing speed in their learning period. 

CPM rating

Professional, competitive golf players, select the shaft with a high CPM rating, especially the PGA tour golfers.

Furthermore,  it helps to measure the frequency cycles. The s300 produces 320 – 324 cycles per minute. 

On the flip side, the x100 can produce 378 cycles per minute. Tour players mostly take x100 on their PGA tour for the excellent frequency. 

Spin Rate

Knowing the spin rate helps measure the golf shaft’s lifting capacity. Most regular golfers focus on the lowest spin rate.

Moving on, the s300 comes with a 2400 to 2700 rate per minute. The X100 offers a 2300 rate per minute.  

Which Golf shaft to Choose, s300 or x100? 

After an in-depth discussion, we can say the x100 is better for most players. You can choose s300 if you enjoy playing at ample speed.  It offers easy-to-square features, higher strike accuracy, low spin, and straight shots. 

But it is quite challenging to produce speed while playing with this golf shaft. On the other hand, the x100 provides stable ball spin and additional swing frequency control. 

This shaft also includes low ball flight and great speed control. Also, it’s easy to produce speed while lifting.

If you are the strongest golfer, then the x100 is your ultimate choice. You can choose the s300 if you are an occasional player. 

Good luck.

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There are some common questions to ask about these golf shafts. We are here to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Is x100 more suitable for tour players than s300?

Yes. Tour players are skilled and require high-level performance on PGA. It includes better stiffness and amazing ball speed than s300.

Is the s300 shorter than x100?

Yes. The s300 is 2.5 inches shorter than the x100. To play on the larger golf court, you have to choose x100. But you can play on small golf courts with the short shaft.

Are x100 and s300 the easiest golf shafts to hit straight shots?

Yes. Luckily, you can hit straight shots with these golf shafts effortlessly. The x100 produces a straighter shot than x300 because it has low height compatibility.

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